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How to Create, View, and Edit Word Document Online Free

Microsoft Word is the most used and advanced word processor I have ever seen which can be installed on a computer. Although there are also apps developed for smartphones, however, you will find yourself limited in certain areas especially when creating documents.

When the work is finally done on a Desktop, there may be a time when you might need to quickly view or edit word documents online on any internet-enabled device. Fortunately, there are several online Word document editors that you can use without needing to install any special software. It also goes beyond editing as they also allow you to write or view your document even while on the go.

They are so great at what they do that you will barely notice any change especially if you are just about editing a document without using special tools like graphs, art, and many others common with Microsoft Word. Notwithstanding, certain online word processors give you more than you can imagine.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the top word document processors you will ever come across with the ability to do the common things you usually do with Microsoft Word.

Using it online allows you to also create, edit or view your document and it comes for free without any form of payment obligations. Not even ads are shown as a means to generate money.

Users will be able to add links, tables, images, drawings, footnotes, etc the same way they do on Microsoft Software. Moreover, sharing your document with others using Google Docs is quick and also ensures that parties to the files would be able to work together easily.

Lots of fonts available to choose from plus other awesome benefits that users will love. The app is available for use on computers, Android and IOS.


If you ever need to create, view, or edit your documents, you can count on ScanWritr to provide you a platform for your work. To use this service, users do not need to install any application software on their device, all work can be done online for free.

All you need to do is to visit the dedicated page and upload the file and begin to work on it. Documents supported by ScanWritr include Apple Numbers, OpenOffice, Apple Pages, ScanWritr documents, PDF, Microsoft Office, Apple Keynote, and most images file types.

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Users who have their documents saved on Google Drive, and Dropbox will also be able to get their files from the location with ease. Besides, having your files in any of the storage ensures that you can work from anywhere without the fear of losing your files.

If you have used others but are still not satisfied with the results, this online editor is worth trying as it has almost everything to make your documents ready and near-perfect as quickly as possible.


If you are the type that uses Word documents often, then you will need to know some ways you can view, edit or even create one while on the go.

Luckily, we have another recommendation and it is no other, but the improved LibreOffice that allows you to work even if you are currently not with your Favourite Microsoft Word. It supports several formats including Docx and Doc typically associated with Word.

After installing the app, you are going to love the easy interaction with the platform plus it does not store or collect any of your data. Most importantly, it comes at no cost in any form.

LibreOffice can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Visit the LibreOffice download page to install based on your Operating system. The service can not be used on Mobile devices like iPhone, Ipad, and Android.

Zoho Writer

Zoho writer is another great word processor you can use to view and edit your word documents online via your device. It plays nicely with Microsoft Word and has all the features you will want to see in a word processor.

As a user, the platform can be used to convert or change the file formats to PDF, Doc, and other popular file formats that gel well with Word.

While working on your document, you are just going to love the beautiful and clean interface with no obstructions like ads. This is what you need to stay true to the goal especially if you have a lot of editing to do.

It is available across all major devices such as macOS, Linus, Windows, Android, and IOS and we will be sharing the links for you to quickly download.

  • Windows/Mac/Linus: Download Zoho Writer to view and edit all your document files.
  • Google Play Store: Download Zoho Writer for Android.
  • Apple Store: Download Zoho Writer for iPhone, and iPad.


When you need to view and edit your documents for free online, OnlyOffice does just fine and also works well for a team on a project.

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With Onlyoffice, users can write, edit and access any word document as it supports all the popular file formats known to tag well with Word documents. It also comes with a feature that allows you to save in other formats such as HTML, PDF, TXT, and CSV.

Additionally, you are going to find the basic options associated with Microsoft Word including editing and inserting charts which could be very helpful while on a job. It can be used Online, Mobile. or Desktop.

  • Desktop/Online: Download OnlyOffice for your Browsers.
  • Windows/macOS/Linux: Download OnlyOffice for quick access.
  • Google Play Store: Download OnlyOffice for Android.
  • Apple Store: Download OnlyOffice for iPhone, and iPad.

Aspose Words Editor

If simple, online, and completely free is what you are looking for in a Word processor, then it is about time you use Aspose Words Editor to edit or access your documents.

The simple interface can be used on your smartphone, laptop, and even tablet. To view and edit online, all you need to do is to click the File Drop Area on the homepage. Alternatively, you can also drag the file into the large white rectangular box. Once done, the file document will instantly become available for viewing and editing. Work on the platform and download the edited file once you are done with the necessary adjustments.

If you are looking to create, Aspose Words Editor may not be the best of ways for that. We have already mentioned some great alternatives which we believe will do close to what Microsoft Word offers.

Microsoft Word: Write, edit and share on the Go.

Having mentioned that Aspose Words Editor may not be okay for writing on the go except for editing, Microsoft Word Mobile App by Microsoft Corporation is another versatile app that will be able to handle most of the things thrown at it.

With this, you and your team can also collaborate and write on the move while it shows in real-time giving you a chance of making a quick decision. Document sharing is also top-notch with support for all kinds of file formats.

Need no one tell you that an app developed by Microsoft Corporation is going to come up well even against the already established ones. Besides, if you have used any version of Microsoft Word, then you should have no issue with using this wonderful innovation.

It is available across all devices including iPhone, Ipad, and Android.

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WPS Office

WPS Office is more of a Work On The Go Word Processor than an online and is worth installing on your device if you find yourself accessing all kinds of file documents frequently.

The all-in-one office suite works well with the most used popular file formats and is simply a great choice for people who will want to access their offline or online storage for file editing online. It is also good for creating documents which could come good at a time when you have not got the popular choice, Microsoft Word for Desktop.

Other features you are going to love on WPS Office include file conversion, document scanning, Powerful cloud storage function which could help you avoid losing your documents.

Microsoft Word Online

And if you have decided you need to be able to view and edit your Word document online without depending on software or app, Microsoft Word Online is exactly what you need for your online editing even when on the Go.

It is also useful for creating an entirely new document, although it does not have the flairs known to Microsoft Word for desktop, as it keeps it very simple. Nevertheless, it is decent with important features which include file sharing, embeds and also works extremely well on most browsers.

The downside is that you must be connected to the internet to use it. Also, if you are trying to print right from the platform, you might come across a few limitations. Nevertheless, it does what it says it does which is allowing you to view, write and edit your Word Documents.


GroupDocs may not yet have the reputation to go one on one with the established online word processor, but it is also very useful for content writers, students, researchers, or people in any role looking to edit their documents from any device, via a browser like Firefox and Chrome.

It supports most file types such as DOCX, PPTX, PPT, XLS, DOC, XML, and many more. All the uploaded files will go through the GroupDocs server, which means you won’t need to install any software or extensions. One of the benefits is that you will be able to make use of it on most devices with browser support.

To start using the online word editor, enter the homepage on your browser and upload or drag the file into the white box. Now your editing begins.

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