Best music apps for android and tablet

Top 5 Best Music Player Apps for Android

We are now in the era where our Android smartphones can handle almost anything a computer would do including taking the role of MP3 devices through the aid of Music players.

If you are a music lover, it is going to be worth your time knowing a few apps that you can use to stream your favorite music selections. The music players even support offline music downloads to ensure you can play and listen anytime and anywhere even without an internet connection.

Normally, all android phones come with music apps, but they are not exactly what we want to see. So we end up looking for the better ones to have a more brightened experience.

Over the years, we have been able to use some great music players. We can say these are The Best Music Player Apps for your Android smartphones.

1. Spotify

Not that we plan to select the best music streaming apps according to their rating, but Spotify always comes up when making such a list.

best music apps for android

With the app, you could get almost any music for free on your Android. The music library is quickly updated, so you do not have to wait for a long time for the songs that are currently buzzing in the media.

The app can be used to stream and also download music for offline listening. As a user, you will also benefit from recommendations that pop up from the screen from time to time, giving you an idea of what content you have missed. It can also be enjoyed on your Android tablet as well.

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Spotify has a free version, but you could squeeze more from it by going for the Spotify-paid version. Meanwhile, most people would be fine with just the free version. However, when you subscribe, you can listen to music without the ads, and benefit from On-demand playback.

Google Play Store: Download Spotify for Android.

2. Audiomack

I have come across some amazing music apps and Audiomack happens to be among my favorites. First, it serves all my needs and the quality of the music files is always top-notch. Even when played on a speaker with low bass, you are still going to love it.

top music apps for android

The library is impressive, almost all the songs you need are right there including non-secular songs. You will also be able to build your playlist, access lots of mixtapes, and more.

Among the genres of music, you will find on the music app include Pop, Rock, Electronic, RnB, Hip Pop, Mexican, Afrobeats, Latin, and many more. Music can be streamed for online listening, however, you can also download it to play with data at any time. And if you want to own or save to another, you can follow our guide on how to save music to another device on Audiomack.

It also has a free and paid plan. I use the free plan, so I am cool with it. For upgrading to the premium plan, you are going to be able to listen to music on Audiomack with no ads, unlimited downloads, download a whole playlist instead of adding one by one, higher-quality streaming, timer, and many more.

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Google Play Store: Download Audiomack for Android

3. Youtube Music

When Google introduces any tools, you can expect it to be quality and also does what it says it does, it is also the same for Youtube Music, another Top Music Player App for Android users who are looking to have some good time with various categories of music.

top offline music apps for android

With YT Music, you have the floor for all kinds of music and also you can check out the Explore tab to access new releases, trending songs, and many more. Like most music apps, you could see some music videos if you are keen on that if you need a special feel.

Users will be able to stream and listen to songs on their smartphones, Smart Tv, Car, tv. Youtube music app is free to use and also allows you to save content for offline listening anytime and any day. To get the best of deals, you can upgrade to a premium plan.

You can test run the free trial for 7 days before committing your money to enjoy all that comes with a premium plan on Youtube music. If you could leap, you are never going to be disappointed.

Google Play Store: Download Youtube Music for Android.

4. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is one of the top music apps that you can download on the Android store to listen to the best and trending songs from around the world. It also allows anyone to upload any sound for massive publicity.

top music app for android tablet

Like all apps in its group, it does not only just allow you to stream online, you can also save music that you can listen to later even without connecting to the internet.

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However, users must know that there are wide variations between using it for free or buying the plan. The free plan provides you access to stream songs for free, explore every genre and content, and connect to the artists you love and among other things. The premium plan ensures you get the music with no annoying ads, download for offline listening, etc.

Whatever plan you go for, sound cloud is a good one to access music content on your phone or from their vast library.

Google Play Store: Download SoundCloud for Android.

5. Boomplay

Boomplay is another top app you will love to have on your Android device if you are a music fan. Simple and does not complicate anything especially when searching for any genre of music.

best top streaming music app for android

Even if you do not want to stream or download from loads of music files available on the platform, it also allows you to play music from your phone and external storage. But if you change your mind, there are over 60 million songs available and waiting for your touch.

Both free and paid users can also earn reward points for performing tasks such as streaming, and downloading songs. The reward points can be exchanged for airtime, boomplay subscription, phones, and many more.

Paid subscribers get to have their content in the highest quality, unlimited downloads, listen to music without ads and enjoy premium giveaways.

Google Play Store: Download Boomplay for Android.

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