Best web hosting site in Nigeria

10 Best and most reliable web hosting sites in Nigeria

Nigerian web hosting companies weren’t performing up to the required performance in past years, but they were still offering services. Over the past years, they have greatly improved restrategizing and customer feedback to know where they are to tackle.

While different web hosting companies in Nigeria offer special services to distinguish themselves from the others and attract substantial customers, we need to be thoughtful when choosing those services the web hosting companies are offering.

Those services will determine if it will attract more audiences and possibly be allowed to deploy ad services integrated into your websites. It is not unavoidable as it needs to be in your top priorities. We would be looking at those special services you should consider heavily and also look into. Before then, let’s look at the top 10 most reliable web hosting sites in Nigeria.

What to consider when choosing a reliable web hosting company in Nigeria

reliable web hosting company in Nigeria

Before deciding on what web hosting platform to be using, some factors can determine the success rate of your website. You would want to look into it before making that final decision.


After making that content catchy and engaging, Google ranked yours lower on search results. After spending that much effort into it, make sure offers are above 99% uptime if you do want this to happen. Look out for this always when choosing any web hosting in Nigeria

Available Storage

This depends mostly on what you use the website for. Consider different storage plans to see what suits your needs. If it is possible to save some money on the cost, they also do it; as you advance, you choose bigger storage plans.


There are some web hosting sites that allow limited traffic, especially on smaller packages but always look out for those with packages with unlimited traffic, which should keep your website stable. However, your selection will largely depend on your expected traffic.


We all want our websites to load instantly on the internet once there is a search on search engines which should attract new guests. Always check if the web hosting company offers a good loading speed to achieve this.

Data Security

Cyber attacks are high, and trusting a platform to host your website is not easy. Ensure it is not vulnerable to cyber attacks, and data theft. Also, make sure they have a data protection policy.

Customer Support

Problems and occurrences aren’t avoidable; there are times you would encounter some issues on the website, and you can’t figure out why it just suddenly is not loading.

Furthermore, efficient customer support should be carefully checked out to see if they have very good and efficient customer support that responds to complaints immediately. Ensure it is efficient – a detailed report and solution to the complaints laid out.

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Free Trial

A free trial gives you the flexibility to know how reliable the services are and if they meet your standard on what you need to do on the website. It shouldn’t be overemphasized as it is important to try a service to see the compatibility, strength, and vulnerability to cyber-attacks. It will ensure your budget is kept well, as spending smartly is what you should be considering.

However, most Nigeria web hosting companies in Nigeria no longer allow free trials, but like some of the foreign web hosting companies, they do provide first time users with discounts up to 50%, a reasonable fee to your budget not too light even if you choose to transfer your site to another.

Payment Methods

The next factor can really affect the choice you want. Payment methods, in general, are ways by which you pay for the services offered by the web hosting platforms.

It is important that your host has a good number of payment gateways that can be easily utilized by you for payment of any services offered by them. Payments through bank cards and direct transfers are among the easiest ways in Nigeria, ensure your provider has at least both. This is to ensure you have enough options to select from even if you are currently disadvantaged when you need to urgently renew your hosting plan, SSL, or domain.

Content Management System

If you are a content-oriented person, definitely this should also be added. A reliable web hosting site should be able to offer its own intuitive content management system of an open-source.

An example of an intuitive content management system of an open-source is “WordPress.” It will be essential to have this on the website as you would be interacting with your website since you would be posting content weekly.


Most web hosting companies compete to improve their customer margins and revenues. This aim is achieved through incentives, discounts, and several special packages available for sale for a few hours or probably days.

Stay on alert for these freebies, as these will help reduce the load on the budget you are having at that moment.

The decision is in your court to decide which should suit your purpose. The listed factors are guidance as they greatly decide the best web hosting site to trust. Carefully decide and check out the fees for the packages you want to save cost.

Gradually as the website improves, choosing a bigger package that would suit it would not cut your budget.

Top 10 best reliable web hosting sites you can choose from

1. Qservers

One of Nigeria’s most popular hosting companies, offering some sweet mouth services, which makes it top the list. The interesting part is that it is very cheap at a rate of N3,500 – it can get you special offers; 2000MB webspace, 8,000MB bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited Mysql, and five subdomains.

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The company offers special features for new registrations if you are just getting started on the hosting site. For payment options, it accepts all cards – MasterCard, verve, and visa. Bank transfers and USSD phone transfers are also accepted. To learn more about their services and plans, proceed to Qservers.

2. Harmonweb

HarmonWeb is one of the top web hosting websites in Nigeria dedicated to providing cheap and excellent web hosting services to web developers.

For some time now, it has been getting ovations from webmasters which is enough to know how relevant it is becoming, hence it is gradually taking a big market space. They provide Shared Hosting which is the most popular package that customers tend to go for, then others such as WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Business Hosting, and more.

