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Best Glo tariff plans, charges and migration codes 2024

Do you know that you can get a tariff plan that will not hurt your finance, more importantly, that will not break the bank. Our circles of Glo tariff plans are exactly what you need to enjoy the best call rate in Nigeria, adding to that is some special data bonus that comes with some of the tariff plans might also excite you.

Glo Nigeria is more popular for providing a very affordable data package, which earns them the name, Grandmaster of data. However, people often overlook their cheap tariff plans, a lot of work has been done in putting this in place. I can not fault any network issue when using my Glo for voice calls or SMS, you can expect all to go through with ease.

This article is set to serve you the best Glo tariff plans, their call rates and how to migrate to any of the plans.

Best Glo tariff plans and migration codes

Glo Berekete ++NilDial *777# & Reply 2
Glo 11k/sec11k/sec Dial *311#
Glo 22xNilDial *777# > 4 > 6
Glo Always On12k/s (N500/1 year)Dial *777# > 8
Glo Gbam Plus11k/s for onnet
18k/s for offnet
Glo Amebo68k/s*555*Pin#
Glo 4x50k/s*323*Pin#
Glo 6xNilBuy a new Glo sim
Glo Super Value Pack50k/s (Data more with Talk 46/s (Talk more with Data)Dial *777# 

1. Glo 11k/s Tariff Plan (Glo Gbam Plus)

Glo 11k/s tariff, also known as Glo gbam plus is another tremendous tariff plan with so much to offer. This plan actually favours people who want the best value when they call any network in Nigeria

Although, data has been massively slashed, there is a still need to save more especially if you are not internet freak. However, it comes with free data every week for some light browsing. Whatever your decision, making a call is very important and you will find Glo gbam plus good enough for such a task.

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Charges on Glo 11k/sec tariff plan (Glo gbam plus) is really cool. As Glo gbam plus prepaid customer, you will be able to call for just 11k/second to other networks in Nigeria after N7.17 access fee of the day.

How to migrate to Glo 11k/sec (Glo gbam plus)

  • The first condition to be on the plan is you must be a Glo prepaid customer.
  • If you are not yet on Glo 11k/sec but ready to join the league, dial *311# to migrate to the Glo gbam plus tariff plan.

2. Glo Gbam Plus Tariff Plan

Another Glo tariff plan you will love is Glo Gbam Plus Plan, this is almost the same as the Glo gbam 11k/sec tariff plan. The advantage Glo Gbam Plus has over Glo 11/sec tariff plan is that you will be charged less daily access fee at the rate of N5.

Charges are not that bad here as well. It is 11k/second when you make voice calls to Glo numbers. For calling other networks on Glo gbam xtra, you are charged 18k/second.

Local SMS is charged at N4/sms while SMS sent to any international destination is charged N35 per message. This plan is one of the most popular and used plans on the Airtel network.

How to migrate to Glo gbam plus tariff plan

  • It just takes dialling of USSD code to migrate to Glo gbam plus. All prepaid customers are entitled to join the plan.
  • To migrate to Glo gbam plus, dial *211# from your phone’s dialer pad.
  • The system will ask you to complete the migration, reply with 1 and you will be moved to the prepaid plan instantly.

3. Glo 22x Tariff Plan

Do you know you can avoid paying the daily access fee and still enjoy good call rates on the Glo 22x tariff plan?

Glo 22x is a prepaid plan where you can both world of voice and data benefits everytime you load airtime. It is a proposition for customers who have not used their Glo who have not used their line for consecutive 30days, they will get 22X benefit once they recharge their lines with N100 or more. Customer doesn’t need to dial any USSD code to migrate.

The truth is every tariff plan on the Glo network is unique in its own way, Glo 22x was specially designed to remove access fees and also to bring back old customers.

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How to migrate to Glo 22x tariff plan?

It does not matter whether you are a new or old customer, you can easily move to Glo infinito tariff plan. Migration is free, that is you have not already used your free migration. If you have, you will have to wait for another 30 days to get another slot.

  • To migrate to Glo infinito tariff plan, dial 22x, dump your card for 30 days.
  • After a month, you will be immediately switch into the plan

4. Glo Berekete ++ Tariff Plan

It is glaring that Glo Nigeria is not slowing down anytime from now. This is evident in Glo berekete ++ tariff plan, a plan that gives you more of your recharge in both voice calls and data.

