how to check nin number on 9mobile

Code to check NIN number on your 9mobile phone number

Do you want to know how to check your NIN number on your 9mobile?

It is now possible to do so. Before, you can only check using MTN, Airtel and Glo. Now that things have been taken care, nothing should stop you from having it the easy way via 9mobile.

Every Nigerian that has attained the age of accountability has been employed to register for NIN number at any NIMC enrolment centre spread around the country. Upon NIN registration, you will have to wait a few days to get your NIN number.

The NIN number is an 11 unique digit number assigned to an individual who has enrolled for it. What it means that no other person can be allocated your NIN personal number.

The NIN stands for National Identity Number and should be an important number we should keep in a very safe and secure place. You never know when you will find the needs for it. For instance, there was a time I visited a site only to be asked to provide my NIN number which I did not have at that moment.

What made it worse is that there was no way to check it. Now that you can now check your NIN number on all GSM networks, it just makes it easier to give it out when there is a need to verify your identity. It works like a social security number in the USA.

Do note that 9mobile was formerly called Etisalat, therefore if your query is how to check my nin number on Etisalat phone number, it means the same thing and this post is exactly what you need.

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How to check my NIN number on my 9mobile line

  • Open your dialer, enter *346# and dial the USSD code to check your NIN number.
  • Choose NIN retrieval which is assigned 1 and provided you are dialling from the 9mobile number linked to your NIN.
  • Select 2 for NIN search. This would mean you know longer have access to the phone number that was linked to your NIN number.
  • Provide the required inputs for whichever selection you made.
  • An N20 charge will occur on your 9mobile and that confirms the success.
  • Your NIN number will then be displayed for you and also will be sent to your inbox. Meanwhile, you should not have it in your inbox.

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