Cheap but best restaurants in lekki

10+ Cheap But Good Restaurants In Lekki

Lekki- a major city situated in Lagos Nigeria is known for attracting high-class individuals and groups of people who are looking to experience that exclusive lifestyle. Finding a cheap and affordable restaurant in Lekki can be hard to come by since the city is known for its expensive standard of living.

The purpose of this publication is to recommend some of the best restaurants in Lekki where you can get delicious foods, and cocktails for an affordable price.

Top 10+ Cheap But Good Restaurants In Lekki

Owanbe Mart

If you are looking for where to get affordable food in Lekki, then Owanbe Mart should be your best option, the business name suggests that you can find specially made delicacies offered at a Nigerian party. The restaurant is easy to locate as long as you find yourself on Admiralty Road.

The restaurant attracts all classes of people because of their incredible prices, can you imagine getting a standard meal filled with assorted meats, plantain, carbonated drinks, etc. for as low as N1500?

Aside from offering delicious food, you can also get your car washed while you enjoy your meal inside the restaurant.

Address: Owanbe Mart, 22a Omorinre Johnson Street, Lekki Phase I, Lagos, Nigeria.

Sao Café

Cheap but best restaurants in lekki

This restaurant offers customers a soothing environment where they get to enjoy astonishing meals. You can find a variety of intercontinental meals on the menu list, and Nigerian delicacies are not left behind.

It is also the people’s go-to spot for having romantic dates without the need to spend extravagantly. High-quality meals with excellent staff will be at your service when you eat in Sao Café.

Address: 25 Prince Adelowo Adedeji St, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lagos

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Delta Pot

This is your go-to spot for finding Niger Delta delicacies like Banga and starch, Owho and starch, and other mind-blowing combos for an affordable price.

Aside from having a moment with your favourite traditional meals in this stylish restaurant, you can also enjoy a good outdoor view. The restaurant management restricts guests from smoking inside the restaurants, but this restriction is not applicable outside the main hall.

The restaurant has a small parking space, but customers have the option of parking across the streets. You may want to look out for roadside cautions before parking responsibly.

Address: Block 74. Plot 18b, Emma Abimbola Cole Street. (same as fola osibo), Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

Yin Yang Express

Chinese restaurants in Lekki are known to be very expensive when compared with other restaurants, you will be delighted to discover that you can get a standard meal in this Chinese restaurant for as low as N2000.

Everyone loves the conducive environment at Yin Yang Express where everyone is treated as special guests. This is your go-to restaurant if you are looking to enjoy Chinese food amongst other delicacies at an affordable price.

Address: 4 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lekki, Lagos

Crest Lounge

Crest Lounge comes to mind when we talk about a restaurant that is well polished with an interior and outdoor décor for enjoying a nice affordable meal. Customers may choose to eat inside or in the open-air space outside the restaurant, however, smoking is highly prohibited inside the restaurant.

The restaurant lacks a menu list but it makes up for it by providing excellent staff members who are ever willing to take your demands and provide you with a meal ravished with great taste.

Address: 41 Adebayor Doherty Street, formerly Road 14, beside Lupees supermarket, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Nigeria.


Cilantro is not exactly famous in Lekki Lagos, but they have made a good brand name for themselves in the federal capital territory of the country Nigeria. They are no strangers to taking customers on a journey to China, and India with their choices of foods on the menu list.

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Fun fact- the food is as affordable as they come, you can step into Cilantro after the day’s work to have yourself a delightful meal in a soothing environment with beautiful lighting to brighten your mood.

Address: 7 Musa Yar’ Adua St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos.

China Wok

At China Wok you can enjoy a variety of Chinese foods, and pizzas in an exclusive environment for an affordable price. The prices are not just affordable but yummy, and you can also find Thai cuisine on the menu.

There is no doubt that China Wok are master in offering Asian cuisines. I had my Asian friend try out their food and he affirmed that the foods there are one of the best in the country.

China Wok is your go-to spot for enjoying good food with friends, families, and work colleagues in a quiet and conducive environment.

Address: 29 Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


Cactus is a highly-rated restaurant in Lagos where you can get affordable meals, they also offer their very own special gelato and patisserie amidst other varieties of dishes. You can choose Cactus for everything you need including a night outing, it has a magnificent night view.

The restaurant features well-spaced interior décor for customers to celebrate special events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The restaurant is well-polished, and you can just feel that appealing vibe as soon as you step in.

Address: 20-24 Ozumba Mbadiwe. Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Black Bell

Next on the list is Black Bell- where Lekki residents can get themselves classy meals for an affordable price. First-timers can also get to try out their free meal options before making their first purchase in the restaurant.

The restaurant is one of the best in Lekki, and they have a convenient parking space right on the roadside for their customers.

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Address: 69 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lekki, Lagos


Nellies is one of the fastest-rising restaurants in Lekki, and this can be attributed to their innovative skills. The management at Nellie’s has been able to boost the brand image and attract more customers daily.

Everyone loves eating at Nellies not just because they get to enjoy classy foods but also because the foods are pocket-friendly.

Address: 95, plot 6 Omorinre Johnson Street, Lekki Phase 1 106104, Lekki, Lagos.

Danfo Bistro

Danfo Bistro offers pleasant vibes as well as tasty foods that make the belly happy. You can find street foods such as bread and beans, and many others presented in the most classy manner.

Customers at Danfo Bistro can enjoy vibes on vibes while having their meals, and you can also try out their cocktails upstairs all for a pocket-friendly price.

Address: 2 Alexander Ave, Ikoyi, Lagos.


This restaurant offers customers sweet savory meals as well as wines making it the best option for you to have that romantic date, catch up with friends, and so on. The restaurant is easy to locate in Lekki, and you can get to enjoy a well-cooked meal without spending too much money.

Address: Plot 8, Fatai Idowu Arobieke Street, off Admiralty Rd, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Minibees Bakery

This is yet another cheap restaurant in Lekki where you can get yummy confectionaries for yourself and your loved ones. You can purchase your breads, cakes, pies, and other confectionaries at this restaurant, and you can eat in or take out.
It has a cool and conducive environment with a well-secured parking space.

Address: Cinnamon Gardens, Victoria Arobieke Street, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.


Residents of Lekki are accustomed to the extravagant lifestyle, but this publication brings you the good news that you no longer have to break the bank to eat or impress that special someone with high-class meals.

The 10+ cheap and affordable restaurant highlighted in this article offers delicious meals, a polished environment, as well as a variety of local and intercontinental delicacies.

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