There are no more excuses about not being able to do the little things that count, such as checking up your friends and families regularly, sharing a laugh on social media, email and do even much more.

Remember you are getting enough bonus on any recharge you made, among the offers on the Glo berekete include N1,000 Welcome Bonus for all New Customers,  700% Bonus (400% for Voice & 300% for Data) when you recharge, and Special Data Bonus on first recharge of the month. 

How to migrate to Glo berekete ++ tariff plan

  • Dial 777 from your Glo line.
  • Reply with 2.
  • Follow the online prompt to activate the Glo berekete ++ tariff plan.

5. Glo Always On Tariff Plan

With so many Glo tariff plans to choose from, one could understand why you might be not so quick to make your decision. Before you make your pick, take a look at another tariff plan called Glo Yakata.

On the Glo Always on tariff plan, customers would be able to have an assurance that their Glo sim card is free from deactivation aside from making calls at a very low rate. I am expecting you to be amazed considering that it will be so hard to beat this cool offer.

You will be paying 12k for any voice calls made to all networks in Nigeria including Airtel, MTN and 9mobile. The plan is valid for 365 days, that is a year.

How to migrate to Glo always on tariff plan

  • If you are not yet on Glo network, buy a new sim.
  • Load up to N500 on your Glo line
  • Dial *777# and select ALWAYS ON from the menu.

6. Glo Amebo Tariff Plan

Glo amebo may not be the most popular among the bouquet offered by Glo, yet it will worth your time to take a look at the plan.

On the Glo plan, you can get 5x of any N100 recharge and above. That is, when you top up your balance with just N100, you are given N500. The airtime value is valid for 14days or 30days depending on recharge value

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Call rate on new Glo Amebo is 68k/second to any network in Nigeria.

How to migrate to Glo amebo ultra tariff plan

  • All prepaid customers can migrate to this plan.
  • You are allowed one slot of free migration every 30 days.
  • Dial *555*Recharge Pin# to migrate to Glo Amebo tariff plan.

7. Glo Super Value Plan

Everyone deserves that perfect or near-perfect tariff plan, Glo super value could be that for you. You can select between two cool options, they are Data more with Talk and Talkmore with Data.

With the plan, you can make calls for as low as 50k/second when you are on the Data more with talk. Also, call rate is billed at 46k/s on Talkmore with Data.

How to migrate to Glo Super Value Pack

  • Migration only takes a few minutes and you are entitled to free migration once every 30 days.
  • Dial *777# and follow prompts to migrate to Glo super value tariff plan.

8. Glo 4x Tariff Plan

Glo 4x tariff plan you want to explore if you want awoof not commonly give by most GSM Operator. Customers can get it by purchasing card and using the applicable codes, or top up electronically with any of the following values: N125, N175, N225, N525, N725 and N1025 through any of Glo existing channels such as Online, Glo Cafe, ATMs & POS terminals.

This offer is available to all prepaid subscribers. Call rate is N50k/sec on the Glo 4x plan.

How to migrate to Glo 4x tariff plan

  • Dial *323.Pin# on your Glo phone number.
  • Follow the online instructions to activate the plan

9. Glo 6x tariff plan

Glo 6x tariff plan is the default plan on every newly purchased Glo sim card. The package allows you to enjoy and data services.

With Glo 6x, you can get up to 6GB data every month plus N2,200 worth airtime on every recharge to make local calls

Customers can also recharge N200 or more on their first recharge and get a data bonus that is 2.5 times higher than normal.

How to migrate to Glo 6x tariff plan

  • Buy a new Glo sim from any Glo office near you or within your neighbourhood.
  • Carefully check the sim to ensure that the seal has not been tampered with.
  • If you find any reason to doubt that sim has been tampered with, return it. This is for your own safety.
  • Activate the new Glo sim to automatically migrate to Glo jollific8
  • Recharge and start enjoying non stop 8x of your airtime value.

What is the best and cheapest Glo tariff plan in Nigeria?

For existing Glo customers, you will find any of the Glo packages very tempting but if you have to make a right call, it will be Glo gbam plus for me. Glo 11k/sec tariff plan is actually good for people who spend more time on calls.

For people who are yet to join the Glo network, you are the luckiest. Glo 6x is just waiting around the corner to give you that 6x of your recharge value any time and any day. Another great tariff plan for new customers is Glo 6x, another Glo’s default tariff plan.

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