Deakinsync: How to access deakinsync log in

DeakinSync is the name Deakin University calls its own online student login portal and is designed to act as a one-stop-shop to several tools and services provided for the interest of students.

As an admitted student, DeakinSync should become part and parcel of your life until you leave the school as it has almost everything needed to succeed within and even after school life. This is why we are putting up this guide to help you understand certain things about this personalized student hub and how to access and explore all its various services and resources.

What is DeakinSync?

DeakinSync is an online student portal that has been endowed with lots of services aimed to help the students come out in flying colors at the school.

Using the online platform, you can access your courses, engage in discussions with your coursemates, manage your enrollment, view your schedules and do much more right at the comfort of your hostel or wherever you might be.

Aside from all the basic functions mentioned, DeakinSync can also grant you direct access to special services such as StudentCentral via DeakinSync, eduroam, CloudDeakin, DeakinAir, Office365, email, calendar, and other interactive and productive tools. Therefore, as a student of Deakin University, making DeakinSync your bestie is exactly what you should be hoping to do the moment you receive a congratulatory letter.

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If you are a new student, you will need to activate your Deakin username and password before you can log on for the first time. But first, how to sign into Deakinsync.

How to log in to deakinsync

Step by step instructions to sign in to your deakinsync account:

deakinsync log in

1. To access your deakinsync student account, enter on your browser.

2. Enter your deakinsync username and password.

3. Tap Sign On to access your student account.

How to activate your Deakin IT account

Before you are allowed access to the many applications, IT services, or facilities of Deakin University, you will need to activate your Deakin sync username and password.

If you are a new or returning student, you will need to activate your Deakin IT account. Before proceeding, ensure you have already received your offer letter. The offer letter will come with your Student ID and Course code which will be required to activate your Deakin IT account.

1. Get started by visiting the Activate Password web page on your web browser.

2. Complete the following details and click continue.

The personal information collected only serves one purpose which is to activate your Deakin account.

How to reset your Deakin sync password

If you need to reset your password and your details are not current, follow the following guide:

1. Launch your web browser using a mobile or desktop device. Then proceed to Reset forgotten password webpage.

2. Choose ‘Student’ and enter your Student ID and Date of Birth.

3. Select your preferred way to retrieve code for the Deakin sync password reset. Then enter your email or phone number that is registered in StudentConnect and tap ‘Submit

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4. Enter the verification code sent to you on the field and click Submit.

5. Enter your new password. Confirm again by re-entering the same password and tap ‘Set Password’.

6. Your Deakin sync student password has now been reset and you can start using it.

What is CloudDeakin?

CloudDeakin is a cloud learning environment used by Deakin University. It makes use of several tools and spaces to provide engaging and interactive learning for students.

It comes with a home page that leads students to their unit sites and an online hub where they can gather, and share their learning progress within and outside the arena.

Within each unit site, there are tools for access to various audio and video resources including Deakin Video recordings. Students will also be able to engage in discussions with individuals and groups and even do more.

About Student Central

Deakin University has another important hub called Student Central. With Student Central, students can slot in for help with information and various services available at the school.

Through Student Central, you can request academic transcripts online, access your exam timetable and results, course advice and enrolment, find your course maps via the course maps webpage, request your Deakin Student ID card to access printing and as your ID in exams and on campus, make a payment, and more.

Student Central Hubs are always available and can be reached online or through all that means made available by the school. To get started, simply visit this page.

Ordering transcript and statement of results

Know the difference between a statement of result and an academic transcript. A statement of result is an unofficial record of your results and can be accessed for free while an academic transcript could be regarded as the official record of study at Deakin University.

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The academic transcript would include a lot of information such as grades, dates of study, grades, specializations, courses units, majors, and any honours. This can be available for academic purposes or for prospective employers that needed to confirm your qualifications or certificate.

Students who want a copy or sent out could order a print or digital copy of their transcript online or by reaching out to Student Central. Digital versions are also provided through My eQuals. If you are using My eQuals for the first time, you will need to provide an active email account that you can use to verify your account, however, the school recommends that your Deakin email account should be used for the verification.

Deakin Card

A Deakin Card is very important and serves as a means of identification while you are on campus. All enrolled students are required to carry the student ID card with them and will also be required during an examination or at the library.

All students who have been admitted can apply online for the Deakin Card. They only need to visit the Deakin StudentConnect to complete the Deakin Card ID form.

The card can be replaced if you lose, misplace, or stolen by vising the Deakin StudentConnect. Meanwhile, A fee of $20 will be charged to get the replacement Deakin Card. Sometimes, the fee may be waived if you have lost your card along with something of value.

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