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TVshows4Mobile or O2Tvseries: Best Sites To Download Free 3gp Mp4 And HD Movies

Ever thought of making your day more enjoyable and perfect the way you want it? Tvshows4mobile.com and O2tvseries.com have always been a perfect choice over the year.

O2tvseries may be the one on everyone lips as it enjoys more popularity and rating, thanks to the ease of navigation on the site. Having tried tvshows4mobile too, I can confidently say, they are top notch.

The two websites are among the best sites to download old, trending and latest series or seasonal films. While using both sites, I found out that there seem to be nothing to differentiate them. It is more like a clone version of o2tvseries yet both are capable of handling requests.

The sites have about several genres of movie, among them are adventure film, documentary movie, romance movie, comedy, war film, crime film, science fiction movie, reality tv, fantasy film, biography, drama and thriller film.

If you are looking for good quality movies with good audio quality, these are the sites to visit.

The plus there is that it is regularly updated so you can be sure of having your most anticipated movies listed in the nearby future if not now.

You can download your favourite movies such as game of thrones, heroes, supernatural, prison break, person of interest, power, nikita, viking, agents of shield, the last ship, how to get away with murder, gotham, arrow, scandal, young justice, the grand tour, star trek discovery, once upon a time, the vampire diaries, wishes of east end, the virgin, american horror story, siren, cardinal, tvshows4mobile star trek discovery season 2 episode 6, and many more.

3gp, Mp4, HD movies on TVshows4Mobile or O2Tvseries?

There have been a lot of confusion in the air about the difference between mp4, 3gp and hd movies.

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Before I get into more details about each of them, the quality is what separate each of them. That is the closest and simple explanation you will ever get. Now let’s go deeply into it.

3gp: 3gp is said to be acceptable format for gsm based mobile phone, a multimedia format for 3G umts mobile phone. Thoigh it is mainly said to work well on 3g mobile smart phone, it can also be played on lte devices, 2g or edge phones.

The major advantage 3gp has over others is that it is always small in size though with its usual poor quality video. This will be satisfactory to those who do not have enough space on their phones or trying to save some data.

Mp4: mp4 which is also called MPEG-4 part 14 is a type of multimedia format that can house video or audio and other data like images and subtitles. We also have MP3 which is another file format whereas mp3 can only store audio such as music, tones and sound. Mp4 goes beyond that in the sense that it can store not less than 4 data as mentioned above.

The edge mp4 has over 3gp is that tends to produce high-quality video and sound compared to 3gp which is known for its poor quality. If you are looking for something more quality in view and sound yet not data hungry, mp4 is where to turn to.

HD: HD stands for high-definition, a more advanced video with higher resolution and quality. Far more superior than the rest of the team. The display is at 720 x 1280.
We also have the FHD which stands for Full High Definition. As the names implies, it is more like the complete version of HD and has a display of 1920 x 1280.

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High definition has better quality, less fuzzy and less blurred compared to mp4 and 3gp.

Otv series a-z

The menu bar has 3 categories of which otv series a-z falls under the section “list all tv series”Tvshows4mobile

The list all tv helps you find any series or seasonal film you might want. You are given the privilege to query whichever you want it. You can decide to search from “Old to New”, “A-Z” and “Z-A”

For example if you are looking for old series movies, all you need to do is to go to “List all tv series”

You will be directed to another page, on the new page, select old to new. you will have the list of all movies but the oldest ones to the recent.

If you want to make a search based on alphabetical method, we have two options one is by ascending and descending order.
To get the series movies, just click ony of a-z or z-a and make your search based on the first letter.

How to download seasonal or series films from O2tvseries and Tvshows4mobile.

Now that we have been able to justify that O2tvseries and tvshows4mobile barely are not different from one another. In such light, we will be using o2tvseries as a model for how to download free 3gp, mp4 and hd series movie from the internet.

Type o2tvseries.com in your browser or just type o2tvseries on goggle search. You will see almost the same design like tvshows4mobile.com, do not panic as you are in the right page.

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You can decide to click on any random movies by going to recently added. Not cool I guess, you wont love to miss an episode.

Go to “list all tv series” category on the menu bar. The menu bar is at the top of the page, between the “home category” and “list all genre”.

A new page will appear, use the alphabet “a-z” to get to the movie you want to download.
For example if you are downloading o2tvseries supernatural season 14 episode 14. Go to the “S” section of a-z to get it and click episode 14 to download.

best way to download series from otvseries.com

If you are downloading a seasonal movie, say “supernatural”
o2tvseries.com/s and you will be redirected to a new page consisting of all the movies that starting with “S”.

If you are finding the movie arrow, just add type in o2tvseries.com/a.
Scroll through to find your preferred movie on the list.

Do note that sometimes it might show you the alphabet before your query and the one after. Of you are searching for “b” you might see a and c. It is just to help you extend your search.

For those who are finding it difficult to download using mobile phones browsers, check a related post that provides solution which can be applied to majority of movies sites.


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