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10 Best Computer Monitoring Software For Employees

“The person who doesn’t know where his next dollar is coming from usually doesn’t know where his last dollar went.” Every person in business, employer wonders how to increase their suite? How to keep employees in the right mindset? How to know whether workers are doing their job correctly or not? So many “How”! One of the simplest things to do is use computer monitoring software.

After all, IT has taken a huge leap, and it helps humanity. Admins or marketers need to track and monitor computers. No doubt, constant monitoring is bizarre, but it helps in many ways. For instance, to prevent any virus attacks, hackers, or even downloading malicious content.

It can also be used to measure efficiency and productivity, this may not do well with employees as they may conclude it is an attempt to monitor their activities. This could also be a nice approach especially that they are more likely to be drawn to the internet which could reduce productivity by wide margin. Everyone knows the lure of social media especially facebook can be so strong, therefore, the workers even need some level of control which can only be provided by Computer Monitoring Software.

What is Computer Monitoring Software?

Nowadays, many companies use business, friendly monitoring software. But what is monitoring software? Monitoring software is a type of security and surveillance software installed on an individual system or the corporate network.

Monitoring software observes and tracks the activities of users, applications, and network services on a system or group of systems. The software can function as a part of firewall software, antivirus software, or information security software. So, the monitoring software is also known as Computer Surveillance Software or CSS.

Best control software

Why is Monitoring Software used?

This software is used for logging all the incoming and outgoing network traffic, user’s interaction, and application activities. The monitoring software includes specific rules, signature, events, and preferences that distinguish normal and abnormal system stats and movements. If anything goes out of the way, immediately sends an alert to the administration like a violation of user activity, abnormal network flow, breach in the security system.

This computer monitoring software is used for two primary purposes. “Employee Monitoring Software” serves the first purpose. It records the user’s activity on the screen. These programs are used to determine the amount of time an employee spends on various tasks or even illicit activities. The software can record keystrokes, chat and instant messaging conversations, links to websites, screen dumps, and Webcam pictures (which are stored locally). The second primary purpose is “Parental Control”. Parental control is a type of monitoring software that limits user activities and issues a notification to parents in case of any violation of rules.Computer monitoring software

Top 10 Monitoring Software For Employees And Parents

Computer monitoring softwareIn this write-up, you will find ten prominent computer monitoring software. Even a masterpiece has to cope up with defects. So you will find the pros and cons of each software with a price.

1. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is cloud-based monitoring software that provides the user’s sum of productive working hours as well as the vice-versa. The AI accumulates the context and analytics of a system or network. ActivTrak is an employee monitoring software that logs all the activities of employees. The exciting feature of this software is the invisibility on the monitored computer. It doesn’t even show any marks in the task manager. The ultra-configurable settings define employee’s performance based on a time interval.

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Through this software, you can quickly evaluate employee performance based on daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. As a manager or administrator that wants to push the employees towards meeting their target, this could be the best computer monitoring software for you as it can give you detailed activities including the numbers of websites visited by the employees.

  • Free trial: there is no free trial but freemium plan. Up to 3 Users and 3GB.
  • Price: $ 7.20 per user/ per month when paid annually.
  • Website:

Pros –

  1. It has an automation screen record. In simple terms, the software takes continuous screenshots of the screen and sends it to the employer. Real-time activity is also available.
  2. With ActivTrak, you can block malware website or pop up adds. They promise a more comfortable work platform.
  3. Administrators have complete access to the user’s activity log. Through this, they check the highest visited websites and applications.

Cons –

  1. It has a complete user interface for beginners. Somewhat it slows down the system flow.
  2. The cost of the software is higher for small organizations.
  3. ActivTrak doesn’t log keystrokes. It doesn’t provide OCR (Optical Character Readdress) for keyword searches within the screenshots.

2. FlexiServer

How about a technology that tracks employees’ attendance with productive work hours? Then FlexiServer is the answer. This software runs in the background and records the activity. One of the best features is to monitor the vacation and leave quickly. It gives excellent control and security over the institution.

This is good for enterprises with a strong core of work-at-home parents or social media managers whose most of their jobs are done remotely or on smartphones. This means it does not matter where your employees are, maybe in the coffee shop, in the car, at the beach or anywhere, they can also be monitored.

