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All Ntel Data Plans & Tariff Plans, Ntel Subscription & Prices 2024

Have you heard about Ntel Data Plans?

Everyone wants a good data plan but the main issue is finding the right plan that does not hit the pocket hard. Even when it hits, does it bring more value?
Believe me, there are telecommunications companies in Nigeria that are fully dedicated in giving you what you truly deserve. Ntel Nigeria is another force to reckon with.

You will notice that I have confessed several times about Glo being the grandmaster of data which is partially true to some extent. It was recently I discovered what I have been missing out big time on Ntel Nigeria.

I wonder why no one was kind enough to introduce Ntel data plans to me. I stumbled upon it and I was really impressed by what I saw. To feed my nosiness, I had to make some research and behold, Ntel data plan is inarguably the best data plan any heavy user should not ignore.

I have often heard about unlimited data plans from MTN nigeria and co but they always come with a hitch, