why cant i skip ads on youtube

Why can’t I skip ads on YouTube? (Reasons, Solutions)

Lately, YouTube doesn’t allow the skipping of ads. This might seem annoying sometimes but it’s a method needed if they wish to fulfill the demands of the publishers of their ads. Although the ads are classified into two; non-skippable and skippable ads, there’s not much difference between them.

After the lately stopping of skipping ads, they devised various means by which users can mitigate the ads – this was successfully achieved with the timing of the ads, you also get to decide if you would like to continue on the ads and also like to find out more. Even though Google owns the platform, It is also a way of encouraging content to implore the use of non-skippable ads in their content.

Integration of ads-targeting algorithms with user searches produces sustainable results – Brand awareness and High revenue. Content creators started to be highly creative in getting users to be engaged with the ads and call to action, interesting right?

While that’s the case, there are other reasons why you can’t skip ads. We would also be looking at those reasons that might also be involved in it and also solutions to it.

Why can’t I skip ads on YouTube?

1. High reach to the right audience

The main purpose of ads was to reach out to target the right audience and create brand awareness for the advertisers. Problems started arising as they couldn’t keep up with the option of skipping ads on the content.

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This started raising concerns about why I should pay for ads if they will be skipped later on. YouTube revenue machine falls on this very well. Immediately, they devise a means to mitigate it to the nearest minimum – strategies and highly creative content were deployed to curb the rising issues at hand.

Unskippable ads were integrated to solve this rising issue. Although there are also skippable ads – features would be listed out.

Skippable Ads: Most times these ads appear at the beginning of the video – It has proven to be very versatile and effective. It can run for over 30 seconds.

This ad has to finish within that time frame before you can suggest continuing the ads which will run for some minutes. The interesting part is when you take action, it takes you directly to the content page.

Unskippable ads: Quite different a little bit from skippable but still has a time frame of 30 seconds. There are three ways in which unskippable ads make themselves unique – Pre ads, Mid ads, and lastly bumper ads.

Pre Ads: These ads also start at the beginning of the actual video. Although they are very short clips to pass out a message on the clip.

Mid Ads: These ads appear after watching the video to an extent. It can run for over 10 minutes in the video.

Bumper Ads: Bumper ads are usually shown at the end of the video and content. Although quite short, sometimes used to split the long ads into sections – At least 10 seconds.

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Solution: A Good adblocker might be very useful for it

2. Generating money for content creators

Content creators put a lot of effort and creativity into producing the content we skipped and eventually won’t produce a good sustainable result. This means content creators are liable to be paid and that won’t be encouraging.

A means was devised for content creators to be encouraged and also be paid. Almost every video deployed out there is an unskippable ad integrated into it.

Solution: Either switch to a premium YouTube or wait for it to load.

3. The issue with your browser

Even though unskippable ads exist, skippable ads can also be skipped after an exhausting timeframe. If it doesn’t skip then likely your browser might have some problems.

Solution: Before you begin, check if the video has a skippable ad – proceed to check if the same issue occurs on the other browsers. Plugin extensions also might affect it – Crosscheck to see if any extensions are causing the issue.

4. Revenue for Advertisers

Also one of the reasons YouTube won’t allow you to skip ads. If the ads were to be skipped, it would kill the sole purpose of doing it. Brand awareness and more revenue are what advertisers are mostly targeting and want to achieve.

Unskippable ads were created solely to achieve advertisers’ goals and also ensure they are getting value for their money. Most times there are videos we can’t skip on youtube – wait for it to load and finish the content.

Solution: Also an adblocker might work in these cases but not in all cases. Better still allow the ads to load their contents to the end if it doesn’t allow you to skip.

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5. Content creators opted in for the Unskippable option

Unfortunately, this decision is in the hands of the advertisers and content creators. They decide if you can skip the ads or not. You will have to wait till the ads end because skipping it is likely not possible.

This also helps content creators to stay online more and also produce more content on the platform. It is a win for both the audience and content creators.

Solution: Use premium YouTube

Suitable fix for – Cant skip youtube ads Issue

We are tired of seeing those ads and not getting what you want immediately which might be frustrating sometimes. YouTube rolled out a premium version of it which enables you to have the best YouTube experience.

The features it displays let you watch your favorite Tv shows, movies, and content videos with no interruption of ads on it – a seamless experience. Interestingly, you will be able to eliminate the ads on it as you are watching. It charges $11.99 per month for one individual.

The reasons listed are to help you know why you can’t skip ads on it. YouTube generates revenue from the ads it advertises to the audience and also helps keep content creators online to produce content on it.

We crave content, movies, and other relevant videos but youtube ensures it covers content creators by generating revenue through ads to sustain their channels and be online.

If you don’t use youtube too much which seems frustrating at the very end, a premium youtube would ensure you don’t see ads again, or preferably you an adblocker can solve the ad issues to an extent.

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