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20 Best sites to stream and watch live Tv 2024 | Free & paid

The Internet is gradually solving this issue of losing signals while trying to watch your TV with a cable network. We all want to watch our favorite and important movie at our own convenient time with reliable signals.

These internet-connected TV services come in different plans and packages, but purchasing some of these plans might be difficult for an average household. In a bid to solve this, we often search out free plans.

However, as companies keep getting involved in the online TV and streaming space, so does competition grow immensely. To attract a reasonable size of the market, many companies have resorted to offering their streaming services on very affordable deals, so now even go as far as giving trial versions and completely free packages accompanied with ads placement when necessary.

Looking for an affordable and excellent performing TV & streaming service shouldn’t be much of a hussle. We will highlight the top 20 best sites to stream and watch live TV both on paid packages and free platforms.

Top TV Streaming Websites to Watch Live TV Online


Topping the list is USTVGO, popular for watching live TV from US Tv television programs. The site offers both free channels and premium channels to choose from. Premium channels have 80 live Tv channels to stream while the free channels have 90 to choose from.

  • Pros: There are no ads on the free channels
  • Cons: The site is not accessible to those outside the US. On the other hand, a good VPN connection can help with this.

2. 123TVNOW

123TVNOW is also very popular and quite the favorite with what it offers. On this site, you don’t have to do any registration on it to get started. All you have to do is choose a program on it and click to watch that’s all. Offers both US and UK programs all for free.
Pros: No annoying ads, no registrations, free premium channels, and schedule of shows which makes it quite interesting.

  • Pros: Free premium shows, No registration, and subscription, No ads or annoying popups.
  • Cons: VPN may not be needed to access the website, depending on the location.
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Ustream is free and also offers a wide range of premium channels ranging from entertainment, sports, news, and movies. This site provides up to 200+ premium channels. To access the platform efficiently, disable the ad blocker. Disabling AdBlock depends on you, although you can still access the platform with AdBlock on.

  • Prons: Free live Tv streaming.
  • Cons: Frequent annoying ads and pop-ups. Vpn might be needed to access the site.


One of the best live streaming platforms, it offers different live tv channels with some premium channels for free. These channels also are in their different genres – entertainment, sports, movies, religion, and documentaries. Although, not all links will be working well most will be working.

  • Prons: Accessibility on the video player is easy and buffer time is very low.
  • Cons: Vpn is not needed but serves as protection.


The tv player offers both paid and free streaming channels, making it a flexible option to choose from. Currently, 80 channels to watch live on the web or mobile apps. Also gives access to 60+ channels to watch for free. The fees are monthly – full access to 10,000+ videos for $7.99 and yearly – 79.9 pounds.

  • Pros: Option to record your favorite movie at any time.
  • Cons: Also include a paid on some of its channels.


Doubtfully, this site offers free channels but provides the channels with multiple links. Not all of the multiple links might work. It also includes channels from the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, and other European countries.

  • Prons: No subscription and registration
  • Cons: Frequents Ads consistently. Use of VPN and ad blocker might be helpful.


Quite available in the US region but it can still be accessed with a VPN. Interestingly this channel only offers paid packages on it. The customization for the different plans and fees makes it interesting. The fees depend on what you choose. With a rate of $15 monthly for 31 channels – these prices differ on different packages.

  • Pros: Ease of customization.
  • Cons: Vpn needed to gain access fully if not within the US region.


Services range from different channels – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX e.t.c. It offers other channels in other genres – entertainment, sports, and news. On storage, it offers cloud DVR without storage limits.

  • Prons: Streamed directly into other devices – Mobile phones, Tv, and pc.
  • Cons: Not totally free but some are paid.
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Dazn offers just paid services but gives you a trial period of one month to explore their services and you can cancel within that period if it doesn’t suit you. Dazn is fully available in not more than 200 countries around the globe.

  • Pros: Features include; Suitable for multiple devices, best viewing experience and HD support.
  • Cons: Only available for free trial for 30 days.


