Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit

Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit – Windows Linux Mac Android

This article will reveal how you can download videos from multiple sites using Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit.

Youtube for long has been on the frontline when it comes to video hosting, it is a place where you can get all kinds of videos to watch or download onto your device. However, you can not save the videos into your device, but you will be able to download them into youtube for offline viewing alone. With a little help from video downloading sites and apps, you can download and have the video files saved on your device.

While it leads, there are also other platforms to get videos, but they tend to have one thing in common, which is putting a lock under their files which makes it very difficult for users to save on their PC, Android, and IOS devices.

For this reason, people have devised ways they can finally own the videos for free despite these social media platforms restrictions. Thanks to apps and software like Xvideoservicethief, you can now get the files and watch at your convenience or share them with your friends and families.

Features of Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit

1. Great user interface

All versions including Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit have a very simple and easy-to-understand interface.

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Even as a newbie, you can easily make use of the video downloader without requesting help from support. All your options are in the right place with each having its own description for users to know what they are for.

2. Download several videos at once

It is a waste of your time trying to download the video one at a time when you can insert the URLs and download multiple videos all at once.

Thanks to Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit, this is now achievable and all downloaded without taking a toll on your internet speed.

3. It is safe and secure

If you are so conscious of your security, then you will want to download and install the Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software.

The app comes without any form of malware or viruses and you can expect it to always be the same after installation on your PC, and Android.

4. Fast downloading

One of the best features any video downloader software can have is the speed blazing like thunder. Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit does not lack in that.

As a user, you won’t have to wait long before your video downloads finish as it will ensure it squeezes out all that your internet service provider offers you.

5. Pause to continue later

You can find yourself in situations where you will need to pause the videos so you can continue later. Not every video downloader offers such a feature, but it is something you will see on Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit.

With just one click, you can pause or stop downloading the videos and resume later when you are finally ready to begin again.

6. Video rarely corrupts on Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software

Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly lost connection due to poor Internet service which then resulted in the video being corrupted?

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This is not something that you will likely see on Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit. The software is perfect and could take almost anything thrown at it.

It does not matter if you lose connection, you can just resume back with no possibility for errors.

7. Support several sources

Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit has done a good job of allowing users to be able to download any videos from most platforms as long as they have the URL.

Once the URL is set in, the download automatically clicks in. Among supported media allowed on Xvideoservicethief are Vimeo, Facebook, Google Videos, Metacafe, Yahoo, and Youku.

8. It supports several devices

The app is known to be able to run on Android, PC, Linus, and Windows platforms.

Besides, it is also very easy to install no matter what type of OS your device runs on. Android users won’t find the Apk files on the Google play store, but you can get the apk from a reputable site and install it on your Android phone.

However, we are not providing the apk link at the moment, as it has not been tested by us nor by our various partners. The links to download the software for your Windows, Linux, and Mac OS will be provided in this article.

9. Convert file formats

Xvideoservicethief software allows you to convert the video formats to another format entirely to fit in exactly how you want it.

The downloaded video files can be converted to MP4, MPEG1, 3GP, AVI, MPEG2, WMV, and MP3.

10. Customizable websites

As a user of the video downloaded software, you can decide to blacklist some websites from the app and also choose the ones you want to allow.

Not every software has this feature and this could come in handy if you have several people using your computer or devices.

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11. Drag & Drop

Another feature you are going to love on Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit is the drag and drop support.

Instead of copying the video link to be pasted to xVideoServiceThief, you could just drop the video links and avoid time-wasting.

12. Limit underage from accessing adult websites

If you have kids around that you want to protect from certain content, you can turn off adult support on XVideoServiceThief YouTube Video Download App to protect them. This is one of the unique features you will not find in most software.

13. Supports several languages

Even if you do not understand English, there are more than 13 other languages you can select from on xVideoService.

All you just need to do is to install your preferred languages into xVST and here comes the ease with using your favorite video downloader.

14. It is completely free to use

Sure you will expect software with several features like that to come with a price fee. Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit is free to use.

There is no specific time that the offer will end and it has been that for so long. Why pay for a video downloader when you can get it for free on Xvideoservicethief? The choice is yours.

How to Download Xvideoservicethief

Below is the step on how to download and install Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software open source download 64 bit on Linux, Windows, and Mac:

  • Visit the Official xvideoservicethief website.
  • Go to MENU and click DOWNLOAD.
  • On the page, you will come across links to download for windows, Linux, and mac. Select the applicable one depending on your device.
  • Once you have located the right one for your system, click to save the file.
  • Upon downloading to your device, double click the file to install on your device. The Xvideoservicethief Ubuntu software open source download 64-bit file is not big, so it should be done within a few seconds.

Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software for android

Xvideoservicethief is not available for Android Phones, but we will recommend a good alternative that can be as good as Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software for android.

To ensure you get the best ones, we have to trim down our list, and here goes the best app like Xvideoservicethief – All Video Downloader, Video Downloader, and Free Video Downloader.

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