Best Websites To Download Cracked Software For Free

10 Best Websites To Download Cracked Software For Free

There are myriads of software designed to help achieve tasks and processes on the smartphone or PC. A software application can be available to both free/paid users where the free users get to enjoy the software’s basic features, and the paid users get to enjoy basic and advanced features.

Several blogs and websites allow users to download paid software for free, but some of these websites often turn out to offer limited versions. This publication intends to examine 10 of the best websites to download cracked software and applications for free.

10 Best Websites To Download Cracked Software For Free

  • iGet into PC
  • TechTipLib
  • 1337x
  • Get Into PC
  • Kickass torrents
  • CNET
  • Crackzoom
  • Softpedia
  • Giveaway Radar

iGet into PC

This website offers a collection of the best carefully selected cracked software from multiple website sources. This means that the website is reliable, and users are not expected to encounter any form of error when they click on a download link.
They also offer the best tech support for users while helping them to research and remove bad or suspicious download links from their servers.
People who choose the iGet into PC website can be assured of not downloading any form of malware or files that can be detrimental to a PC’s functionality.

This website offers the download of software for desktop, and laptop computers. Users can also find paid application software for Android and iOS devices on Users can also gain access to download paid games for mobile and PC for free on the website.

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The website also has a beautiful theme to soothe your downloading experience. Although several users have complained about numerous ads on the website before they’re able to download their suitable software, the website offers the best amongst others.

Users are not required to download other types of browsers or VPNs before they download their software.


This is a website dedicated to web designers, SEO experts, and other tech innovators where they can find helpful software applications to ease work processes.
Aside from being one of the best websites to download cracked software, the website also provides helpful tips and information on software. Beginners can also learn basic and advanced modes of using different types of tech software.
Although the website offers free cracked software and helpful information on how to use and master tech software, users are required to perform a task by following the website across all social media platforms before they can gain access to the website.


This is a top choice for users as it offers a wide range of content to choose from. Users can download popular movies, games, and software for free. You are only required to use the website search button to discover everything you need.

The website also has an easy-to-use interface while simplifying the navigation processes, and it works on all PC or smartphone devices provided it has an internet connection. Users are further advised to use a VPN service to boost their network and anonymity while browsing the 1337x website.

Users are required to download a torrent-supported browser. The website offers two options for downloading every file you want to download. Users can choose between the torrent or magnet means of downloading, and choose the storage path.

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Get Into PC –

Get into PC offers fast and secure download of cracked software while giving users instant links for download. This means that the website is not affiliated with other websites and users get to enjoy downloading available cracked software without showing online ads.

The website allows users to download numerous software, application programs, operation programs, and many more at no cost. You can always request a new or updated version of any software while using the website.

Kickass torrents

This is a good website to download copyrighted software. It is a torrent library where users can access numerous software for free.

There’s a misconception about the activeness of the website since it has been banned in some countries that are against the piracy of copyrighted content. People who live in a country where Kickass torrents are banned can make use of a VPN network to tweak their location and access the website.
Users can download premium software, games, and many more at no cost.


The CNET website offers a new release of games and software applications. The website also provides access to premium software at giveaway prices. Users can find compatible software for every iOS, Linux, Windows, and other type of device.

Registered who want to enjoy discounted prices on software application programs must perform the simple task of following their social media pages and using the share button.


This is another website to get original premium software for free. The website gives users free access to serial key activation for downloaded software such as Corel draw, Microsoft products, and Adobe products.

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The downside of using CrackZoom is that the website has limitations on the amount of software available in its digital library which means some software may not be available for download. However, the available software performs effectively, and they are free from viruses and malware.

Users do not need to undergo any process before they can download software. And you necessarily do not need to sign up before enjoying all the numerous software the website offers.


This is one of the largest websites offering the download of premium software at zero cost. You can always find newly released software on the website. People who use the Softpedia website are not required to sign up before they start downloading software for their usage.

Users can always read up on every software description before downloading, and the website allows diverse give honest reviews or comments about a software. You can always deduce if the software is real, harmful, etc from the reviews provided.

Giveaway Radar

Giveaway radar features a collection of safe and secure software from the best sources. People who choose this website for the downloading of cracked software do not need to visit multiple websites before they can download any software of their choice.

The downside of using this website is that users are limited from downloading anti-virus software for PC and smartphone devices, and the website does not allow users to download cracked VPNs.

Aside from the restrictions listed above, users can search and download all genres of software.

In summary, this publication has highlighted and examined the 10 best websites to download cracked software for free. However, it is important to note that cracked software may pose a threat to your computer system functionality, hence you’re advised to get your original software from the main source.

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