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Top 7 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

Most of us do not make an effort to change the keyboard that comes pre-installed on our phones even when they are not giving us the required efficiency we need. Discovering the best keyboard apps for Android will not only help you achieve more on your phone; they will also help you to communicate with speed and accuracy.

In addition, because keyboards can see your security codes, passwords, and social security numbers, it is very important that you use the ones that can be trusted. Making that right choice is crucial to your safety online.

Since there are countless keyboards apps to choose from which could be quite cumbersome for you to test out, we have listed the top 7 best keyboards apps for android after checking out with most of the options available.

1. Fleksy

One of the most popular keyboard apps is Fleksy. Fleksy has virtually all the basic keyboard features including web search, gesture control, extensions, themes, meme support, and swipe. It also has features that are mostly free. Themes are mostly the features that require in-app purchases and they are very affordable.

The app has a low learning curve but is still a viable option for Android users. You’ll get emoji suggestions on the app and a fireworks add-on that touch up your keyboard sounds and taps. When you do a factory reset or you switch phones you won’t have your personal dictionary follow you to your new device. More features are being updated on the app regularly to make it a tough competitor with Gboard and the likes.

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Google play store: Download Fleksy for Android.

2. Gboard

Gboard is one of the widely embraced keyboard apps for Android for a number of reasons which include nice prediction features, a dictionary, easy access to sticker packs, and GIFs. One great feature about this keyboard app is that it follows you when you move to a new Android device.

Gboard also doesn’t annoy its users with unwanted ads or charge on their features. As a user, you’ll enjoy the app completely free. All the added features you’ll desire as an Android user are readily available on the app.

Google play store: Download Gboard for Android.

3. Chrooma

The Chrooma keyboard takes the theme feature a little further by adapting to the app you are using per time. For instance, when you are on Spotify it turns green, and blue on Twitter, yellow for Google Keep, and so on. It even allows users to darken the keyboard color with a night mode feature.

The app has lots of free fascinating features, but if you want to get fancy with keyboard font, styles, size, and syncing your Chrooma setting between devices, you are required to make a one-time purchase of $9.99.

Google play store: Download Chrooma for Android.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is quite popular as a grammar correction extension on Chrome, and they now have an Android keyboard that helps you achieve the same thing on your mobile devices. It is still pretty new, so there is a lot of development that is expected to take place on the app.

Aside from checking your spelling and grammar, Grammarly also checks how you use punctuations, and explains the corrections to you if you want it to help improve your vocabulary. It is free for users.

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Google play store: Download Grammarly for Android.

5. Swiftkey

Swiftkey has always been a strong competitor to Gboard for many years. It used to be at the peak of swipes and predictions and is still very much devoted. However, after building your dictionary on a device for years, you are not likely to be able to switch to another app.

The app can predict what exactly you’re trying to say and show it on top of your keyboard. It autocorrects your errors while typing, and while it used to require subscriptions in the past, right now you can use Swiftkey for free.

Google play store: Download Swiftkey for Android.

6. Multiling O Keyboard

Multiling O Keyboard is one great keyboard app for Android users who want to be able to communicate in multiple languages with their keyboards. The app supports over a whopping 200 languages! And they are working to input more!

You’ll rarely find Android keyboards with these numbers of supported languages. More features include being able to set up a PC-style keyboard layout, gesture typing, themes, resizing keyboard, emojis, and so on. With the unique features available on this app, content creators and Multi-linguists will find it very resourceful.

Google play store: Download Multiling O Keyboard for Android.

7. GO Keyboard

If you are an old Android user, you are likely to have come across this keyboard app. GO keyboard has a massive collection of themes that way surpasses that of most keyboard apps. There are well over 10,000 themes and custom emoji/fonts that are easily accessible, and it is almost impossible not to find a few themes to fall in love with.

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GO Keyboard has the avatar feature that allows users to create their own ‘cartoon avatar’. You’ll also be able to create a personalized sticker library that appears close to the Apple ‘Memoji’ concept. And with their support of over 20 languages, you can easily play around with your choice of language.

Google play store: Download GO Keyboard for Android.

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