On the shared hosting plans, you get a free domain name and fast NVMe SSD storage hosting. And with as little as ₦450/month, you can have your own workstation for your online page. Paying annually means you save more on your plan. To get started, start by visiting HarmonWeb.

3. DomainKing

One of Nigeria’s best web hosting companies, it has heavily spread its operations to four other countries, making it another best hosting company in Nigeria. The company renders services like domain name registration and web hosting, including word press hosting.

Although it is quite cheaper than Qservers and Harmonweb, offering a monthly rate of N300/month. You are entitled to a different range of services – 2 GB SSD space, unmetered bandwidth, hosting space for two websites, one free.COM.NG Domain, and other features with included freebies.

It accepts many payment options, giving users more options to choose from the one they are comfortable paying for in their own convenient space. Payment platforms include; Interswitch, Mastercards, verve, vogue pay, and bank transfers. Check out the various prices for the services they are rendering at DomainKing.

4. WhoGoGhost

Among the top 10 best web hosting companies in Nigeria but has some services you would want to consider if it suits what you want to be doing. Services it renders – Cpanel Linux hosting, monthly host switching, and data migration.

For billing, it depends on how you would want it – monthly and yearly, depending on what you have budgeted and planned down. On WhoGoGhost charges N400 monthly and N4,000 yearly, although this price might vary depending on what services you choose to have.

At an N4000 rate yearly, it offers a range of services that distinguish itself from others. Those services include 2GB of web storage space(SSD storage space), hosting space for two websites, one free.COM.NG Domain, and Free SSL with freebies.

The accepted payment platforms are Interswitch, verve cards, MasterCard, bank transfers, and bank cash deposits. For further inquiries about the plans, payments, and services they are rendering, check it out on WhoGoGhost.

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5. Hub8

Importantly, Hub8 is new in the market but still topping the list, making it interesting to look into. On freebies, definitely yes, it offers a free WordPress hosting plan with a storage of 500MB web storage space and 100GB bandwidth; only available for word press websites.

There are still other services it renders, and it fits in well for a small website – Unlimited bandwidth, MySql databases, subdomains, and emails; these services are at a rate of N250/monthly and N2,500/yearly. Check out other offers, freebies, and other services on Hub8.

6. HostNowNow

Rapidly growing substantially, with a wide variety of services all in one platform. These services give you options to do almost every service you want on one platform.

Services include; reselling of hosting, shared hosting, and cloud hosting. That’s what you would want to do on it. However, other services it still offers – are web hosting, domain registration, and server management. Its fee is quite cheap, charging at a rate of N2,500 yearly.

You can get your website running with that sweet fee. For inquiries, plans and payments, it is available on HostNowNow.

7. SmartWeb Solutions

Not quite popular, but still among the top 10 best and most reliable web hosting sites in Nigeria. Services it offers are Linux web hosting and windows web hosting. With N3,500 yearly, you can get these services, including 10GB to unlimited and 30GB bandwidth.

These services are on SmartWeb with their different plans and packages.

8. Web4Africa

Presently, in over 120 countries around the globe, it is unique from the others. It started in 2002 and has gained a massive presence around the globe, making it interesting to check out the services it offers, freebies, and paid plans.

At a rate of 525/monthly, you get these services – 2GB of disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, and a free(.com .ng domain). Other services include; web hosting, purchase of domain names, e.t.c.

Interestingly, it accepts other modes of payments – PerfectMoney, skrill, bitcoin, and PayPal.

Further inquiries on payments and services can be checked on Web4Africa.

9. Garanntor

Garanntor is one of Nigeria’s top web hosting platforms; established in 2016 but also claims it has physical offices in Nigeria. It has some packages that are opted for monthly and yearly.

These hosting fees depend on its packages as that determines its fees. You will want to check out the fees for the packages you want if it suits what you need perfectly. Check it out on Garanntor.

10. RegisterAm

Although not very popular like the others listed, it has some features that stand out a little. You can get these services at a rate of N2,500 monthly – 500MB disk space, 2GB bandwidth, 5 Email accounts, 2 MySql databases, and ten sub-domains. Still offers Web hosting, domain name registration, e.t.c.

Payment options are also available – Interswitch, verve cards, MasterCard, bank transfers, and bank deposits.

Check other packages and fees on registerAm.

11. GlobalHosting247

The name says it all; offering special offers and packages that make it stand out from the others should be interesting to check out. At a sweet mouth of N2,250, you have access to these full services – 1GB of webspace and 15 GB of bandwidth with some special packages.

Readily have payment options available – Interswitch, verve cards, MasterCard, bank transfers, and bank deposits. To make a purchase, you can use GlobalHosting247.

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