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All Airtel Tariff Plans, Charges And Their Migration Codes 2024

Deciding on which Airtel tariff plan to go for can be a very hard choice to make especially when each of the airtel tariff plans comes with their own unique offer.

It becomes so hard that we often move from one airtel tariff plan to another without understanding what we really want. Our preferences will always be different, some might love the idea of staying long on voice calls while others will want more data instead of voice calls.

Whether you want more value on calls, local and international or just want to download, upload, streamings and check out your social media platforms. Whatever your preference, you will always find a tariff plan that takes care of it.

Still, people will have to make calls at one point but why dragging for one when you can also have both worlds?

Let us ignore the amazing data plans that Airtel Nigeria has for us, and leap into the best airtel tariff plans one could migrate into.

It does not matter whether you are young at heart, teen, children, or adult. There is something for everyone depending on what hard choice you need to make. If at all you are still not convinced, Airtel customer care is just a social media platform away from you. They will explain to the best way they can.

I am not even going to exclude Airtel shops but why will you visit their office when you can access all the information you need online?

Let us look at the best airtel plans in Nigeria, charges and their migration codes.

Best Airtel tariff plans and their migration codes

Airtel Tariff PlansCall ChargesMigration Codes
Airtel SmartTrybe 11k/s after 25k/s on 1st 50 secsDial *312#
Airtel SmartTalk 11k/s (N7 charge at 11k/s)Dial *315#
Airtel SmartValue15k/sDial *314# or send “Yes” to 314.
Airtel Smartrybe Jnr40k/s for Voice calls 11k/second for F&F 20k/second for othersDial *317#
Airtel 6x BundlesNot Available*555*airtel recharge pin#
Airtel Talkmore Bundles60k/sDial *234# to buy bundle
Airtel Voice Plus Bundle57k/s Dial *154*1# to select
Airtel Smartpremier11k/secondDial *470# or *228*1#
Airtel Smartrecharge 10x N50/minDial *220*Recharge pin#
Airtel SmartConnect50k – 65k/second Buy new Airtel sim
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1. Airtel SmartTrybe Tariff Plan

Airtel SmartTrybe does not just offer you a great discount on call, but great data offer including the celebrated Airtel night plan.

It is not a mistake I decided to put it at the top of the pack. This is the tariff plan I have been using for some years, I can proudly say I have never regretted it. Sometimes, I do swerve away from the plan but I always come back because there is no place I could get such an offer on Airtel network unless I am considering MTN night browsing plan or Glo night plan.

How could anyone leave when you have a tariff plan that offers 250mb night plan for just N25, 1gb at the rate of N500 and very cheap call after the first 50 seconds, charged at 11k sec. These are just part of the awesome benefits of being on Airtel SmartTrybe.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan

  • It only takes simple a ussd code to activate the Airtel smartTrybe.
  • To enjoy all that comes from Airtel SmartTrybe 2.0, dial *312# to migrate.
  • No migration fee on first migration within 30 days. Subsequent ones will attract N100 each.

2. Airtel SmartTalk Tariff Plan

Have you ever wondered why the guy next door is talking for long like it is nothing? If it is not the improved AIrtel SmartTrybe, then it must be Airtel SmartTalk.

Make a call for as low 11k per second on airtel smarttalk after daily access of 7 has been deducted. The daily access fee is like your gateway to get that cheap call you have always asked for.

Do understand that you will not be charged daily access fee until you have initiated a chargeable call. In other words – no calls, no daily access fee.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan

  • To talk more, you simply have to make a free migration to Airtel SmartTalk, provided you have not migrated to another within the last 30 days.
  • To migrate to Airtel SmartTalk 2.0 Tariff Plan, dial *315# and you will immediately be moved to your new tariff plan.

3. Airtel SmartValue Tariff Plan

How do you tell someone there is still another tariff plan that allows you to talk, talk and talk for long after making use of the ones mentioned?

Airtel smartvalue allows you to make calls at 15 per second without being subjected to daily access fee or extra charge on the first few seconds. This tariff plan is built for people who want to avoid paying any gateway fee.

Please note that Smart Value offers no bonus.

How to migrate to Airtel smartvalue tariff plan

  • To migrate to Airtel SmartValue, the USSD code to dial *314#.
  • If you choose to use the SMS option to migrate, you can send “Yes” to 314.

4. Airtel Smartrybe Junior Tariff Plan

Kids and teens are also not left, they are captured with the Airtel SmartTrybe Jnr tariff plan. This prepaid plan is specially designed for children in primary and secondary school to help them adjust better in their studies.

It is really a remarkable package that makes learning easy to understand using 3D multimedia-based learning devices. There are lots of tools one can make use, which help them get better coupled with a learning tab to help them pick up easily.

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Call rates are not bad depending on who you are calling, your children or you will be able to call friends and families at 11k/second after being charged 40k for the first 60 seconds on Airtel SmartTrybe Junior. Call to other networks is billed 20k/second while SMS gets billed at N2/SMS.

How to migrate to Airtel smartrybe Junior tariff plan

  • First migration within a month like usual is always free.
  • If you are planning to help your children cope easily with their academics, dialling *317# activates the Airtel SmartTrybe junior tariff plan.

5. Airtel 6x Bundles

Have you heard about the airtel bundle that gives you 600% when you load a recharge pin?

