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Airtel customer care phone number, email and live chat

Are you in Nigeria or overseas and looking for easy ways to contact Airtel customer care?

It can be very frustrating when things are not going well with Airtel services or we need to make enquiries about some products on Airtel. Most people are familiar with Airtel customer care number but not many know there are easiest and quickest ways to reach out to Airtel customer care.

The era of having to go to Airtel office is over unless it is something that can only be done at MTN experience centres, such as sim replacement, sim registration, or sim upgrade to 4G. Spending unnecessary expenses and time can be cut down if you get yourself familiar with the several ways you can make contact with Airtel customer service agent.

Without further ado, let us quickly go into providing you with Airtel customers care contact and how to contact any of Airtel customer care;

1. Airtel customer care number

This is arguably the easiest and most used way to contact Airtel customer care. Understand that you will need to be a bit patient when using this method as some people may be on the queue. Although, more staff have recruited which has now made it easier.

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Whenever I make calls to the customer care agent, I never spend more than 3 minutes before the Airtel customer care agent comes through. Gone are the days when you spend more than 10 minutes before getting in touch with Airtel agent.

To have your complaint or enquiries attended to, get in touch with the Airtel customers care through their helpline by dialling 111 or 121 if you are calling from an Airtel number.

For those calling with another network provider or from overseas/abroad, dial +2348021500121 or +2348021500111.

2. Airtel customer care via email address 

Not the quickest way if you are asking but you will find comfort that it remains best platform if you are not looking at having your messages limited. On this platform, you can say what you want to say and upload files which will get to the recipient’s box in just one second of sending.

The downside is that responses are not always instant like we have seen through Airtel customer care number.

To contact airtel through email, send a mail to, the message does not get lost and you can be sure to get responses within a few hours.

3.  Airtel customer care via social media – facebook, twitter, instagram & linkedin

Customers with internet engaged devices will be able to get in touch with Airtel customers care agents through their social media platforms.

This place provides you with one of the quickest ways to have your complaint or enquiries attended to. It is even better if you are engaging with them through their wall, that way they will have no choice than to respond as quickly as possible. Remember, none of them wants to be relegated.

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Contact Airtel Nigeria on Facebook by following using

Another way to contact them is through their twitter page. This is always my best option whenever I want things done quickly, especially when it is a call to action. Tweet airtel customer care at for your enquiries and complaints.

Airtel is also on but does not provide the same service. It is mainly to create awareness of their products and airtel events. Airtel LinkedIn page is

You can also get in touch with Airtel Nigeria through their Instagram page but I would always advise you to make use of Twitter or Facebook.

4. Visit any Airtel experience centre – Airtel customer care

There are lots of Airtel offices spread around Nigeria, you just need to visit one closer to you. If you do not know of any of their office’s address, you can ask the neighbour next door or simply pick up your phone and dial the Airtel customer care line.

However, there are lots you can do online or through Airtel contacts, you should only visit the Airtel experience centre when you have no choice than to visit.

5. Airtel customer care via Airtel Head office

You probably have exhausted all available channels and you believe visiting the Airtel head office is the last on the plate.

Visit Airtel Nigeria’s Address @ Plot L2 Banana Island, Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

All your complaints, enquiries and requests can be solved at the head office.

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