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MTN Pulse Tariff Plan – Charges, Migration Code + Benefits

The reason why many Nigerian youths, as well as those young at heart, prefer the MTN Pulse tariff plan over others is quite evident.

MTN Pulse is an exceptional tariff plan that offers incredibly low call rates to all networks in Nigeria, along with other exciting benefits.

When comparing MTN Nigeria with other networks, it’s clear that they have positioned themselves at the top. Since the introduction of GPRS to the current 4G network, they have shown significant improvement and are often considered the network that provides the best value. Of course, this can be a subject of debate.

In 2018, MTN Nigeria made an official announcement about its plan to launch MTN 5G, making Nigeria the first country in West Africa to initiate this operation. After conducting trials in South Africa, a demonstration was carried out in Abuja. This upcoming advancement will enable customers to enjoy high-speed internet services. With the abundant data offerings on MTN Pulse, you can expect blazing internet speeds when it is officially launched.

Benefits of MTN pulse

  1. All prepaid customers can migrate to MTN pulse at no cost.
  2. Make calls for as low as 11.36kobo per second to all networks in Nigeria.
  3. Accumulate points when you purchase selected data bundles which can be converted to data.
  4. Buy special data bundles on MTN pulse – 1.5GB Weekly data plan at N500 and 750MB 3-days data plan at N300.
  5. There are also special instagram and tiktok bundles.
  6. Free 10MB Monthly Data Bonus on the First recharge or First Call of the month.
  7. Customers can also browse the internet at night for as low as N25 for 250mb.
  8. Enjoy Campus Zone Offer which gives 100% data bonus for every 100MB, 150MB, or 200MB.
  9. Have access to life-enriching products and services from MTN.
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Charges on MTN pulse

Prepaid customers on mtn pulse tariff plan will be able to make calls for 11.36kobo per second after the first 60 seconds call of the day at the rate of 25.6K/sec.

SMS to any network in Nigeria remains N4 per SMS while SMS sent to international destinations is N15 per message.

Analysis of call charges on MTN pulse

Immediately you switched to mtn pulse, minutes you used on calls will be accumulated. For the first 60 seconds of the day, you will be charged 25.6k/second, subsequent calls after that will only attract a charge of 11.36k/second.

For instance, if a customer wants to use N48 balance to make calls for the day, a charge of N15.36k will occured on the first 60 seconds of voice calls. After the accumulated charges amounted to N15.36 (made at 0.25.6k/s), you will be able to make calls for the rest of the day at 11.36k/s, thereby giving you almost extra 5 minutes of voice calls. Altogether, you have 6 minutes of voice calls with just a balance of N48.

How to migrate or activate MTN Pulse tariff plan

  1. It does not matter whether you are new or old customers, you migrate to mtn pulse as long as you have a prepaid sim.
  2. Three options are available to migrate to mtn pulse; call the mtn customer care, text 406 to 312 or dial *406*1#.
  3. As soon as you dialed the code, you will get a success message, notifying you of the migration.

Migration is free within 30 days, subsequent ones will attract an N100 access fee for each migration. In other to enjoy another free migration, you will need to wait till after 30 days.

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How to activate Night plan on MTN Pulse for just N25

To use the MTN happy hour bundle, otherwise known as MTN night browsing, follow the instructions below;

  1. MTN night plan works from 11 pm to 6 am and can not be carried over to the next day. Customers can purchase up to 2gb with just N200.
  2. To subscribe for the 250mb plan at just N25.
  3. Customers can also send NT2 to 312 for 500mb MTN night plan.
  4. Another way to subscribe to the MTN night plan is to dial *406# and select your preferred MTN night bundle from the menu.
  5. To check your night bundle balance, dial *406#, choose the number that corresponds with Nightlife bundles, then select balance.

How to activate InstaBinge and TikTok bundle on MTN Pulse

Many people can testify that Instagram and Tiktok can be data-hungry but MTN has come up with plans to ensure you get more value for just spending a little. Follow these steps to subscribe to MTN instabinge;

  1. Dial *406# from your MTN line.
  2. Reply with 4 to select your preferred Instagram or TikTok bundle.

How to subscribe to special data bundles on MTN pulse

  • Customers on MTN pulse can get special data bundles with as low as N300. To activate 750mb @ N300, dial *406*6#. To get even greater value on this plan, dial *406*2# and receive 1.5gb of data for just N500.
  • The 750mb is valid for 3 days while the 1.5gb data is valid for 7 days. Customers will be able to use these special data bundles without restriction.
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How to opt out or deactivate MTN Pulse

In order to opt out, you will need to get any of the codes for other tariff plans on MTN.

Tariff plans available on MTN Nigeria are MTN trutalk, mtn xtraspecial, mtn mpulse, mtn betatalk and mtn xtravalue.

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