Best Offline Music Downloaders For iPhone Ipad

The 8 Best Offline Music Downloaders For iPhone and Ipad 2024

Good music keeps our minds alive and our emotions lit. It is also a good partner when we are on a long trip or doing work that does not require our entire attention. But when a limitation is placed on our access to good music, we definitely look for better alternatives.

Streaming music online each time we want to listen to music may not be ideal, especially when you cannot access a good network or you want to manage your phone’s power. And on iPhone devices, it is sometimes a hitch to play music offline.

So if you belong to this group of individuals who enjoy music and would want to get music and play them offline on your iPhone or iPad device, then this post is for you. We have enlisted below, the best offline music downloaders available for iphones and Ipads.


Spotify is one of the most popular music apps among iPhone/iPad users. Although with Spotify iOS app, you can stream music online, play music offline and be able to create and share different playlists. This playlist is categorised according to music genre, artist, mood and some other aspects. In Spotify Premium package, you will be able to add up to 3,333 music to your iPhone offline music list.

It is not a mistake that it tops our list as it remains one of the best offline music downloaders for iphone or ios users. On Spotify, you are going to find music for any mood including hot blazing ones or the Celine Dion version music as I always call it.


Although developed by Google, the Google Play Music can be found on the iPhone App Store. The standard account of the Google Play Music allows you to enlist up to 50,000 music. As much as you stream music online with this app, you can save your favourite music and play them offline. Google Play Music is one of the most used iPhone offline music downloaders because of its sleek design and great user experience.

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Google play music app does not work the same way as Android phones, but you can be sure to be able to upload thousands of music. Your music is stored online with access granted by Gmail; in order to play or listen to music offline, you will have to download the music which is then saved on your device.

To get all access, you might need to purchase the premium version of the app which can let you access about 20,000,000 songs unlike the 20,000 allowed on the free app. Premium subscribers would also get ad-free radio, and with much more tabled for your satisfaction.


Pandora Radio is another great iPhone application you use to listen to music offline. It is very famous among iOS users because of its simplicity; it also proffers the solution for which it was developed.

This app allows users to have a personalized experience, as you can create stations from your desired artist, song or genre. Pandora also provides high audio quality. It could be an option to turn to when in need of iPhone/ipad offline music downloader.

With pandora, you can get both free and premium service plans along with unlimited skips, replays and even get to listen without those intrusive ads.

It is even easier to find any type of music. How do you do that? You key in your favourite song or artist’s name in the search and in no time you will be getting lots of options. If you are not cool with Spotify, you can’t just go wrong with Pandora radio.

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Tidal is one of the many investments of Shawn Corey Carter, popularly known as Jay z and co-financed by some popular stars, which makes it the first streaming service owned and managed by music artistes.

If we must talk about iPhone offline music downloader, we cannot forget an app like Tidal. As a music lover, you can take the opportunity offered by this app to enjoy music on your iPhone and ipad on offline mode.

This app allows users to get up to 40 million music and enjoy offline. With its great audio quality, you will explore a variety of music as you desire. Tidal is also available in the App Store like the rest of the pack, why not take that chance…

Tidal is no doubt a stronger competition to Spotify as users often try to make a comparison between the two, some even ask if tidal is better than Spotify but so far we have been able to come into conclusion that both are unique in their ways.

The major difference between spotify and tidal is that why tidal offers more audio quality, but spotify seems to never lose when it comes to discovering new music. However, both can be enjoyed on Android, IOS, PC and MAC.


You sure want to get the most from your iPhone. For music lovers, what is the use of owning the fancy iPhone without music to rock it? Thanks to musify, you can blow hot, cold and warm music offline.

Musify offers a unique quality of experience as others above. You can have an unlimited number of songs which you can have access to on your iPhone. Musify also allows you to control your music while your phone screen is locked. With Musify, you can personalize your playlist to suit your desires.

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Want to hear the amazing thing ever on musify? You will be able to stream it via wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G and the coming 5G is sure to make it better.

Start creating your own personal playlists now and in no time, you are going to have one of the best music selections.


Having several offline music downloaders for iphone to choose is not a bad idea, especially when it comes to selecting iheart radio.

Iheartradio can be downloaded for free and comes with no additional charges to listen to music. It allows you to quickly make available your online lists to offline for your enjoyment even when you are not connected to the internet. Iheart radio is not all about music, you can get several contents including sports, entertainment, games, hobbies, etc.

Iheartradio might come with a free plan but to get ad-free access, fans will need to get the premium version.


Freegal music for iPhone is an offline free music store that has the capacity of providing you with over 15,000,000 songs from several genres of music. Enjoy curated lists that were specially picked to suit any mood or special occasion.

Downloading the app on Apple store comes with no extra cost, once downloaded, you will be able to play and enjoy music whenever you want, most importantly without connecting to the internet.


Soundcloud is inarguably the biggest music arena with over 200 million music available for downloading and streaming with just a tap on each. It also grants access to everyone to upload any beat or sound for possible limelight.

If you have been looking for particular music or genre for long without success, soundcloud might be the next place to search. It also allows you to get direct contact with your favourite artistes and even fans from around the world and within your neighbourhood. To enjoy with no internet connection, you will need to upgrade to a premium version called SoundCloud Goto Plus+.

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