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8 Best Google Play Store Alternatives To Download Android Apps

Google play store is popular for having billions of apps, books, and games readily available for download, the online store is highly ranked by Android users around the globe.

The best Google Play Store alternatives are Softonic, Palmplay Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, Amazon Appstore, APK Pure, Uptodown, Xiaomi GetApps.

Numerous Google play store alternatives have been introduced into cyberspace with improved functions of the play store, and this can be attributed to the non-availability of some selected apps on the app store.

These alternatives were also introduced in order to bypass the low storage error on your device before downloading or updating a new app. Let’s take for example you are trying to install or update an app such as Whatsapp on your Android device while having 350MB storage space on your internal memory, you will be prompted to free up space on your phone by deleting some apps or games.

You can bypass the low storage error and other errors that may occur while downloading an application, game, etc. Another error you can bypass while downloading an app is the device compatibility error which may occur if you use a phone below Android 10.

8 Best Google Play Store Alternatives To Download Android Apps

Here are 7 of the best websites/apps where you can find malware-free apps, games, books, etc to download for free.


This is one of the oldest Google play store alternatives where you can find millions of apps, and games to download. It is also a great platform to find software, and games that are compatible with your Windows, or Apple PC.

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It is super easy to use amongst other Google play store alternatives, and it is also safe to use. In addition, you can also find some premium apps and games available for download in APK format at no cost.

Palmplay Store

This is one of Google play store’s biggest competitors while offering similar features, and the app comes pre-installed on some Android devices. Here you can find apps, games, and books categorized in each section just as they appear on the play store.

Some tech experts consider the app a copycat since you can find trending and popular apps on the palm store in the order in which they are arranged on the Google play store. In addition to why this is one of the best alternatives, the app allows users to write unbiased reviews just as you will find on the play store.

Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung mobile phones are highly ranked amongst Android users, and it makes perfect sense that the brand has its designated store where users can get the best games and apps that are compatible with their phones.

Looking back on history, the store used to be a great spot to find themes, wallpapers, and games before it rejuvenated and centered its attraction on apps and game delivery.

The downside is that the app is only accessible by Samsung users, and it often comes pre-installed on Samsung mobile devices. However, users get to enjoy exclusive offers and features when they download from the online store.

Amazon Appstore

Next on the list is a major competitor of the Google play store where users can find several apps, and games. It is also a great spot to find and download premium apps for free, which means you no longer need to make payments for premium apps on the play store as long as it is available on the Amazon play store.

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Several users use this app to make money off other people such as by downloading a cracked mobile TV app and selling it to people for a fee. However, do note that there is no guarantee that you will find all premium apps available for free.


Next on the list is a highly ranked store on the web space where Android users can download APK files of their favorite apps and games for free. Although users can find new and existing apps and games here, you can also go back in time and download an app’s old version.

Users can access the store features without the need of signing up or having access to a Google account.


This store features apps and games that are compatible with all types of devices. However, the store is not as popular as other online stores such as the ApkPure, Softonic, etc but you can find new and updated apps here for free.

The downside is that there are a limited number of apps and games that are readily available for download since users get to enjoy protection from viruses and malware just as it is on the Google play store, and what that implies is that numerous apps are laid off if they have failed to pass the standard by the app team of experts.


Next on the list is SlideMe- a virtual store that’s not very famous. However, it serves as a great spot for downloading apps, and games from diverse categories. Just like the Google play store, users can also write and read reviews about an app or game on the virtual store.

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The apps and games uploaded on this space are often free from all forms of viruses and malware, so you need not worry when downloading apps and games from this space.

Xiaomi GetApps

This online store allows Xiaomi users to download millions of apps and games. In its early stage, the store was only restricted to Xiaomi users but has further stood its ground as a credible competitor against the Google play store since the store now allows other phone users to download apps and games.

The app features an updated list of the best and most popular apps and games that can be found on other app stores. In addition, the app is easy to navigate while the search advantage comes at a great advantage in sourcing for apps and games.

In conclusion, several apps and websites have been introduced to curb monopolization of the Google play store by allowing Android users to download numerous apps that may have been removed from the Google play store due to security reasons or a government policy.

People who use third-party apps and websites to download apps and games are often presented with more choices compared with Play store users, and users can also find paid apps for free.

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