How to fund Palmpay Mobile Wallet

How to fund Palmpay Mobile Wallet

Palmpay account is a mobile account where an individual can purchase airtime and data, makes a bill payment and transfer cash for almost nothing or free.

It has various ways you can fund your wallet, which includes through ATM cards and bank accounts. Palmpay supports all card payments such as MasterCard, visa card, verve card. The cards must be a naira card.

To get an ATM card, you must have owned an account from any Nigerian card or simply request for a prepaid card like UBA Africard. The UBA Africard is a debit card denominated in Naira and pre-funded and reloadable for as long as the card becomes obsolete, that is expired.

With a debit card, it makes it easier to perform some banking functions, add funds to your wallet and even save you some time and resources. Imagine having to visit your banks especially if you are in remote areas? I guess you know.

If you are yet to tap into the various benefits that palmpay offers, you should download and start using palmpay. Both palmpay and opay app are currently among the top trending apps in Nigeria.

Now, how do you top up on palmpay app? Below are the steps you can fund your pal pay wallet.

Ways to Add funds into your Palmpay wallet

The company provides you with two ways to top up your palmpay account, they are:

  1. Bank cards
  2. Bank accounts
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How to fund Palmpay wallet using your debit card

After you might have downloaded, installed and registered on palmpay, the next step is to top up your wallet.

  • Open the app. To do that you might need to use any of the login features you have already activated. Fingerprints look very cool though.
  • On the app interface, click on the menu to open the various links on palmpay app.
  • Tap banks and cards on the listed links. You are going to need your debit card number, CVV and expiration date.
  • The card number and expiration date are located at the front of the card while the CVV is at the back. The CVV is just 3 digit.
  • Click on bank account, tap Add bank card and then select your bank. Quite a number including some microfinance banks on the list.
  • Choose your bank, enter your card details and click on Next.
  • N10 will be deducted from your bank account to verify the support of quick payment and then deposited into your palmpay account.
  • If you are okay with this, tap Confirm and wait for further instructions.

Do note that you will be required to enter an OTP to link your bank account. This code will be sent to your registered phone number and you are expected to enter it on the app to complete the linking.

Top up your Palmpay wallet through bank accounts

Another way to fund your palmpay wallet other than through debit card is bank accounts.

  • Login into your palmpay wallet and tap on banks and cards.
  • Click bank accounts and then tap add bank account.
  • Select your bank name and input your bank account on the space provided on the next line.
  • Enter your BVN Code. If you have forgotten your BVN code, dial *565*0# on the mobile number linked to your BVN.
  • Input the registered phone number and wait for your OTP code.
  • Click next after you have entered the code.
  • Follow all instructions to complete your wallet top-up on palmpay app.
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Important information on Palmpay

Being careful is not old fashion and I can understand if you are trying to withdraw from sharing sensitive information on Palmpay app.

Just like every top corporation do, Palmpay understands how scary the world has become, in such light, they have taken every chance to secure their platform and make sure your data are completely secured from prying eyes.

For those who are finding it difficult to receive One Time Password (OTP), please contact the customer care for possible solutions.

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