How to download instagram stories

How to download Instagram stories in 2024 like a pro

Stories on Instagram are valuable content that is more exclusive than the media files that are displayed in the Explore section. And since stories can only be explored by the followers and are not displayed on the browsing section, the chances that your followers have discovered these media files are extremely small. So you may scrape stories from any public account and reuse those files in your feed, private channels, website, or anywhere else.

You may want to repurpose these media files to share on other social platforms or forums. To execute this task, you have to follow a few potentially interesting accounts with relevant content and periodically monitor the content from their profiles. To convert stories from Instagram to mp4, you don’t have to get any additional applications and the media can be extracted from the application by the copyable link to this account.

In case you aim to crawl stories and escape getting into the list of those users who viewed, it’s possible by applying the downloader. Often in such tools, like the Toolzu or Bigbangram, additional functions help anonymous viewers remain unseen. When you enter a nickname or a link to a user profile, it will display for you all recently uploaded stories for 24 hours.

However, you can do the same with the downloader. That is, when you want to scrape a story, it will automatically open for viewing all the data and the exploring can be done anonymously.

That is, anyone may extract stories without fear of being displayed in the Viewers list. Anonymity is guaranteed since the services don’t require your personal data and Instagram credentials. This means that the service itself does not detect your IG nickname.

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By the way, you may not run an Instagram account at all, while having a chance to explore all the visuals publicly available. That is, downloading and anonymous viewing of stories is impossible if the user has limited the list of people who can view stories in the app settings.

Only the followers of this person will have a chance to gain the media, and no third-party services can access the story content. However, downloaders let you view the files of those users who have blocked you or hidden content just from your account.

If users have deleted you from the list of those who can view stories, but still their account is public, then this story will be accessible via the downloader or anonymous viewer. Also, similar services for downloading content may have additional features that will definitely help everyone involved in the production of content. This feature lets you extract content immediately in large volumes.

Download Instagram stories: the easiest solution

The process of scraping stories is effortless and for downloading one needs to open the desired IG account. If you don’t manage an account, you can get the nickname of the
a person whose data you need.

  • You may open their profile through a browser or copy the nickname. When logging into IG, carefully copy the nickname or the link to the profile. And after that, go to the service for scraping stories.
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These tools let users extract both photo and video stories, so here you can get a variety of content that can be used across different sources.

  • After pasting the link and searching, you will find the episode you need to download. The screen displays all the current stories that users posted on the network within a 24 hours period.

There is also a tricky way to monitor those stories that have already disappeared from the application. By default, they will not be available in the application, however, if the service stores these stories and adds them to the database; they will appear in your personal account from where you can view them.

Next, we’ll take a look at additional features that can be surprisingly useful for content producers

Advantages of using downloaders:

1. All data will be exported in the original quality. If you previously took screenshots or filmed a video screen, you might notice that the quality of the new video or photo is significantly inferior to the original. When scanning the screen, the resolution of your screen is of decisive importance. And it’s not always convenient to use such a media file to repost. Therefore, when you extract a media file by using the downloader, you get it in the resolution in which it was posted to the social network.

2. Secondly, you do not need to install additional programs which will take up memory, and also waste your time installing. And since the service works without additional installation, registration and payment, this is the fastest way to extract the content from social networks.

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3. Third, these services are suitable to work on any device. Whether you’re posting from your computer or from your phone, you can extract content equally quickly to whatever device you’re comfortable with. Since the service works on the principle of a website, you just need to have a browser and Internet connection.

An additional feature for scraping many stories:

The tool can crawl the data of any user while you can be offline in the application. To attract more users, Stories can just be seen in the app for 1 day. However, if you don’t want to constantly check if there is an update for certain users, then you can solve this task automatically. In these services, you need to mention several or one Instagram account that you want to track.

The clips and images from these profiles will be displayed in your third-party account. You can download this data in the archive or each story one by one or view them anonymously.

This is a very convenient way to generate content and not open the application and spend hours there studying just the story that interests you in one view.

Also, additional functionality can allow you to download not only stories but any other content from social networks. It can be live streams from Instagram, Instagram videos, clips from Twitter, Facebook, and music tracks from SoundCloud. Such downloaders are universal tools for generating content and therefore creating new content based on it. At the same time, you don’t need to look for additional services for each individual download, all functions will be collected on one platform.

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