Best Video Editors For YouTube

10 Best Video Editors For YouTube 2024

YouTube- a video streaming platform that has remained relevant amongst other competitors, this can be accredited to its diversity in offering all types of videos. Anyone looking to make money or get popular can use video editors to create catchy videos that can be uploaded on Youtube. Another option is employing the service of a professional.

There are software designed to help users reform or improve their video quality, while some may choose to use it to duplicate or recreate an existing video.

This video editing software does not need a supercomputer for it to function effectively, nor do you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a yearly subscription. You also don’t need to undergo any form of training before you start editing and creating high-standard videos.

This publication will discuss the best video editors software you can use for YouTube and other video streaming platforms while making it easy for you to select your preferred software.

List 10 Best Video Editors For YouTube

  • CyberLink PowerDirector 365 – $20/Month
  • Blender – $0/Month
  • Adobe Premiere Pro – $23/Month
  • VideoStudio Ultimate – $100/Lifetime
  • Canva Video – $13/Momth
  • Pinnacle Studio – $90/Lifetime
  • VEED.IO – $11.99/Month
  • Final Cut Pro – $300/Lifetime
  • InVideo – $60/Month
  • VideoProc Vlogger – $0/Lifetime

CyberLink PowerDirector 365

If you’re looking for a next-generation video editor that’s available at pocket-friendly prices then Cyberlink power director is a perfect choice for you. We find the software outstanding in creating professional videos, and it’s highly recommended by advanced video editors.

The software offers incredible effects such as changing the atmosphere in your video, this makes it a good choice for filmmakers who are looking to spend less on traveling from one movie location to another.

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  • It features multipurpose effects for filmmakers and video bloggers.
  • You can remove unwanted sounds such as
  • background noises in your videos.
  • It allows you to subtitle your videos with ease.


  • Several users opine that the software needs an upgrade from the developers to curb crashing or loss of video files.


This software was designed for lovers of animated or cartoon videos, and it’s often utilized by most animation companies. It helps users bring their animation idea to life while also reforming an existing animated video.


  • Its advanced features help users create and recreate 2D and 3D types of videos effortlessly.
  • Although the tool is free, it is often utilized by experts.


  • Some users consider it a basic tool, and this may be affiliated with the fact that the software is free.

Adobe Premiere Pro

People who are looking to create world-class videos often choose this video editing software because it offers numerous editing features. You’ll be shocked to discover that some of the movies you watch are often edited or created with the aid of this software.


  • People who choose this software are guaranteed of making high standards videos
  • It can help create animated and 3D videos
  • It has been used by myriads of designers, editors, and more.
  • It features an offline transcriber that can help you extract text from videos.


  • It is fully functional on a laptop or desktop computer and limited on Smartphone devices.
  • It’s not cheap but worth the price.

Video Studio Ultimate

Most people are not willing to invest their time into learning how to create films and other types of videos, that explains where this software comes in as it simplifies video editing processes to the lowest minimum.


  • The program has inbuilt tools that’ll help you recreate a video you’ve seen or a movie scene.
  • It features similar Snapchat tools such as changing your facial appearance.


  • Some users have complained about the software reducing their audio quality, or failing to amplify their audio quality.
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Canva Video

This is a top choice for people who do not know about video editing and are not willing to go through the hassle of learning how to create high-quality videos. Users often choose this software because of its potential and the simplicity that comes with it.


  • It is highly recommended for people with no prior editing knowledge.
  • It’s fully functional on all types of devices.
    Yearly subscription fees are affordable for all.


  • Several users have complained about the software failing to meet their desired standards.
  • User’s without a stable internet connection will be limited from exploring the software’s full function.

Pinnacle Studio

Next on the list fits the budget of the common man without much difference to high-cost editing software. It also gives users access to all types of tools needed to produce a Hollywood standard movie, you’ll be shocked to discover that some of your video creators who clone their characters tend to use this software in executing that command.


  • Videos edited with the aid of this program can be shared across all online platforms.
  • It is compatible with any video size.


  • It takes high processing power to function effectively.


This is a fast-rising video editing tool that offers similar features to Canva in terms of pricing, and design ideas.

You don’t necessarily need a laptop or desktop computer before you can use this software to create any video of your choice or upload a video for editing purposes. The service is online based which will no doubt gives you a flexibility.


  • You don’t need to be creative before creating professional videos.
  • It is great for newbie video editors, and it supports multiple formats.
  • The transcription tool is fast and accurate.


  • Just like Canva, it requires the use of a stable internet connection.
  • Unlike Canva, your video comes with a watermark.

Final Cut Pro

This software offers similar similar features to Adobe premiere pro, except for the fact it’s less inexpensive and it’s uniquely designed for only iOS desktop or laptop users. Popular YouTube stars tend to use this software in editing their videos before publishing them.

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  • It is super fast in processing and modifying your videos.
  • It features a motion detector tool that discovers


  • It does not support 32-bit Mac OS, this is because Apple no longer supports32 bit programs.
  • Window users are limited from trying out this software.


This is yet another web-based tool that is used by some famous video bloggers and Youtubers, it has helped millions of users across the globe create professional and eye catchy videos with the aid of numerous ready-to-use templates for brands or personal purposes.


  • The software promotes team collaboration when creating a video.
  • It features thousands of video templates that can be applied to your videos.
  • It offers mind-blowing effects for users.
  • It works on all types of devices, this is because it is a web-based program


  • People using the free plan can not bypass the software watermark on their videos.
  • It requires the use of an internet connection

VideoProc Vlogger

This is a top choice for people looking for inexpensive software that’ll aid the creation of all types of video audio files. It features a free testing phase where you can get to enjoy limited features of the software without needing to make a deposit upfront, this testing phase was introduced to instill video editing passion in users.


  • New users can get a price slash if they use the promo code “Just”
  • The software offers all forms of media editing solutions including images and audio files.
  • There are numerous effects to insert into your videos to make them look cool.


  • The software developers did not incorporate stock music into the program, this means users must download or import their pieces of music.

In summary, there’s a high demand for video editing software because most new and existing content creators are always looking for ways to thrill their audience. Getting to choose from the aforementioned video editor software that is compatible with any of your devices will enable you to create seamless videos with the appropriate subtitles, effects, etc.

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