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Facebook Jobs Posting: How To Place Ads On Fb Business Page

It may be hard finding the right people for certain positions in your company, but Facebook jobs posting can help you reach qualified candidates where they are on Facebook.

Your Facebook Business Page also helps potential employees have a good understanding of what your business represents and the job opportunities available there before throwing in their applications.

It’s totally free to post a job on Facebook’s public job board, but you can choose to boost it as an ad. Depends on your target market and how long you want the ad to be active to determine how much you’ll spend on post boosting.

With about 1.85 billion daily active users on Facebook as reported on Statista in 2020, you definitely do not want to joke with the potential opportunities lined up on the platform to help you connect with your dream employees.


1. Go to your Facebook Page

To post a job on the platform, you’d need a Facebook page for your company. And if you do not have one, you’d better create a page quickly. Here’s how:

Visit www.facebook.com and log in to your main account with your email or phone number, and if you do not have one, simply click on “Create New Account” and follow the instructions provided.

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After you’ve logged in, locate the Menu through the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your news feed.

Scroll a bit through the options to Page. Click on it, and select Create. Fill in your business information in the columns as required to create your business page.

You can also locate the Page menu through a flag icon provided among the icons at the top of your news feed in your Facebook app or in the drop-down menu at the left side of your computer on the web.

2. Create A Job Post

After successfully creating a business page with all the required information users need to find out about your business, open the “Create a Post” tab, and select “Create Job” in the options provided below it.

3. Input Details of The Job

Complete the online form to provide requirements and other details of the job. This information includes job title, business name, job description, salary type, location, and job type.

You may also want your applicants to answer specific questions, find out their experiences, and also make a CV required.

Don’t forget to add images that resonate with the job posting and an email address to receive applications. While you input all this information on the web, you’ll see a live preview displayed on the right. After completing your job ad, click Next.

4. Post Your Job

In conclusion, click “Post” to make your Facebook jobs ad come alive! You can choose whether to have your job ad on both your business page and the jobs page or either of them.

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Facebook offers interesting ways to access candidates who already show interest in your business. For instance, users who already liked your Facebook business page may come across your job posts in their news feed.

You can also consider giving your job posting a leverage by boosting it. Simply select Boost Job to promote your job post while having it published. You can do so by checking it right away or leaving the option until later.

5. Promote Your Facebook Job Posting

Get more exposure to a more targeted audience with your Facebook job ad by checking Boost Job while also adding a budget to your ad. And if you didn’t check Boost Job while creating your listing, you may access the Ad center via your Facebook business page.

  • Visit your Facebook business page, check below the Manage Page menu and click “Promote.”
  • Select “Create Ad” on the Ad Center page, and click “Boost a Post.”
  • Then, go ahead to select the job post you intend to promote and do some editing to meet your goal.

6. Target the Most Relevant Candidates

Facebook provides you features to help you define your target audience. Target your prospective applicants through their interests, locations, pages they have liked, education, and so much more.

It is important that you know the ideal candidates for your job posting and channel your targeting to meet the goal.

7. Set Your Job Posting Duration And Budget

Choose how long you want your ad to stay active, along with your budget. Also, decide if you want the ad to be visible on Messenger and Instagram aside from Facebook.

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Now, let your Facebook job posting ad go live by clicking Boost Post Now!

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