Directv also offers a quiet range of services, giving users a splendid experience of using them. Unfortunately, it is not free but provides flexible options of packages that will attract you – choosing a particular one might be a little difficult.

  • Pros: Flexible packages and 150+ channels readily available.
  • Cons: Variety of paid plans.


YuppTv is known popularly for its Indian film shows and content that are on the Tv online. It still offers other services – live Tv shows and movies. Although this Tv is a paid subscription it still offers a free version.

The free version lasts for 7 days, it expires and it starts charging immediately. For the first time, it charges $6.99 monthly but subsequently $3.99.

  • Pros: Available app for mobile devices
  • Cons: Free trial is 7 days.


Interestingly, NowTv has all the tv channels because it is owned by Sky plc. You can access these channels with a subscription fee of 9.99 pounds monthly. There is a 14 days option that gives you access to some of the channels within that period.

  • Prons: 14-day trial and support for 60+ devices
  • Cons: Available only in the UK, Ireland, and Italy. An efficient VPN might be useful here.

13. HULU

Hulu provides its services in a hybrid form – a combination of Sling Tv and Netflix, offering Tv shows and live shows together. Hulu packages and fees, it varies on them. A cheap package can include ads on it but a high package – no ads.

  • Pros: Readily available mobile apps and HD streaming.
  • Cons: Video ads.


Time4Tv is a platform that offers channels for free without needing to subscribe to a plan or package. Undoubtedly, it offers premium channels on the Tv. The interesting part, you get to search for a particular channel you have a hunger for and access it immediately.

  • Pros: Live channels from around the globe with multiple links on each channel.
  • Cons: Aggressive, annoying, and intrusive Ads.
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SquidTv quite differs itself from others making it unique from the others. The platform is easy to navigate, giving you a list of channels – according to the language, country, and genre. Its simplicity is just there to reduce the stress of finding the channel you love to watch.

  • Pros: Accessibility and simplicity.


Also a platform for Indian content, with a variety of other shows. If you are a lover of Indian movies and shows, definitely Disney+Hotstar got you covered. Unfortunately, the premium contents aren’t free but they are on paid plans. Other varieties of services include; Soap operas, movies, and Tv shows.

  • Pros: Included high quality india contents.
  • Cons: Vpn might be needed to gain full access to it.


Unlike the others that can provide premium channels, FreeTv doesn’t provide premium channels. Interestingly, it is free and legal to watch different channels around the globe. It sources its link from resources available online that offer free live Tv.

  • Pros: It’s legal and has few ads.
  • Cons: Links might not be working.


MX Player is quite popular among the android users accounting for close to 400 million users around the globe which is getting interesting. They offer premium movies, web series, and Tv shows with the use of time internet – using OTT service to achieve this objective. Although gaining access would require VPN to have the contents for free.

  • Pros: Clean and easy user interface.
  • Cons: Available channels – only FTA channels (Free Trade Agreement), use of vpn might be essential to have the contents for free.


Plex free tv undoubtedly offers you a wide range of shows, live tv, web shows, news, podcasts, and music which makes it stand out from the others. The platform gives you a choice to choose from, depending on if you want to start streaming immediately or quickly do registration on it. Also, there is a community that they provide on the platform.

  • Pros: No account or registration needed to start watching on the platform.


Pluto Tv offers quite a good number of channels on its platform – 100 channels. Although these channels can be watched for free. They achieved this by partnering with over 80 distributors and also getting a license from the provider.

  • Pros: Free movies and supports all devices.
  • Cons: Long video ads.


Undoubtedly, there are risks attached to using some of the platforms that are not legal providers. These risks vary and may pose a great effect. Although the threats can be mitigated to the very minimum.

There are laws governing digital infringements and getting involved might start giving you some issues but this varies in different countries. Always use a VPN if the platform is not the legal provisions, a VPN helps keep you secure and keeps your data safe from hackers.

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