  • Free Trial: No free trial available.
  • Price: It has three pricing options with up to $ 640 based upon the plan choice.
  • Website:

Pros –

  1. It automatically tracks the time spent on each application or website. Quickly detects no ideal time.
  2. Gives option for a manual update of the work hour and private mode too. This software takes an automatic screenshot at regular intervals. Keep the count for keystrokes.
  3. It displays the online status of workers—stores all the email conversations.

Cons –

  1. It doesn’t support live streaming.
  2. It doesn’t offer a live stream.

3. Employee Desktop Live Viewer 

This computer monitoring software is a remote yet powerful tool with all the forensic features that will serve your need. It records all the desktop activities and lives to stream. The software also gives you the benefits of real-time Desktop Monitoring. This software even monitors remote work stations as well as the light laptops.

Whether you are working from home or at the office, your activities are constantly monitored, thanks to the Camera that is fixed on the screen. It gives 24/7 surveillance of employees’ desktop which could come in handy when a phishing or suspicious site is about to be launched by an employee. 

  • Free Trial: Full access for 15 days.
  • Price: $29 monthly per user.
  • Website:

Pros –

  1. Available for both online and offline screen recording. It has a reliable security system. It alerts immediately to the administrator if there is any breach or violation.
  2. Monitors work from home employees as well as the BYOD devices, using the global IP address.
  3. Gives complete all-time surveillance of employee’s desktop.

Cons –

  1. There is no option for cloud storage.
  2. The user interface is moderate. For beginners, it may be a little bit tougher.

4. Workpuls 

Workpuls is a flexible employee monitoring software with strict time tracking and mapping for businesses. Productivity and efficiency is the software’s main motto. Unlike others, it tracks activity and takes a screenshot to add more accuracy. In this way, Workplus also improves focus on the work and encourages more productive output. Time is a valuable asset, and the automation features of the software add more fuel to its efficiency.

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Workpuls can be made to fill a big hole that even the best supervisors will find challenging. Always know by cutting off time that your employees use on social media apps or on the internet, it will go a long way improving output.

  • Free Trial: 7-day full-access free trial.
  • Price: Up to $ 15 depending upon the type and employee/ month or year.
  • Website:

Pros –

  1. Workpuls gives the “big time” for more professional services firms. It has an employee database with an offline time tracking facility.
  2. The great advantage is the automatic time capture with overtime calculation and time management. It logs the billable and non-billable hours of the employees.
  3. This software is suitable for small businesses, enterprises, and remote teams. It gives a complete insight into the employee’s activity.

Cons –

  1. Although Workpuls has high automation but proves an uphill struggle for the beginner, difficult integration blocks the rolling with this software.
  2. It doesn’t support mobile time tracking. Also, vacation/ leave tracking isn’t available.
  3. There is no deployment for iOS (iPhone/ iPad) and Android devices.

5. Kickidler 

The best way to be in charge is to know the right computer monitoring software. Fortunately for you, you can with Kickidler. This software allows you to carry out multiple surveillance at the same time. Events can be grouped into lists, thereby making it easy to switch between sessions.

Kickidler is an employee monitoring software that tracks employee activities with live screen feature. As said by Kickidler, “it is a powerful tool for automation of control of personnel, information security and increases in business efficiency.” The software frames specific work violation rules. Upon a breach, it alerts directly to the administrator.

  • Free trial: full access is also available for 7 days.
  • Price: $ 9.99 per month, peruse.
  • Website:

Pros –

  1. It has the facility of live monitoring. It shares the user’s screen directly with the admin. The switch feature is also available.
  2. Kickidler gives excellent productive fluctuation reports. The software records the idle hour and non-ideal work hours.
  3. It prevents data leak and data loss. The track used applications and websites.

Cons –

  1. It doesn’t monitor any Email communication or inbox conversation.
  2. It is focused on online observation in manual mode only not in automatic mode.
  3. Lack of mobile application access (iOS, Android). A large and high speed of the internet is required.

6. Solar Winds Server and Application Monitoring

SAM or solar winds server and application monitoring deliver an application on a server monitoring capabilities. It allows self-service for easy setup and also provides 1200+ monitoring templates.

Solar winds server and application software is one of the best computer monitoring software because of its several features that include Web Application Performance Monitoring, Servers Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, SMTP Email Server Monitoring, Uptime Monitor and Downtime Tracker Tool to Check Server Uptime, and more.

