Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Best 7 Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Invasive advertising in your browsing experience can ruin everything. Imagine how it feels having constant ads interfere while you are playing your favorite games, surfing a website page, or watching your most desired video. From the angle of an advertiser, this may seem good, but it is exactly the opposite for a random internet user. We have here the best ad blocker apps for Android users to sanitize their online experience.

No doubt, ad-blocking is a controversial topic. They are everywhere on the internet. They are the reason why most of the online contents we are regularly able to access are offered for free. In fact, technology giant, Google has its business model largely reliant on ads. No wonder Google does not permit certain ad-blockers on Play Store! This is because when you block ads, you have badly affected the livelihood of those providing content for the site you are enjoying.

But this doesn’t mean that you are not entitled to your own good experience on the internet. Even if it is majorly to cover a specific online event, you must have one reason or the other why you should implement an ad blocker app.

So, let’s dive in!

1. AdGuard

AdGuard for Android is flaunted as the world’s best adblocker. It is very versatile and efficient with taking out ads all through your online experience. This is not limited to browsers alone. The ad blocker also blocks activity analyzers, permits customization, and includes anti-tracking protection.

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You can block pop-ups, videos ads, and banners. You’ll also be able to hide frames and empty remaining spaces after ads have been successfully blocked. You can get basic features on the free version for ad blocking on web browsers only, but the full features are available on the paid version only.

2. AdAway

AdAway is a free app. It is capable of blocking ads across various devices which makes it unqualified for Play store. You can however download it on F-Droid. It has a high level of customization and allows you to blacklist and whitelist contents as you wish.

However, users may be required to be a bit techy to use the app. And since it is not available on the Google Play Store, Google’s security checks aren’t provided. You can choose to donate to support the developers if you want but the app is available for free.

3. AdLock

With Adlock, you will be able to browse the internet without being interrupted by any annoying ads. There are available features to help you block pop-ups, banners, and even auto-plays on videos. You can also block unsolicited requests from sites and secure your data online.

Adlock also allows you to restrict internet access to certain apps or stay connected only when your screen is active to avoid going over the limits on data consumption. You can use this app with full access to its features without root access.

4. Adblocker

Adblocker offers a free and open-source service to users. It is a very popular Ad blocker app that helps to improve your browsing speed and provides a cleaner, ad-free experience. It works well on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

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Setting up this app is quite easy, and once you do, it runs on its own in the background. The app filters traffic virtually the way it filters its web browser extension. You can check out their website for a guide on setting up.

5. AdShield

AdShield has advanced technology that helps intercept malicious websites and trackers, saves data usage, saves battery, and prevents ads from loading. AdShield is specifically designed with adaptive dark mode and a carefully crafted interface that is integrated easily with Android devices.

It employs the minimalistic Android language design and brings new technologies such as Custom DNS and Browser Plug-in. However, this ad blocker app works only on the Yandex browser and is not capable of blocking ads on other platforms such as YouTube.

6. Block This

Block This was created by Sava Georgiev, a security and developer researcher living in Munich, Germany. The app is another efficient ad blocker app for android users to consider. It is open-source and a completely free app. Its style of VPN setup is virtually the same as AdGuard and Adblock. But instead of a filter, it uses DNS blocking.

According to the developers, this pattern aids reduced battery consumption, unlike standard ad blocker apps, as most of its functions are carried out before the data gets to your Android device.

7. TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad Detector is not like your regular adblocker. It however achieves ad blocking in a different way – by rooting out ads and trackers’ sources through scanning of your Android device. So, you must pair it with another ad-blocking app. And after doing this, you can go ahead to uninstall or snooze apps that may be projecting annoying pop-ups and ads on your screen.

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It is easy to use and efficient with detecting the source of unwanted activities on your device and getting rid of them. There are apps that may be out there to steal your data, TrustGo Ad Detector helps you fish them out and in totality, help to sanitize your online experience.

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