Glo infinito tariff plan

Glo Infinito Tariff Plan: Charges, Migration Code + Benefits

Why paying the daily access fee or extra charge on first seconds when you can just make calls without none of these charges? The new Glo Infinito was developed to correct that.

Guess how much you can save when you are not under the commitment to pay for daily access fee as we have seen on Glo 11k/s tariff plan? It is pretty much.

Without mincing words, it remains one of the best tariff plans on the Glo network but the conditions can be unpleasant especially when you are planning not to make calls during the day. If you are a long caller, this is a plan for you.

Glo infinito is a unique tariff plan that allows you to make calls at 11k/sec to 10 registered F&F numbers, 22k/sec to all networks and with no conditions attached.

Benefits of Glo Infinito

  • Glo Infinito let you initiate a call and send SMS at the normal rate with no conditions.
  • The first profile migration is free on the network every 30 days.
  • Family and friends is also available on Glo infinito which allows you to make calls at 11k/sec with access fee.
  • New and existing Glo customers can migrate to Glo Infinito.
  • There is nothing stopping you from buying Glo Biigy Pack on this prepaid plan.
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Charges on Glo Infinito tariff plan

It is very important to state clearly about how much you are paying when you make calls and send SMS on Glo Infinito. Like we have always done on all related articles, we are going to let you know how much you will be paying on Glo Infinito.

Customers who have had their family and friends Glo numbers registered on F&F will be charged 11k per second. You can register your family and friends by dialling *101*1*Mobile No#.

You will also be able to modify/delete your family and friends number by dialling *101*3*Mobile No#. First time registration comes without charge, deleting or modifying a number cost N50.

Calls to all local networks including Glo numbers on Glo infinito will be charged at 22k/sec. Offnet and onnet SMS is charged at 4k/SMS while International SMS goes for N35 per SMS.

What you know about Glo Infinito

  1. Glo Infinito is a tariff plan and not a promotional offer.
  2. There is no time frame for Glo infinito to expire, you will be able to enjoy the offers on Glo Infinito as long as it takes.
  3. Postpaid customers will not be able to migrate to Glo Infinito.
  4. All existing family and friends numbers will be deleted immediately you migrate out of Glo infinito.
  5. Subsequent migration within 30 days will result to charge fee of N100.

How to migrate to Glo Infinito tariff plan

  • You are entitled to migrate to Glo infinito for free provided you have not use your free migration within the last 30 days.
  • Existing prepaid customers would be able to migrate to the plan.
  • Anyone who wishes to join the Glo network will have to buy a new Glo sim.
  • Dial *100*9*1# and start enjoying these wonderful rates.
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How to leave or migrate out of Glo infinito tariff plan

If you are planning on leaving the Glo infinito tariff plan, all you need is to get the migration code of your preferred Glo tariff plan. You will not be charged any migration fee unless you have already migrated within the last 30 days.

Glo jollific8, Glo Yakata, Glo 11k Prepaid Plan, and Glo Gbam are among the best tariff plans you can enjoy as a prepaid customer.

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