Best Side Hustle Apps To Earn Extra Income

8 Best Side Hustle Apps To Earn Extra Income

People’s wants are ever-rising, as such a viable means of income may not be enough to sustain a family or one’s self. Choosing to earn an extra income aside from your daily hustle and bustle will improve your chances of improving your standard of living, and living your dream life.

Nobody should feel left out when it comes to making an extra income because the likes of Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos are constantly looking for more ways to generate more income. The good news is that you can generate extra income using your smartphone, and this publication will examine 8 side hustle apps for you to try out in earning an income in 2023.

These apps are not designed to make you quit your job, meanwhile, some people generate a minimum of $50 on their phone daily while playing around with apps on their phone. Everybody is eligible for earning via the methods provided in this publication as long as you have a smartphone and a stable internet connection.

8 Best Side Hustle Apps To Earn Extra Income

  • Udemy
  • Airbnb
  • Swagbucks
  • Rover
  • Upwork
  • Instacart
  • Foap
  • Uber


This app was designed for tutors or people looking to sell their ideas for a specified amount and you can have the opportunity of selling your content to millions of people around the world.

You can write out what you want to teach people in a PDF or DOCS file format. However, the most preferable one is video type as it converts more than the other methods.

You may choose to create a course on how to create a particular recipe, how to make a product, how to repair, how to code, promote a book, etc.

You can also try other modes of selling your ready-made course to people on your social media pages, or having your friends or family promote it on their social media pages.

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Getting stranded at a new location is most likely to occur due to a lack of planning for unforeseen circumstances, safety, and comfort thus becomes imperative in such situations. Getting to help such persons via renting your room can be another means of making money.

This app is also available for iOS users and helps you connect with people who require a place to stay while you offer them temporary accommodation for a specific time and fee. It’s considered a top choice for travelers and people who happen to be stranded since it helps them cut costs on accommodation.

To list your space on the app, you have to register in order to get connected with people in need of accommodation in your location. You can have your set rules and regulations binding your client to stay in your home. You should also endeavour to take an extra measures of protecting your valuable items.


This is another possible way of making additional income without sweat. The app connects you to researchers or research companies looking to gain insight or people’s perspectives about a particular brand, product, or service while they reward them with payments.

Most of these surveys are for improving the quality of the service rendered by these companies, while some use this method for gathering quick responses from respondents. Imagine the possibility of earning daily income just by answering questions without having to waste over 15 minutes of your time.

You can also carry out other fun activities such as playing games, watching advertisements, etc while you convert your earnings for a gift card or transfer to your PayPal account.


People who work extra time while trying to make ends meet may not necessarily have quality time for their pets. For example, imagine Sam, the production supervisor who’s in charge of managing production processes who mostly have to work overtime for quality assurance purposes, he may not have time to fend for his pets while he’s away at work.

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This app connects you to people like Sam who have no time to fend for their pets or may be too tired from carrying out their daily activities. You can help them feed their pets with the right diets, check up on them and walk them, this is considered the best option for students looking to make an extra income.


This app was designed for people with soft skills looking to provide virtual solutions to complex problems such as web design, graphics design, mixing, mastering, etc. People without technical skills do not have to feel left out of making money on Upwork because you can offer the services of a virtual assistant.

This service does not require a skill or an experience in the field. You are only expected to help clients manage their files, coordinate their daily activities, manage their time, manage their social media accounts, etc.

Knowing how to effectively communicate in English or other languages puts you at a higher advantage while trying to interact with your client. Once the communication barrier is out of the way, you should enjoy working as a virtual assistant on the Upwork app.
There are also other services you can provide depending on your experience.


Ever heard the saying “24 hours is not enough?” This saying goes for people who work full time or over time, and barely have enough time to fend for themselves or the people around them. Getting to shop for groceries and other household items may thus be a problem if one’s too busy.

This app connects you with people who have trouble going out to shop because of work, or for physical or medical reasons. You only need to register with your personal information to get started, while you begin your journey to earning additional income.

The fun part is that you may not necessarily need to deliver these items yourself thanks to numerous in-store and third-party delivery services. You only need to ensure you get your customer requests and respond by selecting the best, while you expect payment in return for your services.

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This app is designed for people who are passionate about photography or learning it as it helps connect photographers with advertising companies and other types of brands who’ll be interested in buying your pictures while you give them full rights

You’ll also get connected to people who are looking for a specific picture idea. For example, my friend Amy once told me about a job request she completed for a client that involved her taking pictures of her street view from a 3-story building, and she earned $250 on that project.

You may be required to take other types of pictures, each with its specific price tag, but it’s also a great way of making quick and fast cash. You’ll also be opportune to work with top brands and you can get paid directly to your bank account.

A photo canon and other photography equipment are not needed because most smartphone cameras perform better than most cameras out there.


This app is designed for people who work full-time, and has a car within their reach they can use in making extra income while transporting people from one place to another. People who love to travel will find this app more fun while making money as long as they meet the basic requirements.

You get to choose your preferable working hours that won’t hinder your main hustle or schooling, you also get to choose the location you want to drive to. This means that you have your own free will while working, and you can make extra whenever your satisfied customers choose to tip you for driving services rendered.

In summary, there are few apps that people to carry out tasks using their smartphone devices but we’ve examined 8 of these apps. Getting to kick-start one or two of the apps listed above will enable you to earn extra and buy that dream item, visit that dream city, etc.

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