Airtel 600% bundles is another way Airtel Nigeria is ensuring that you are enjoying even greater value on the network. The 600% bonus can be used to call, SMS and browse without restriction.

How to activate Airtel 6x bundles tariff plan

This is often confused as a tariff plan by many people who are yet to know what Airtel 6x bonus bundles stand for. Although the call rates do vary when you recharge using this special recharge code. Recharging through this process means you will be charged as applicable to Airtel 6x.

  • To activate/subscribe to Airtel 6x bundles, recharge your airtel number using *555*airtel recharge pin#.

6. Airtel Talkmore Bundles

Airtel talkmore bundles share some similarities with airtel 6x bundles as they both offer you a bonus. On airtel talkmore bundles, you can get up to 500% bonus for voice calls, SMS and to browse any time and any day.

Call rates on Airtel talkmore are 60k per second while every SMS sent is billed N8 and this plan can be utilized by both prepaid and postpaid Airtel customers.

How to migrate to Airtel Talkmore bundles tariff plan

  • If you are planning to get 5x of your recharge every time, the way to go about it is to join Airtel talkmore.
  • To migrate to Airtel talkmore tariff plan, dial TalkMore Direct Recharge Code, *126*1*PIN# or *234# to follow prompts.

7. Airtel Voice Plus Bundle

There are no other ways to decide what Airtel voice plus is really is aside from saying it is a prepaid plan that leans more towards better call values.

Not everyone can be an internet freak, we will expect some people to select a tariff plan that can take care of excessive calls making. However, you will still get your data to care for your browsing needs.

Call rate on Airtel talk + is 57 kobo per second. SMS is billed at known standard rate.

How to activate/subscribe to Airtel voice plus bundle

Making up your mind should come very easy, you know you are getting a lot of benefits by purchasing the airtel voice plus bundle.

  • To activate airtel voice plus bundle, dial *154*1# to make your choice.

8. Airtel Smartpremier Tariff Plan

Here is something for Airtel postpaid customers to cheer about. We have airtel smartpremier tariff plan, a tariff plan that is at the centre of it all, giving to you all you need for voice calls, SMS and data.

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Postpaid customers on Airtel smartpremier tariff plan can make calls for as low as 11 kobo per second with no daily access fee. They also get to call some selected countries at the rate of 11k/sec. Local SMS is charged at 11k/second while SMS sent to an international destination is billed at their normal rate.

How to migrate to Airtel smartpremier tariff plan

There are two options to choose from, they are SmartPremier platinum and SmartPremier platinum plus. Before you can migrate to any of this plan, you must have made your intention known to the Airtel customer care.

This is not something that can be done over the air, you will need to visit the Airtel office near you and become a postpaid customer.

Thereafter, you will dial *470# or *228*1# to activate the Airtel smartpremier plan.

9. Airtel SmartRecharge 10x bundles

Who will not love to have his or her recharge back in 1000% bonus?
Airtel smartrecharge 10x bundles is a plan that rewards you 10x of what you recharge.

The bonus can be used for everything you love doing with a phone including browsing the internet and making that very long calls.

Call charges on Airtel smartrecharge are charged N50 per min. This is really a great value when you consider the value you are getting for even recharging just N100. However, smartrecharge is not a tariff plan but means to gain more value on airtel network.

How to activate/subscribe to Airtel SmartRecharge 10x

  • Buy a recharge pin from your vendor.
  • Scratch out or unveil the recharge pin.
  • Dial *220*Recharge pin# from your airtel number.
  • You will get a confirmation message.
  • Dial *123# to check your account and bonus account.

10. Airtel Smartconnect 6.0 tariff plan

Airtel smartconnect 6.0 is another way to get a bonus every time you recharge N100 or above. This comes with 700% on recharge for voice and bonus data for anyone who joins this tariff plan.

You will be billed 25 kobo. Local SMS is charged at N8 per SMS.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartConnect 6.0

  • There are two ways to migrate to Airtel Smartconnect 6.0, they are through SMS and USSD code.
  • To migrate to Smartconnect using USSD code, dial *311#.
  • You can also migrate to Airtel smartconnecf 6.0 by sending “Smart” to “131”

11. Airtel SmartConnect

Airtel smart connect is a way for new customers to enjoy 800% bonus whenever they recharge their airtel. The bonus can be used for voice calls, SMS and browsing.

When a customer recharges, say N100 airtime pop up, the customer gets 8x the amount he recharges on airtel smartconnect. Another plus is the double data bonus for every data purchased.

Calls made from the main account to any airtel number is charged at 50k/sec while calls made to other networks in Nigeria is 55k/sec. A customer is also billed 60k per second when call is made to a airtel number using the bonus account. For other networks, it is 65k per second.

How to migrate to Airtel Smartconnect

  • To be on Airtel smartconnect, all you need to do is buy a new airtel sim or port to Glo
  • Register yand purchase at least N100 airtime.
  • Load the recharge card.
  • You will be automatically placed on the Airtel default tariff plan being a new customer.

Which is the best Airtel tariff plan on Airtel?

Having experienced at least 70% of the airtel tariff plans, I am sure I am in a position to advise on which is the best airtel tariff plan. Although the reasons for my decision could do with me favouring data more, I will still put it to you that I do make calls as well.

Airtel SmartTrybe is the real deal if you want not just great data offers but the cheapest call rate. Staying on Airtel SmartTrybe also means you will be enjoying the Airtel night browsing for as low as N25.

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