Best Language Learning Apps To Download For Free

Best Language Learning Apps To Download For Free

Have you thought about learning an additional language and therefore wondered which Language Learning App will best serve you the purpose in your learning escapade?

Learning a foreign language gives you an edge. Imagine having to make some deals with a client and you do not know how to communicate with the fellow, this can bring misunderstanding if little or no words are said.

Do you ever wonder why people who speak a foreign/another language always get the job? Fine, you can speak English and over 60% of the world’s population can as well. What happens when they come in contact with those who can not speak or understand the language?

Good enough! In this post, you will get to know the best mobile application with which you can learn your dream language.



On our list of the best Language learning apps is Duolingo. Duolingo can be translated into “Dual Language,” that is having two languages. This app is free and it has an audio feature with which you can learn pronunciations.

You can also use the Chat feature and connect with people who originally speak the language you are learning. You can learn many languages on Duolingo.


Following Duolingo on this list is the Memrise Language Learning App. This app has video clips of native speakers of the language helping you know the correct accent of every word.

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It also has an audio feature to help you learn pronunciations. Just like most apps, you can only access the Premium package when you pay.


Busuu is another good language-learning App available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. This app is designed to help you learn the vocabulary and grammar of different languages.

This app also aids in reading, writing, and listening skills and communicating with native speakers. Busuu boasts of providing a full semester curriculum in just 22 hours of their Premium package.


If you are a learner who seeks to zero in on developing new language vocabulary, the Drops App is the answer. It comprises of five-minute word game, using mnemonic devices.

These features help you, a learner, to quickly memorize words easily while the time limit adds some doses of adrenaline to the learning process.


Rosetta Stone is also one of the best language-learning apps known. This app is a turn-to whenever you consider learning a new language outside the academic setting. It comes with images, words, and native speakers’ voices with which learners can learn quickly.

Rosetta Stone also has a unique feature called the Phrasebook. It helps you learn important phrases, having over 164 in eight categories.

Advantages Of Being Multilingual

You may not be convinced yet of the need to speak more than one language. But I must prove to you that it is a skill that when you acquire it, will give you, the following advantages:

  • Being multilingual enhances your communication skills.
  • Your career opportunities get increased if you are multilingual.
  • As a multilingual person, your perspective of life increases, and you will definitely be more social.
  • A multilingual individual has improved memory.
  • Multilingual individuals have been found to be more skilled in executive functioning.
  • Again, being multilingual increases your travel opportunities.
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With these reasons and more unidentified above, you can be more convinced that adding extra language to your linguistic toolkit will be to your advantage


Most of these Language Learning Apps are free, but you have to pay to get the Premium package, which obviously offers a better level of tutoring. If you must be proficient in any language that is foreign to you, it is necessary you live with the people who originally speak that language. What you learn from these apps will only give you a head start.

Having learned about the best language learning app and the advantages of being multilingual, what is the next step? I guess it is to get started with learning your dream language. Take full advantage of these apps and build your expertise in another language

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