how to play ppsspp games on android phone

How to Install and Play PPSSPP Games on Android Emulator

If you have downloaded the popular PSP emulator, ‘PPSSPP Gold’, how to download, and start playing the PPSSPP game on your Android should follow.

The PSP emulator provides the platform for the PlayStation game to work, while the downloaded PSP game files contain the iso file that is run on your Smartphone with the help of the emulator to give a great gaming experience. None can stand without the other.

Most Android devices with about 1Gb ram and at least 4Gb of unused space should run the game easily. However, if your device happens to be above that, then effortlessly should be the word as you will be able to run almost any game on your smartphone no matter the Iso file size.

If you are yet to catch up on this, maybe a simple phrase would work. PPSSPP is the abbreviation for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably. If you have seen a game you love on PlayStation and you could not play as you wish due to one reason or the other, you can now play most PSP games on the emulator.

To play games such as Mortal Kombat, CTR, or FIFA 14, all you need is their ISO file. This article will contain important stuff about playing Playstation games and links to get them for free.


1. Download PSP EMULATOR

There are several emulators you could use to play the PPSSPP games, but we will always recommend the original PPSSPP emulator. Not only is it fast, but also perfect.

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how to play install and play ppsspp games on android

The developer provides it for free which means you do not have to pay anything to get it. The free version does almost everything a paid version does, what separates them is the ads shown on the free plan. To download the free version, you can visit Android’s Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, we have provided a download link for the premium PPSSPP gold version which is available for download at no cost. Once you have obtained the apk, install it on your smartphone.

Upon installation, a folder called ‘PSP’ will be created in your folder. If you can’t locate the folder, create it manually in your storage.

2. Download the game files

Now that you have taken the first step, you will also need to download the game file. The game file normally comes as a CSO or ISO fIle. You can get the file from friends who are also gamers like you to save data.

Meanwhile, if you have data to spare, you can get the download links for the best PPSSPP games online. Dedicated game sites such as are one of the best platforms you can get most Playstation Iso File.

3. Download an Archive Management App

Obtaining the game file is just among the few things you need to take care of. An archive management app like RAR and ZArchiver will be needed for extraction purposes and they are available for free on Google Play Store.

how to play ppsspp games on android

However, you can also move it to your computer to extract if you have the software already installed. Upon extraction, you might notice that the CSO or ISO file is bigger than the downloaded file. It is expected as the file was compressed before uploading. Compressing a file ensures that it never gets corrupted during the uploading and downloading, and also helps minimize data usage for both parties.

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4. Open the file extractor to unzip the ISO file

Now you can open the Archive Management App for file extraction. Once the app is ready to work, go to the download file and locate the game file you want to extract the ISO file.

how to play psp game on android

Click on the downloaded game or zip file and extract it. Once the process ends, a folder will be created bearing the same name as the game file.

how to play ppsspp game on android

5. Copy the ISO or CSO file to the PSP folder

Go to the folder extracted from the zip file and look for the file called ISO or CSO. Once you have located the file, move the ISO file to PSP > GAME.

how to install and play ppsspp games on android emulator

Now that this important step has been taken, then you are a few minutes from playing your PPSSPP games which will now take us to the next guide.

6. Launch the PSP Emulator (PPSSPP) to play the game

how to play psp game on android

Open the PSP emulator and look for a folder named PSP, select and go to GAME. The PSP game should be there now. Click on it to load the game and start it.

play ppsspp game on android phone

You can host other games by following the same steps over and over. We are done so you can start downloading any PPSSPP games file and play on your Android Smartphone by following the steps in this post.

how to play playstation games on smart phone

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