How to convert airtime to cash in nigeria

Top 10 Platforms & Apps That Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria

Converting airtime to cash hasn’t been easy as it is these days unlike it was a few years back. The only option left with consumers and businesses was to sell to friends and family members who needed airtime for data and calls.

One of the top reasons why you may be stuck with converting airtime to cash is in a situation where you unknowingly load an outrageous amount from your bank account as airtime. For instance, you load airtime worth N20,000 instead of N2,000.

This can create a bad day for you if you are unable to convert the airtime to cash to meet your other needs. And unlike some years back, you are not likely to find people that would be willing to pay cash for your airtime transfer.

Today, there are several platforms and apps that convert airtime to cash for you without stress. No doubt, there are hoax platforms that pose as legit, but are only created to swindle you of your hard-earned money. But we have helped you solve all that here with the top 10 legit platforms to look out for when trying to convert airtime to cash.

1. AirtimeFlip

One of the top platforms to consider when it comes to flipping airtime is AirtimeFlip. The platform makes it easy for you to convert airtime to cash that would be received in your bank account. 99% of its process is automated and it prides itself as one of the quickest ways to cash out with your airtime.

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It is highly rated on Google Play, and has different conversion fees for different networks. When you sell MTN, Glo, or Airtel airtime, they charge you 25% on any of the networks. Charges to cash conversion on 9mobile is 30%. For support, you can reach them via call, WhatsApp, or email.

2. Easymobile

Eazymobile is your go-to-company for converting airtime to cash, data purchase, payment of utility bills, airtime top-up, investment plans, selling and purchasing bitcoin, and all other telecom needs. Their packages help you earn more revenue from your sales.

You’ll also receive offers on a free-level package named CUSTOMER which spares you from making any payment on upgrading your package to a higher package. Their API helps businesses and individuals to easily convert airtime to cash, receive, and accept payment.


VTU has been around for quite a while, and many MTN users may have been very conversant with that name for a long while. however, does not just convert MTN networks alone, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile networks are also in with a 20% fee.

The company is owned and operated by FraNKAPPWeb Technologies (RC 2384195) and is well registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Aside from converting airtime to cash, they also buy and resell cheap data, help you pay your utility bills, and subscribe for Cable TV.

4. CheetahPay

Cheetahpay allows you to convert airtime to money on any network with very simple steps. Sign up on the platform and log in, look out on your dashboard and click on the deposit button, pick your deposit mode, and fill the form as required. For airtime transfer mode, you can manually transfer the airtime, and wait for about 3 mins to recheck Cheetahpay balance. Finally, ask for a withdrawal.

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The company is duly registered with CAC and is open for a 24-hour service provision to customers. Their customer service can be reached via phone calls, WhatsApp, and email.

5. Zoranga

Zoranga has APIs designed with unbeatable functionality to specifically meet the demands of individuals and online businesses that want to receive payment via airtime. They also provide a high-security system to protect users’ data from all forms of online fraud.

Aside from converting airtime to cash, Zoranga’s micropayment system with airtime also helps charities receive donations with airtime. The company simply makes attaining individual and organizational goals possible with airtime.

6. iPayAirtime

iPayAirtime is easy to use by even less tech-inclined individuals who are willing to convert their airtime to real cash. However, it works presently for MTN users only. The company is developed by a team of dynamic and vibrant young entrepreneurs in the IT industry and is duly registered in Nigeria.

Once you have deposited your airtime, you can receive your cash by clicking the Withdraw in your account and filling in your bank account details. You’ll receive your cash in just minutes. Their customer service is actively available for customers via WhatsApp, call, and email.

7. Airtimetoget

Airtimetoget runs a swift and automated delivery service with a friendly user interface. They offer automated services that suit the needs of every Nigerian looking to cash out on their airtime. You’ll receive your cash almost instantly after inputting the requirements.

Aside, airtime conversion, you can also have data top-up, purchase airtime, transfer funds, pay for airtime, and do SMS advertisements with their site.

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8. Airtimedatahub

Airtimedatahub has all the required features for your data and airtime transactions. Their instant airtime top-up however works for only MTN and Glo customers at the moment. Since their launching in 2019, they have gained so much trust in the market as shown by the performance report on their website.

Your security is also of utmost concern to them with security features such as account verification, fingerprint login, pin usage on every transaction, screen lock, and more in place. They have apps for Android and iOS users, and currently boasts of over 10,000 downloads! Aside from converting airtime to cash, you can also pay your bills after funding your wallet.

9. Modelc

Modelc makes converting airtime to cash convenient for users with other features for sending bulk SMS, data top up, cable TV subscription, payment of a wide range of utility bills, and many more.

Mobelc’s system is fully automated, easy to manage, and with affordable and flexible payment. They currently boast of 25,000 active users from different parts of the country, 5,000 businesses, 1,000 investors, and over 20,000,000 transactions.

10. Og Dams

Og Dams is one of the swiftest platforms you can consider for converting airtime to cash. Their site is optimized to offer users top-level stability and reliability, with security features given utmost priority.

You can subscribe as an Agent and be provided with access to all features on their website which includes owning a portal with them and having access to their API. And when you become a Super Agent with a N1,000 fee, you’ll receive discounts on all their services and also enjoy all benefits of an Agent.

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