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Managing resources, as well as people working under you, can be a huge task without finding the proper and better way of managing them. Humans are complex enough and as an HR, manager, or employer, you will want to squeeze all the time available to improve productivity.

By following up on the tasks of the day, through scheduling software like When I work, it is almost impossible not to maximize the efforts of the team which could help an organization achieve its goals within the shortest possible time.

As an employee as well, it is much more than scheduling software as it does more than you can ever imagine. For instance, you were caught up in traffic and you needed to trade shifts with your co-workers. This is one of the things you could easily do on When I work and is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are several scheduling apps out there, but When I work has seen some growth over the years and proven to be reliable. Both employers and employees would also find the When I Work Login very easy to use.

What is When I work login?

When I work login platform is a free employee scheduling software that allows employees or assigned teams to view their various tasks as allocated by their employers, or managers.

The free online scheduling platform also has an app on Google Play Store and IOS’ App Store. The app works almost exactly like the web page platform. However, the app even makes it better than what it is as it is more optimized for the users.

With When I Work Login, users have one of the best scheduling software that helps you save time and manage your work employee account the best way ever with some great features embedded in it.

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When I work for Employer

As an employer or someone put in charge to manage the employees in an establishment, When I work is one of the best work software that can simplify your work tasks. It allows you to make and manage work schedules from anywhere you are instead of going unit by unit. All you need is the platform to pass whatever information you have to the working staff.

It can be used to create, publish or make timely changes to the shifts. You may not understand the huge impact until employees start complaining about unprofessional conduct, one that arises from being misinformed. This is one of the ways to gain the respect of your teams.

Another is being able to view all assigned schedules of the employees on the When I work Login Platform. To whom is given, so much is expected, so you will want to make sure the staff are right on track with their various schedules. Besides, this knowledge could also give you the info to make some changes if there are any needs.

Monitoring and approving shift trades and time-off requests are among the few things you can handle from anywhere. Instead of a manual process that could add to the already hard task, with just a few toggles, you can make quick decisions about requests.

As a manager, one of the best benefits you can get on When I work is being able to interact with employees one on one or as groups. Managers need to consistently update the team and you need this software that does more for the success of the team.

Other features and benefits on When I work include being able to set up working hours for employees, alert staff of any schedule changes, and many more.

When I work log in for employees

When I work login is equally very useful for employees based on the benefits they stand to gain on their platform or app, whichever you prefer. As an employee, the platform allows you to see your schedules from anywhere as set by the manager or HR.

The staff will also be able to see who is working the shifts, although with permission. Also, chats with fellow workers either one or one or in groups could come in handy for sharing important information like how best to improve productivity or make the time count.

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Additionally, employees will be able to pick up extra time for more money. This can be arranged when they log in on When I work. The workers will also be able to clock in and out of shifts.

When I work login app | Download for mobile smartphone and tablets

When I work login app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store (iPhone and Ipad) for users who seek a better way of connecting to their dashboards. The app holds some advantages over the other as it ensures you never need to slot in your login details every time you want to access your account.

It is also well optimized for users. To download the app, simply search for When I Work Employee Scheduling on Google Play Store or visit the When I work login download link to download and automatically install on your Android devices.

IOS device users can also get the app on the Apple Store. All they need is to search using the name of the product or follow this download link.

How to Login to When I Work Employee Account

Once you have already had an account created as an employee, you will be able to log in to the free employee scheduling software. To use the When I work login, start by following the instructions below:

  • Enter wheniwork.com on a supported web browser. To see the login option, use a computer or switch to a desktop if you are on mobile.
  • Tap Login located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your sign-in email address and password.
  • Click login to connect to your WhenIwork Login account.

Users will also be able to sign in using their Apple or Google email accounts. The other sign-in options are below the Log In bar. Also, if you are finding it difficult to locate the sign-in page, you can copy login.wheniwork.com and paste it into your computer or phone’s browser.

wheniwork.com employee login on Android

Android users do not need to use the web browser, instead, they should proceed to the Google Play Store to download wheniwork.com employee app.

Once installed, simply find the app from your list of apps on your phone. Tap to launch the app. Tap ‘Login’ and then provide your login details. The login details should be your email address and password. Now click ‘Sign in’ to access your wheniwork.com employee account.

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How to log in from an iPhone or iPad

Logging from an Ipad or iPhone follows the same process as the Android. You can go to the Apple Store to install the app on your device. After installation, proceed with the below guide to log into your when u work account:

1. Tap the When I Work icon on your home screen and then click ‘Log in’

2. Provide your login details and click Sign In.

3. Also, You will be able to automate a quick sign in using your apple or google mail account.


1. Is when I work software free to use?

When I work is not free to use, but comes with 14 days of free trials for employers, businesses, or organizations. For a small business plan that takes in up to 100 employees, you will pay $2 per user with all the basic features. Enterprise is another plan worth checking out with about 100 to 10,000 employees allowed. You can contact the sales team for more information on Enterprise business. The contact page is on the website.

However, the 14 days free trial would give you an idea of what to expect when you decide to open your wallet. This is the best way to start as you are given full access. If you are not totally into it, you can deactivate it before the day matures.

2. What are the Minimum Requirements of devices to use When I work?

Your Android phone operating system (OS) must be Android version 7.0 and later. IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad must be running iOS 13.0 or later.

For Computer and Mac, the When I Work web app works great on most internet browsers but will require the following versions on these selected browsers:

  • Edge (version 83 and later)
  • Firefox (version 46 and later)
  • Chrome (version 50 and later)
  • Safari (version 11 and later)

3. What are the best When I work Alternatives?

The internet is a place to get similar sites as When I work. However, we recommend Ceridian Dayforce, Paychex Flex, UKG Workforce Central, TSheets, Planday, and Humanity.

The mentioned platforms are among the best scheduling software for individuals and organizations.

4. I forgot my When I work Login Password, how do I get it back?

If you forgot your password, you can reset your account. To reset or change your When I work login password, simply go to your LOGIN AREA, login.wheniwork.com and tap FORGOT PASSWORD?.

Provide your email address and click ‘Reset Password. Once done, instructions on how to reset your passwords will be sent to your email address.

5. How do I sign up on When I work?

To sign up or register an account on When I work, go to the official website and tap ‘Log in’. Scroll down and click ‘Sign up

Provide relevant details, accept terms and click ‘Sign up’ to have your account running. However, instructions on how to confirm your account will be sent by mail. Alternatively, enter login.wheniwork.com/register to quickly get started.

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