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Airtel Tariff Plans And Migration Codes – Best Prepaid Plan 2023

It is always a difficult task whenever we want to select the best airtel prepaid plan that will work for us. Due to that, we ask friends and family, call customer care and most times read reviews on the internet.

Airtel Nigeria has a lot of tariff plans you can choose from. If you are looking for more data yet great deal for airtime or you just want more of airtime, Airtel has all these in stock for you.

Recently, we gave a thorough review of mtn tariff plans, which contains information you probably won’t get elsewhere. Due to that, we are more determined to help you make a better choice with airtel prepaid plan and that is if you have one the sim.

Even if you do not have, friends and families could benefit from you. You can be the hero for them by just knowing what we are about to share which is Airtel tariff plans and migration codes.

Just like we did with mtn prepaid plans, we are still going to give you the pros and cons of each Airtel tariff plans.
It is to help you make a better decision and as well prepare you for any surprise. Is it not cool we are doing that? We know it is. So sit and relax as we take you on the journey.

#1. Airtel SmartTrybe

This is arguably the best among the other airtel tariff plans. The reason why I said it is the best does not only has to do with making calls for as low as 11kb per second but access to great data offer. Guess what? Night browsing is available on airtel smartTrybe.

A tariff plan specially designed for you to keep you connected through calls and data. Airtel smartTrybe also ensures you get more data while on campus.

Migration is free within the first 30 days, subsequent migration with the 30 days will attract NGN100.

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If you are looking for something as similar on the airtel platform, airtel smartTrybe it is. Whether you are a Nigerian youth or young at heart, this is a prepaid plan to try.

With the great offers available when you buy data on airtel smartrybe, you can now enjoy your youtube as much as you want, download music and movies and ping your family and friends whenever you want.Airtel smart trybe

Pros of airtel SmartTrybe

  • Very cheap call rate.
  • Free data when you load not less than NGN100.
  • There is no daily access fee.
  • You can get a 1gb data at the rate of NGN500 which is valid for a week.
  • Access to cheap night browsing for as low as NGN25.

Cons of airtel smartTrybe

  • International call rate may fluctuate depending on destination.
  • No, carry over of the airtel night plan balance. Unused data will be wiped off by 5 am.
  • In order to pay 11k per second for the call of the day, the first 60 seconds are charged at 22k per second.

Call charges on airtel SmartTyrbe and migration code

National calls will be charged at 11k per second after the first 60 seconds calls of the day are charged at 22k per second. The cycle again subsequent days.

Calls to USA, UK, China, India and Canada are charged 55k per second. Other destinations will be charged depending on the standard rate on the mtn network.

To migrate to airtel smart trybe, dial *312# or *312*1#.

To make use of the airtel night plan, dial *312# and follow on-screen prompts to activate. You can choose whether to buy the 500mb at the rate of NGN25 or NGN200 for the airtel 1.5gb night plan.

For the 1gb weekly data bundle at the rate of NGN500, dial *312# and the reply with 2 for activation.

#2. Airtel SmartValue

Looking for that tariff plan made for just call? Airtel SmartValue is what you should turn to. With Airtel SmartValue, you can enjoy 15k per second from the first second with no fee on access.

Whether you are a new subscriber or have been a prepaid customer for long, you can migrate to this plan to enjoy one of the best deal you will ever get on Airtel network. Only post paid customers and staff prepaids lines are barred from migrating to this revolutionary prepaid plan

Like the rest of the prepaid plans, first migration within the month is totally free but another within the same 30 days will attract a charge of NGN100.

Pros of Airtel SmartValue

  • There is no daily access fee on Airtel SmartValue.
  • You get to make calls at a very cheap rate with no extra few seconds charges.
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Cons of Airtel SmartValue

  • It does not offer you night browsing.
  • It is too hollow in the sense that it does not offer what airtel trybe offers. No data bonus on recharge and many more.
  • No 1gb data offer at the rate of N500

Call charges on airtel SmartValue and migration code

Calls made to any network within Nigeria is charged 15k/sec and with no access fee or first seconds charge of the day.

Local SMS still remains NGN4 but for zone 1 SMS charge, you pay NGN20, zone 2 attracts NGN30, zone 3 gets it at NGN35 and zone 4 charged NGN50.

If we have been able to convince you that Airtel smartvalue gives you more for calls and you cant wait to join the list, then dial *314# on your mobile phone.

#3. Airtel SmartTalk 2.0Airtel smart talk

With airtel Smart Talk 2.0, you can make your call at the rate of 11k/sec but with an access fee of NGN6.

New and existing prepaid subscribers can migrate to this plan. You won’t be charged the access of NGN6 on the day you do not make calls.

