myWSU: How to access WSU Login Portal and Canvas

myWSU was introduced by Washington State University to serve as a student portal for enrolled students as well as applicants for checking admission status, registering, dropping or withdrawing courses, viewing grades and schedules, getting information on scholarship and financial aid, accessing canvas, and more.

The myWSU portal is very easy that almost anyone could get the hang of it without making much effort. It is a great platform with all the needed tools for accessing the web resources you most likely need at the school.

Whether you are an applicant or already admitted, the My WSU Portal knows exactly what you need and then works towards providing you with a personalized default set of resources. The various resources can also be personalized if you need something changed.

Faculty, staff, parents, and friends can also use the portal. The portal will display different information based on the role you hold at WSU. Parents and friends will be able to create a Friend ID account but will require authorization to access some services.

How to log into mywsu

my WSU login

Below is the guide to access the Washington State University student portal:

1. Start by visiting from your web browser.

2. Enter your wsu network ID and password in their respective fields.

3. Click Sign In to access your Washington State University (WSU) student account.

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How to reset your myWSU Password

If you have forgotten your wsu password, you can have it reset on the mywsu portal.

1. To reset your forgotten password, navigate to the mywsu login page.

2. Ignore the fields, instead you should click Need help signing in?

3. When clicked, other options will be provided. Tap Forgot password?

4. Enter your Email or Username and select your preferred method to reset your wsu password. The options are Reset via SMS, Reset via Voice Call and Reset via Email.

5. You will get further instructions through your selected method.

Note: if after following the guide and you still have trouble logging into the mywsu portal, please contact the WSU Help Desk by phone (509-335-HELP) or email They are also ready to help with any other technical questions.

What is my wsu username?

Your myWSU portal username is your WSU Network ID (NID) while for another set of people like your parents or friends, it will be referred to as Friend ID (FID).

All students, faculty, and employees will need a Network ID and password to access the myWSU Portal plus other campus systems. The web-based portal can be used from any computer with an Internet connection. Most importantly, if you are yet to create an account, you should do so on the mywsu account creation page.

Your myWSU ID along with your password can be used to access myWSU, Email, Banner Self Service, Canvas, etc. It is pivotal to your success at Washington State University.

How to find your wsu student id number

  • To find your wsu student id number, you will first need to log in to your myWSU account.
  • Now, select the Profile tile.
  • Your student ID number (9 digits) will be located at the top left of the screen near your profile photo.
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How to check what is needed to complete your application

As an applicant or enrolled student, you want to do everything possible to ensure there is no issue during your application process at WSU.

How do you that? The school has made provisions in ensuring that you have access to Information centers on what you need to complete your application:

  • Navigate to your myWSU account
  • Select Admission from the applicant homepage.
  • Click on the To Do List tab to view incomplete items.
  • Click on each item to view additional information about your application.

NOTE: For items such as transcripts and test scores, do understand that this may take up to three weeks to show they’ve been received.

How to register or add classes through mywsu

1. Log in to your myWSU account and from the student homepage, select the Manage Classes tile.

2. Select ‘Class Search and Enroll’ from the left menu.

3. Now, make use of the search bar to look by class number or select class search.

4. Select subject and then search for the class you want to register for.

5. Once you’ve identified the class you wish to add, tap ‘select class’.

6. The class you selected will now display in your shopping cart. To check out, complete the next two steps by clicking complete step 2 of 3 and then pressing confirm to finish adding the class.

7. Once done, the class will now be added. You can double-check to be sure it is added by going to the student center in your student schedule.

How to drop Class via the myWSU

1. To drop a course, go to the myWSU login page and log in with your credentials.

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2. From the student homepage, select the Manage Classes tile.

3. From the Left Menu, select ‘Drop Classes’

4. Select the class that you want to drop and choose the Reason why you want the Class dropped in the drop-down menu.

5. Click the Next button located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

6. Complete the action by clicking the red ‘Drop Classes’ button on the right. The class will be dropped once processed and approved.

How to view your Class Schedule

It is very important to look through your schedule at WSU to prepare yourself. This can be checked via your myWSU account.

Sign in to your myWSU account using your credentials.

Go to the student homepage, and select the Manage Classes tile. This will open your weekly schedule calendar.

How to pay your $200 confirmation deposit

1. Visit myWSU login page and sign in with your login details.

2. Go to the applicant homepage, and select the Admissions tile.

3. Tap the Accept button. It is important to confirm you accept

4. Click the Pay Tuition Deposit button.

5. After you have carried out the previous instruction, you will need to sign in to Advance Pay with your student ID number and birthday (MMDD).

6. After, follow the guide to make payment for the advanced tuition/confirmation deposit to hold your spot in the incoming class.

WSU Canvas

Canvas has replaced WSU’s Blackboard. Therefore, canvas will be new content management system. The transition from wsu Blackboard to Canvas was a collaboration between the IT department, Faculty Senate, and Academic Outreach and Innovation.

The canvas has undergone several tests and has come out to be better than Blackboard. The decision to replace blackboard was based on the need to improve the level of learning after some limitations were found with the old LMS. WSU canvas is the real deal and does a lot of things that are not possible on Blackboard.

Canvas is also user-friendly and also has dedicated mobile app users will find more rewarding.

How to log into WSU Canvas

  • Go to using your browser.
  • Enter your network ID and password.
  • Click sign in with your WSU account to access WSU Canvas

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