Best Dog Training Apps For Android And iOS

10 Best Dog Training Apps For Android And iOS 2024

Training your dog to behave the way you want might be a difficult task without proper knowledge of how to train dogs. Dog owners will agree with the fact that some dogs behave silly even while you try to sharpen the way they behave.

Getting help on how to train your dogs will relieve you of stress and headaches. You may seek help from dog owners or use either of the 10 best dog training apps for Android and iOS devices that will be examined in this publication.

It does not matter whether you’re trying to train your dog on how to retreat or attack, sit, stand, stop running or listen to you when you go out in public, etc. There are apps you can install on your Android or iOS device that will guide you on how to train your dog the right way.

10 Best Dog Training Apps For Android And iOS

The following is a collection of 10 of the best apps you can install on your smartphone to guide your dog on how to behave the right way.

1. My Dog Training App

The My dog training app is an app designed for every dog owner who wants to learn professional methods on how to train their dogs. The app features a total guide on how to train pups and adult dogs to behave the way you want.

The app has a great interface making it easy for users to navigate and additionally access the 30 days training program.

You can use the training program to explore how to make your dog listen/obey simple commands such as having them sit, shake hands, fetch, attack, run, etc.

2. Dogo Training App

Doggo serves as one of the best apps that provide total guidance on how to train your dog. The app was created by a legit dog trainer and is equipped with lots of video instructions for you to emulate when training your dog irrespective of whether you’re trying to teach your dog basic or advanced tricks that will make your dog stand out amongst others.

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Millions of dog lovers have adopted this app in learning how to control their dogs. The great thing about this app is that dog owners will also undergo a video test to determine if they understand what has been learned.

Get the Dogo training app on the Google or Apple play store here.

3. Pocket Puppy School

This app was designed for puppy owners, and it offers simplified training for your puppy. The app creators understand the importance of training puppies since they’ll grow up implementing all they’ve learned since they were a pup.

This is the best app for every dog owner to try out because you can always use the search icon to navigate to topics you find challenging and get to view pictures and videos on how to solve them.

4. GoDog

The God of app replaces the need for a physical dog trainer as they offer various videos to guide you on how to train your dogs. The videos often act as a step-by-step guide to help you improve your dog’s health, and behavior.

You can keep tabs on your dog’s activities, and learn the best time to give them medicine, vaccines, and know when it’s best to take a trip to the vet office.

The God of app is only available for Android users and you can download it here.

5. Puppr

The Puppr app is a handy help that helps break down the dog training process. The app has a great graphics display with easy navigation to help you learn various tricks on how to train your dog the right way, and it works when you are offline.

The app gives you that feeling of getting trained by a professional dog trainer since there are over 70 dog training lessons available for you. In addition, Puppr has a great customer service support team that is ever ready to take your inquiries, questions, comments, etc on the app.

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The app also lets you understand your progress as you collect in-app badges the more you make advancement in the training programs. The number of badges you collect may qualify you to be a professional dog trainer.
You can get the Puppr app on the Google and Apple play store here.

6. Pupford

If you’re looking to learn the best dog training methods within a short period, then the Pupford app is the best for you as it offers a 30 days video course that is meant to guide you on dog behavior.

If you have no prior knowledge about caring for a dog, the app educates you on the basic things to do such as learning how to walk your dog, learning how to lay them down, and giving them a relaxing massage or tickle them.

The app is 100% free of charge to use and offers a wide range of training features while you learn your daily progress on the app.

Aside from learning the basics of how to train your dog, you can also learn the advanced modes of modifying your dog’s behavior. You can also take advantage of the app’s online community and ask various dog owners, and trainers about a specific challenge you have with training your dog.
Download the Pupford dog training app on your Google and Apple play store here.

7. GoodPup

The GoodPup app provides a helpful dog training service where dog owners can actively participate in video training sessions with professional dog trainers that will guide them on the best approach to use in training their dog at home.

The app also features daily tasks for your dogs to perform that can help you ace your training process. It also has a great customer service team that is ever ready to respond to your questions when needed.

The amount of knowledge you stand to gain with the GoodPup app is limitless since you can learn various commands for your dog, and help sharpen their daily habits.

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IOS users can download the Goodpup app here.

8. Pawsitive

This is a very interactive app for dog owners where you can understand your dog’s behavior, learn how to play with your dog, and learn the best diets for your dog.

The app offers practical training for dog owners even if they have no prior knowledge of dog training. In addition, you can always read up on prewritten articles to help guide you on how to train your dog in the app.

Android and iOS users can download the Pawsitive dog training app here.

9. EveryDoggy

If you’re sick of your dog acting silly, then this is the best app for you since the app offers various command methods and techniques you can implement in training your dog.

The app replaces the need to carry a whistle with you wherever you go or the need to stress your mouth in trying to give a whistling sound as the EveryDoggy app features an in-built whistle that can be used to communicate with your dog since dogs respond better to whistle sounds.

In addition, the app helps you learn how to control your dog and teach them to be of good conduct.

IOS users can download the EveryDoggy dog training app here.

10. Doggy Time

This is a very helpful dog training app created by Kid play to help dog owners understand their dog’s health status, habits, etc. You can use the Doggy time app to set a list of training activities you want to carry out with your dog daily.

You can also track the best food to choose from for your dog, and track your dog’s daily activities such as how often they eat, sleep, excrete, etc. You may thus use the statistical data to help plan how to train your dog, while you also learn how to improve their healthcare such as learning the right time to vaccinate, clean them up, etc.

In conclusion, you do not need to seek the help of a professional dog trainer if you decide to choose from any of the aforementioned 10 best dog training apps on your Android or iOS device.

You can also learn how to build yourself to become a professional dog trainer with a few of the apps mentioned in this publication, as some of the apps offers practical guides.

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