Best Audio Editing Apps For Android And iOS

10 Best Audio Editing Apps For Android And iOS

Billions of people listen to all kinds of music on their smartphone devices every day and at multiple time intervals. At times, there is a need to skip, add, cut, or work on some parts. The adjustments may also be applied to any recorded or downloaded audio files.

The need to edit audio sounds may be present since people all over the world have different behavioral traits instilled in them, so it’s understandable if you feel the need to edit an audio sound to suit your taste.

Music lovers can now edit audio sounds on their Android or iOS devices with designated apps. The invention of these apps has simplified audio editing processes without limitations from performing any task that suits you when you want to edit audio sounds.

This publication will examine in detail 10 of the best audio editing apps for Android and iOS users which will allow you to cut out audio sounds, merge audio sounds, add sounds, etc.

Best Audio Editor Apps For Android And iOS

  • Audio Recorder and Editor
  • WavePad Audio Editor Free
  • MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker
  • Audio Evolution Mobile Studio
  • Dolby On
  • Video audio cutter
  • Audio Editing Tool: Sound Lab+ – IOS
  • Music Maker Jam
  • Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter
  • Lexis Audio Editor

Audio Recorder and Editor

The audio recorder and editor come in handy when you want to create or modify an already existing audio sound. This is a perfect app for voice-over artists, music artists, and editors to create audio sounds and edit on the go without requiring another app or software.

It costs nothing to enjoy the app’s numerous features such as the ability to trim recorded or pre-recorded audio sounds to delete unwanted parts, increase or decrease audio speed, add echo effects, and combine or mix two or more audio sounds.

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WavePad Audio Editor

This is a multi-purpose audio editing app that allows Android and IOS users to record and edit audio sounds, add multiple sound effects to audio sounds, remove background sounds, etc.

This app is suitable for all music editors and every profession out there because of its flexibility. You can edit all types of audio sounds irrespective of the formats they are in, and also cut out unwanted sounds from recorded or downloaded audio sounds.

Users of the Wavepad audio editor app can also take advantage of the in-app sound effects features where you can insert more than 1 effect that suits your audio sound.

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

You can already deduce what the app is all about from its name. This is yet another top-rated audio app on the Google play store with over 4.4 ratings, while functioning as an MP3 cutter, and allows you to use your created audio sounds as ringtones.

Users of this app get to enjoy it for free while they are in total control of their audio sounds such as choosing the audio start and end point before cutting out unwanted parts.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

This is yet another excellent audio editing app for professional sound editors since the app allows users to create, edit or make changes to audio files. It is different from other apps because it features virtual musical instruments that can be inserted into your audio files.

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It is also a top choice for music artists or producers who create advanced audio files because the virtual instruments sound like the real thing, and you can combine multiple music instruments and sounds in one audio file.

Dolby On

This is a perfect audio editor app for Android devices which allows users to record and edit audio files while producing high-quality sound.

The app features tools that allow users to remove background noise from recorded audio sounds which may be helpful for journalists or people who recorded an audio sound in a noisy environment.

The app features all tools that are needed for you to function as a professional audio editor. You can also use the app to reduce or increase audio sounds such as using the fade-in/out features.

  • Play Store: Download Dolby On for Android.

Video audio cutter

The video audio cutter offers dual functions which are the ability to edit audio and video files. It simplifies audio editing processes where users are allowed to cut and edit recorded or downloaded audio and video files.

Users can also extract audio sounds from a video. Take for example, you download a video online or recorded a video but you also need to extract the audio file for listening purposes, this app allows you to handle that proficiently.
The app also allows users to merge multiple audio/video files to create a unique audio file.

Audio Editing Tool: Sound Lab+ – IOS

This is a professional audio editing app for music or sound editors, DJs, and music lovers who want to create a perfect audio file. The app offers unique features when compared with other apps on the Apple play store because it allows users to mix, equalize, and master audio sounds.

In addition, the Audio Editing Tool: Sound Lab+ – IOS allows users to save and promote their works on iTunes where they can receive positive comments or critics.
The app also allows users to choose to add numerous sound effects to their audio sounds.

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Music Maker Jam

The music maker jam is an excellent pick for professional sound engineers, producers, editors, etc. The app allows users to create and edit high-quality audio sounds while using the in-app features to make changes to the audio sounds.

Sound producers and the like can take advantage of the app by using it to edit, add effects, and extract audio sounds for listening purposes. You may also choose to share your created audio sounds to various social media platforms without worries.

Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter

This is a top-rated Audio editing app for Android users that has all the features you need to edit and recreate audio songs at ultra speed. The app allows users to edit and cut out unwanted audio sounds.

The app also serves the purpose of an audio converter. Given a situation where you want to convert music or audio from AAC or M4A formats to MP3 or vice versa, then this is the perfect app for you.

You can always use your edited or converted audio sounds for listening purposes on your media player, or to serve as notification tones.

Lexis Audio Editor

This is the perfect software for all professions which allows users to create audio sounds and edit them on the go. Users can set out to edit an audio file from its start and end point while deleting unwanted parts in the audio file.

The downside is that users need to pay in order to enjoy the Lexis audio editor features. However, the app is worth paying for,  meanwhile you can take advantage of the app’s free trial in other to decide whether to make payments.

In conclusion, the aforementioned apps are the best audio editing apps you can find on the Google play and IOS store.

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