Best Web Browsers For Android phone

Top 7 Best Web Browsers For Android

Your Android phone is half-useless without a web browser available on it. And this is for so many reasons. An essential aspect of a good browser is having good performance and important features available while surfing the internet. It might be pretty difficult to identify the best web browser for Android users to consider from the ocean of options available. That’s why we have created this article to help you streamline your options.

With these web browsers, you’ll get the right content for your online searches, protect your personal data while on the internet, block unwanted popup displays and sites, and also navigate your way around the web among a host of other benefits that will be available to you.

So, let’s check out the top 7 best web browsers for Android.

1. Chrome

Chrome is present by default on most Android devices, so it is hard for Android users not to be aware of many of its basic features. Chrome is owned by Google, and if you’ve used both the desktop and mobile versions, you’ll agree why it should grace the top of this list.

The web browser allows you to store your searches and secure payment details. It also supports multiple language translations, has pop-up blocking features, and helps to save passwords to avoid you having to remember too many passwords.

You can also choose how you want your search results to be shown, what countries you want the results from, and a host of others. Google is working steadily to improve the browser for effective use.

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2. Firefox

Firefox will allow you to decide how you want the tab display in your browser to be, choose your preferred color, and a dark mode option. There is the newer option called Firefox Focus that has some added privacy protection features for users.

You’ll also find new features that would help you organize and save websites to help put your research projects in good shape. Firefox syncs with the desktop version, has article recommendation tools, and robust extension support. There is a daughter app for a VPN run which comes with a $5 monthly fee.

3. Opera

If you need browsers with all benefits provided on both mobile and desktop versions, then Opera is one of the best web browsers to go for. It has a built-in browser VPN, ad-blocking, and data-saving feature that compresses standard web pages and videos. This helps the browser to load pages very fast.

The Opera free VPN is a proxy service for the browser only. It gives users a virtual IP address, but cannot be used together with the data-saving feature. One issue you might find with this web browser is its quite confusing menus at both the bottom and top of the interface. But you’ll easily get used to it after a few moments of using it.

4. Phoenix

Phoenix offers speed for users surfing the net and for downloads – audio, videos, and files. It has an incognito feature that allows you to private browse without your data being stored on the data. It also offers WhatsApp status saver plugin, allows you to bookmark sites, and speed dial tools to access your favorites sites quickly.

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It is very likely that you find pop-ups and ads annoying, Phoenix allows you to block everything. You can also choose to block specific sites that invade your browsing experience.

5. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi is one of the best web browsers for Android with an intuitive interface. It supports private browsing, offers a customizable mode for night browsing, allows you to watch videos, and finds trendy news stories with ease. The Kiwi browser also has features for blocking unwanted notifications and ads.

You can juggle around different languages with this web browser. In fact, it can translate over 60 languages on your searches. In addition, you can customize your home page, customize the download folder, and import and export bookmarks.

6. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has an edge in functionality and is able to stand shoulder-high with top competitors. It is a pretty decent mobile browser that allows you to bookmark sites, sync passwords, and also link your browsing activity between the mobile version and desktop version.

The web browser used to be an original browser from Microsoft, but it now works Google Chrome since the company moved to a Chromium base. It has UI changes and you’ll require a Microsoft account to sync. You can also block ads and personalize your browsing experience among others, but it doesn’t store history, cookies, and autofill information.

7. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is one browser that has experienced tremendous success on Android. It offers a nice interface and features that include ad-blocking, speed, theming, gesture controls, and private browsing. You’ll also find add-on and extension support.

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You can simply swipe on Dolphin to switch between multiple tabs. You can wipe off your browsing history with ease, share contents across diverse social networks, and customize your browser the way you want.

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