20+ Fun Office Games to Keep A Harmonized team All year round

20+ Fun Office Games to Keep A Harmonized team All year

Office games are important for employees because they provide a way for employees to blow off steam and have some fun.

Office games can also help employees to get to know each other better and build team spirit. In addition, office games can improve productivity by helping employees to relax and focus better and more.

Fun Office Games for Employees

In the light of these, we have compiled 60 of the best office games that you can introduce to foster a team spirit among your work team.

Friendly sports match

Break out the old ballgame and get your team together for some friendly competition. You can play soccer, basketball or softball on company property- just make sure there’s space between buildings so nobody gets hit by a stray foul!

Baby Picture Guessing Game

This game is great for getting people in the mood. Have everyone bring in their baby pictures and then hold a vote to see who can correctly match up each picture with themselves as an infant!

Cooking competition

Cooking competitions are a lot of fun and can be used as an ice breaker for new employees. The cooks prepare food in the office break room, so it’s easy to find ingredients around here! People sign up either as judges or competitors; there is no difference between those two roles other than how they want their Bye Week Playlist prepared – savory (sauce) round wins over sweet(ice cream).

Desk Decorating Challenge

Hold a desk décorating competition at the start of each season. A different group of individuals will judge each year’s contest. Each challenge winner will receive a small prize as a thank-you.

Silent Line Up

The objective of this activity is for everyone to stand in line according to on how long they have been with the firm without speaking. People will need to communicate with each other nonverbally in the game.

Hula Hoop Circle

Once everyone is in a circle, have them hold hands and put on the hula hoop. The goal of this activity is for one person to walk around while holding onto their partner’s hand with an empty-handed arm; when they get close enough so that you can’t see what he or she does next – stop him/her self!

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Lasertag is safe, entertaining, and brings about a wonderful bonding experience for employees to enjoy with their colleagues or friends!

It’s usually played by 2 to 40 people. To play laser tag, you’ll need to make a reservation at a local laser tag arena ahead of time. Each player equips themselves with laser tag equipment and enters the arena. The players are normally split into two teams and must “tag” or “hit” their opponents with a beam of light fired by their pistol. In order to win, employees will begin to collaborate to develop new strategies.

Sectional Show and tell

The sectional show and tell also referred to as department show and tell is a game where each department of the organization shares details of how they achieved impressive results in one of their proudest projects of the last year.  Finally, you’ll hold an office show and tell, in which each department displays showcase or share their best project(s) to other departments.

Prank Wars

Prank Wars is a game-changer. It’s an annual event where teams from around the office compete in pranking each other with harmless yet fun tricks and treats that will leave your victim laughing until they cry!

Secret Snowman/Santa

The Secret Snowman/Santa is a fun game to play at Christmas time. All you need are some pumpkins, hay bails and sticky notes! Have everyone fill up their own bucket with names before passing them around so they can pick out someone else’s name for themselves too (you just might get lucky). Place prices on the gifts if possible because this will make sure no one goes without something special while also keeping costs low enough for everyone to participate.

Fitness Program

The fitness program is designed to make you healthier and happier! Before starting, set a goal for your office at the end of this period. Supply everyone with pedometers so they can track their steps each day in Google Docs or Sheets (depending on what is preferred). When it’s over calculate how much ground was covered using those pesky little numbers on their bottom left corner – if reach X amount then good job.

Table Tennis

table tennis

Table tennis is a great way to get some exercise during your workday. Not only does it help you stay active, but it can also help improve your focus and concentration.

The Bridge Challenge

You’ll need some supplies for this challenge! Bring your own books, pop sticks, and newspapers. You can also use tape or glue if you want to make an extra durable bridge that will hold more weight -The team with the bridge that can support the most weight will be declared the winner.

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The game is played by two players, who take turns removing one piece of candy from a pile of tic-tacs. The player who takes the last piece of candy loses the game.


Have a company-wide Bingo night for your employees. Give your staff something enjoyable and lighthearted to do. The winner of each round gets an office-specific prize.

Volunteering at a Local Shelter

Why not organize a day where everyone from the office will volunteer together at your local animal shelter? You could do it during one of their regular workdays or on weekends.

Scavenger Hunt

The best way to keep the office entertained is with a fun scavenger hunt. Put some clues and directions on various items around your workspace, then let people go find them! The first team that finishes gets bragging rights as well as praise from their coworkers for coming up big during this kind-of competitive activity (you’re all in it together!).

Trivia Night

Trivia nights are a great way to break the ice in any office, and it’s even better when you make them into competitive games. This event will not only entertain your staff but also give everyone something fun that they can participate in together!

Break your entire work team into smaller groups or teams and organize a trivia night. Hold several rounds of asking some trivia and let each team will have the opportunity to win a point if they are the first to correctly answer a question. After that, you eliminate the lowest-scoring team at the end of each round until you have two remaining. Don’t overlook to save the toughest queries for the final round, allowing teams still in the game to pick one of the eliminated members to assist.

Water balloon toss

A great outdoor sport for a hot day. Maybe advise people to bring a change of clothes, since the activity might get messy. Provide each pair in your group with a water balloon before splitting them up into teams of two. Each player stands ten steps away from their partner. After everyone is in position, shout “toss,” and watch to see if anybody catches the water balloon. If anyone drops or bursts their balloon, they are eliminated. The game continues until there is only one pair remaining.


This is a great way to get everyone in the office excited about being active and healthy! You can even break it up by department or team if you want. It’s going be so much fun, exercising together as well getting their blood pressure gone down while having competitive matches against other departments. You may split the company into teams, department versus department, or you can create your own teams.

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Game Break

Organize a card game or board game tournament may be at lunch. Provide numerous board games and different sets of cards for people to play with.

The Egg Drop

For this fun and easy challenge, provide teams with crafting supplies such as cotton balls tape newspaper, or cardboard. The aim of the game is to create an egg holder that can withstand the eggs being cracked when dropped from a predetermined height.

Three-Legged Race

The three-legged race is a fun activity to do with friends. Break up your group into pairs, tie their ankles together and have them compete against each other while you watch! The team that finishes first becomes the winner.

Paper Toss Basketball

Place a tiny trash can at the end of a room and have everyone line up in front of it. Shoot the paper ball as near to the bin as possible. Whoever makes the shot goes on to the next round, where everyone has taken one step away from the bin. Continue until there is only one person left.

Pasta Challenge

The Pasta Challenge is an office game that requires balance and quick reflexes. Break the team into groups of two, providing each pair with paper plates for their spaghetti noodles as well as an uncooked string to hang from it in order to achieve victory!

Exchange gifts

Start thinking about small, inexpensive gifts you can give your colleagues to surprise and delight them. There are many options out there, so it’s easy to find something that will fit your budget and reflect your personality.

One idea is to give a small bunch of flowers or a potted plant. Not only will this add a touch of color and life to the office, but it will also show your colleagues that you care about them. Another option is to give a personalized mug or pen with a witty saying or cute design. This type of gift is perfect for people who like to keep things light and cheerful.

If you’re looking for something more unique, you could try getting custom-made cookies or chocolates featuring your company logo. This works great for special occasions like Christmas, or you can also do it during the summer to celebrate another holiday.

A small gesture that’s sure to be appreciated is baking some muffins with your colleagues and bringing them in on Monday morning. Not only will this promote teamwork among your staff, but it’ll also give them a chance to get to know each other better.

If you’re still not sure what sort of gifts would be best, ask your HR department or one of the company managers for advice. They’re sure to have some great ideas.

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