how to use otg

Various cool ways to use the OTG feature

I bet most of us have never used half of the features of our smartphones. On that note, i am taking you on a long walk on the uses of On the go (OTG).

You probably are asking what then is OTG? Do not worry. This article is posed to explain to you whatever you do not know about the OTG. Our phones can do much more we can imagine. We just need to know how far they can go, which is to our benefits.

In a layman language, OTG allows a device to read data from a USB connection without the need for a computer.

Android is endowed with a standard micro-USB port. You will need to look for a micro-USB Male to full-size USB Female adapter to activate this. There are also flash drives with micro-USB and USB Ports.

How to check if your android support OTG

Locate the company’s website to check if OTG is among the specifications or check the box it came with.
You can also check if your phone supports OTG by downloading USB OTG CHECKER ,a tool that can quickly check and verify your Android device system USB OTG capabilities.

Various uses of OTG

  1. Connect External drives: How many times have I enjoyed during this more than the usual way. It is so magical. Just plug it and boom, it reads your files to you. External drive with their own powe source works fine but not portable hard drives. Portable hard drives draw power from android when plugged.
  2. Print from the printer: you can print without requiring a wireless connection. Also no need to transfer anything to a PC before printing. You can do that straight away. To print photos and documents, you will switch to photo to photo in your USB Connection. All these at just click! Is it not cool?
  3. Connect with gamepads: For the gamers in the house, you are not left alone. Otg allows you to connect through OTG.
  4. Control Android With Keyboard and mouse:  you probably have not heard that you can use your android most especially a tablet as Android. Get a wireless keyboard yet with a unified reveiver since you only have access to one USB connection.
  5. Charge other devices: This should not be new to you. OTG reverse charging allows you charge other phones through the USB OTG cable. It means you can use your phone as power bank for other phones. Your phone can be a source of energy when you connect it to the other.
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