  • Free Trial: Fully functional for 30 days.
  • Price: The pricing of software scales to support hundreds of servers and thousands of applications start at $2,995.
  • Website:

Pros –

  1. Server metric monitoring.
  2. Application metric monitoring.
  3. The program itself is compelling and modular.

Cons –

  1. No transaction monitoring available.
  2. No simplification of the views and data collections.
  3. Sales calls are persistent.

7. Sciencelogic SL1

Sciencelogic does more tha just integrating and sharing data within an ecosystem, it can also be used to understand relationships between apps, infrastructure and business services.

Sciencelogic is a system and application monitoring software that helps to manage performance within an enterprice. It collects and aggregates data across and contextualizes it for actionable insights with SL1 offering.

  • Price: The pricing starts from $ 65 per month billed annually.
  • Website:
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Pros –

  1. An automation engine is available. It runs in the background and does the work smoothly.
  2. In-depth monitoring across the infrastructure components. This helps for keeping an eye for any virus or hackers.
  3. Very flexible and modular. Gives a relaxed and friendly interface. Great for beginners.

Cons –

  1. Continues Integration and deployment support.
  2. The reporting mechanism is too complicated.
  3. UI inconsistencies.

8. Qustodio

Qustodio is one of the best parental control monitoring software. The software is currently compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS users. When you subscribe to any pricing plans on Qustodio, you can receive a full detail of your children activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

It is the duty of the parent to worry about what kind of website their children visit and the kind of games or apps they launch. With Qustodio, you will be able to block certain games or apps. You will also be provided with a breakdown of your child activities on facebook, youtube, check who calls your child and instantly block unwanted mobile numbers, etc.

It is basically everything a parent need to monitor the affair of their wards.

  • Free trial: 3 days of free access to Premium.
  • Price: Up to $ 96.95 per year based upon various options.
  • Website:

Pros –

  1. Sets up restrict screen time. This is an excellent option for keeping in control.
  2. Browses independent content filter feature.
  3. Offers cross-platform for the users. This means for both parents and children.

Cons –

  1. Provides limited features for iOS.
  2. No control over other unwanted activities.
  3. It doesn’t provide restriction time.

9. Net Nanny

If you are looking for one of the best Best Parental Control Software money can buy, here you go with Net Nanny. You are familiar with Nanny, the job of nanny is to care of the Children and also restrict some certain activities that the children will likely want to carry out and Net which also means internet. Put this together, then you have the whole idea of how Net Nanny works.

The software is a cross-platform for monitoring various activities and website filtering. With Net Nanny, you will be able monitor the kind of content that they are exposed to and protect them destructive site. With just a click, you can filter the website and contents by blocking or allowing. This monitoring software is also easily compatible with Windows, Mac, IOS, Kindle Fire and Android devices.

  • Free trial: No free trial.
  • Price: $ 39.99 for an annual subscription.
  • Website:

Pros –

  1. Easy to block unwanted websites.
  2. Monitors online activities.
  3. Immediately receive alerts on harmful sites.
  4. Manages screen time.

Cons –

  1. No restriction time available.
  2. No control over activities.

10. Soft Activity

Soft Activity is a monitoring tool that records computer screen, Skype communication, Gmail, and more in real time without the employees knowing. This software works by taking constant snaps and turns it into a video.

It is a good option for employers and business owners that want real time computer activity monitoring for their businesses. No business will survive when workers spend lots of time on social media instead of contributing their own quota to the objectives of the organization. Since the managers and supervisors can not be everywhere, Soft Activity could provide you a lasting solution and help put a stop to it.

  • Free Trial: 7 days full access.
  • Price: $189.99 as a one time payment and then use forever.
  • Website:

Pros –

  1. A password can be set and gives access to tools.
  2. Tracks down the visited websites and applications without the knowledge of the employees.
  3. The software interface is quite direct and alerts the user about any unwanted activity.
  4. Get instant notifications when an employee go against the company’s policy.

Cons –

  1. Software can crash sometimes.
  2. The system disconnects automatically.
  3. The database could get large if not handled properly. This could be the reason why it crashes at times.


System monitoring software is typically priced on a monthly or annual subscription mode, per device being monitored. Many vendors also offer a free version of their products for a limited time. After understanding all the pros and cons of computer monitoring software, you can now choose the most efficient and beneficial software that is best suitable for your organization, school or for your family if you are a parent.

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