How to use apps for personal branding

How to Use Apps for Personal Branding

Personal branding is all about promoting an individual’s image in the public domain. Getting it right is crucial especially in today’s world of digital technology. The internet isn’t going anywhere and more people are using this platform for most of their business practices. This means it’s essential to have top-class business and personal branding strategies in place.

Building your personal branding strategy online makes you stand out as the expert in your field. It also encourages engagement with your customers as they feel a connection with you and your business on a personal level. But, how do you ensure your strategy works and is effective?

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools available to help you promote your personal brand, online and offline. Brand management tools give you the software you need to get your name out there while keeping it professional and personal. Apps are great for digital business owners on the go. But, how do you use these tools for optimal personal branding?


We’re all familiar with having a business brand and we know why it’s needed. But, why should you also consider a personal branding strategy? Your online presence is all about connecting with your audience and when your customer feels their engaging with a real person they’re more likely to trust you. They respect what you have to say and consider you an expert in your industry.

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When your personal brand resonates with your audience, they’ll want to do business with you. So, putting your name out there is vital if you want to succeed as an individual or as a business owner. Managing your personal brand can become overwhelming though.


A successful personal brand means managing a whole lot of activities on different platforms. Your first priority may be creating the perfect logo design so you’re instantly recognized whenever someone sees it. Your strategy could also include promoting yourself using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter plus writing blogs on your own website.

Anyone who has managed their own personal branding strategy will tell you it’s hard work and time-consuming. If it’s not done properly, your reputation could lose its shine. This means you need to be smart with how you strategize and which apps you use to manage your profile.


Apps are great brand management tools. They’re often more cost-effective than other types of software and are ideal for expanding your reach. Depending on the apps you pick, they can perform a range of services besides managing your personal brand.

An app can be downloaded onto your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. For digital nomads managing their personal brand while out and about, a smartphone app is a perfect tool. Incorporating apps into your personal branding strategy is a smart move for the following reasons.

1. Designing Personal Brand Logos

Your personal brand logo helps to distinguish you from everyone else on the web or whatever form of marketing you’re using such as email newsletters or blogs. Your personal logo reinforces your own brand and tells others what you’re all about. It’s often the first impression you create with your audience so it needs to be a unique and high-quality design.

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Logo Design is a tool which is perfect for helping you create your custom logo design. Find one that offers a range of templates to pick from no matter what profession or industry you’re operating in. Many logo makers offer a free option together with paid plans.

2. Keeping Ahead of the Crowd With Alerts

When you start marketing your business, you want to know if people are talking about you. You also want to know what’s happening on the ground in your industry. Old news is useless so to stay with the current developments you want to be alerted.

Determ for Android and iOS is an app you can consider to receive notifications whenever someone mentions your name, the name of your competitor, or the latest news in your industry. This allows you to adapt your personal branding so you can keep ahead of the crowd.

3. Using Visuals to Support Your Personal Brand

People love visuals especially if they’re active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Online users are 6 times more likely to remember visual information than text so your visuals could be the deal-breaker for your personal brand. However, using this medium to captivate and engage with your audience can be time-consuming if you’re not using the right software.

The Made app is one of the best tools to use for this purpose and what’s more, it’s accessible to everyone no matter how tight your budget is. Even as a free user, you have access to a wide range of templates and images which will help you design beautiful visuals.

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4. Writing Like a Professional

Blogging generates 67% more leads so if you’re writing blogs or any other content as part of your personal branding strategy you know how essential it is to use the right grammar and spelling. Your credibility as an expert in your industry can be lost in an instant if your writing comes across as careless! Avoid this from happening by using an editing tool such as Grammarly.

The Grammarly app can be downloaded onto your computer as well as iOS and Android smartphones. It’s easy to use and free with paid options also available. Have peace of mind knowing that your text is well-written and of high standard before your audience sees it.

Final Thoughts

Installing an app to manage your personal branding strategy makes sense. These tools simplify the whole process of promoting your personal brand, saving you time and money while keeping your image professional. Picking the right app depends on what you want to get from it and you don’t always have to pay to download them.

If you’re serious about your personal brand, then make sure you take advantage of brand management tools. This way you can stay ahead of the crowd and stand out as the person everyone wants to work with.

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