Just like all airtel prepaid tariff plans, first migration within 30 days is free, subsequent one within the 30 days will attract NGN100 fee.

Pros of Airtel SmartTalk 2.0

  • Airtel Smart Talk 2.0 ensures you connected to your loved ones at a very cheap rate.
  • You get to keep your access fee on the day you do not make calls

Cons of Airtel SmartTalk 2.0

  • There is a daily access fee.
  • No night plan available on the airtel smart talk 2.0.

Call charges on airtel SmartTalk 2.0 and migration code

11k/sec on all national calls after the charge of the day. International calls at standard network rate.

The access fee for airtel smart talk is N6.

To migrate to Airtel SmartTalk, dial *315#

#4 Airtel SmartPremier

Airtel smartpremier is another taifff plan you should consider when you are looking for a cheap call plan. On airtel smart premier, you can make calls to any network for as low as 11k/sec.

You only make call at 11k/sec on Airtel Smartpremier after you have satisfied the system by paying 40k/sec on the first 60 sec of the day.

There are so much to enjoy on the airtel smart premier, you get to enjoy data bonus on every recharge above NGN100 and can make international calls at the rate of 11k/sec to 5 destinations.

You also get to enjoy free incoming calls when you roam in united states of america, united kingdom, uae, south africa and saudi arabia.

Pros of SmartPremier

  • Cheap call rate on national calls and 5 international countries.
  • Data bonus on every recharge, also the higher the recharge and the more your data bonus increases.
  • Free incoming call in 5 international destination.
  • There is no daily access fee.
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Cons of Airtel SmartPremier

  • Call rate of the day begins at 40/sec.
  • It does not have the cheap night browsing plan.

Call charges on airtel SmartPremier and migration code

The first 60 seconds call of the day is charged at 40 kobo per second, for the rest of the day you can enjoy yours at the rate of 11k per second to any network in the country.

Sms to any network in the country is charged at NGN4 and international sms remains NGN15.

You can get data bons upto 150mb depending on how much you recharge.

To migrate to airtel smartPremier, dial *318# on your mobile phone or send “YES” to 318 in a text format.

Airtel SmartTrybe Junior

If you are a parent that wants a tariff plan made for students in the primary and secondary level or just a student who wants to have access to great educational contents plus other benefits.

The answer to that is Airtel SmartTrybe Junior.Airtel smartTrybe Junior

Pros of Airtel SmartTrybe Junior

  • You get 100% bonus on data above 200mb
    Free calls and sms.
  • Local sms charged at NGN2.
  • Your child receives a 10% bonus when you recharge your line.
  • NERDC approved courses available to help your children in their studies.

Cons of airtel smart trybe junior

  • No night browsing plan.

Call charges on airtel SmartTrybe Junior and migration code

You can make calls to another network at the rate of 20/sec. 11k/sec to parents, family and friends.

All these are after you have satisfied the system requirements of 40k/sec for the first 60 seconds.

You can subscribe to the family bundle, otherwise known as FAF bundle by dialling *317*200#

To migrate to airtel smart trybe junior, dial *317#

Airtel SmartConnect 2.0

Airtel smartconnect 2.0 is a default plan available on newly brought sim cards. It is a plan that rewards new customers 8x the value of every recharge. For example, if you load NGN1000, you will get NGN8000 on your airtel.

You also get 100% data bonus on every data purchased on Airtel smartconnect. Bonus only available for 3 months.Airtel smart connect

Pros of airtel smartconnect 2.0

  • 800% bonus on every recharge.
  • Data bonus also available on airtel smart connect.

Cons of airtel smartconnect 2.0

  • There is no night browsing plan available on smartconnect 2.0.

Call charges on airtel SmartConnect 2.0 and migration code

Main account: Local calls and calls to USA, UK, China, India and Canada are charged 55k/sec.

Bonus account: Local calls are charged 65k/sec. Family and friends call made at 40k/sec.

There is no migration code for airtel smartconnect.
To be on the smart connect 2.0, buy a new airtel sim card and register the sim at any airtel KYC registration point or airtel office. Insert new sim into your phone, recharge to start enjoying on the network.

How to migrate to any tariff plan on Airtel

If you ever want a quick peep without ever want to read reviews and tips available on the web. The steps-

  • Dial *121# on your airtel.
  • Reply with 5 to have access to the various billing and tariff plans available on the Airtel network.
  • Select your preferred tariff plan using the number that corresponds with any of them.
  • A confirmation message will be immediately sent into the inbox as regard migration upon request.
  • You can also dial *311# for quick migration to Airtel Smartconnet

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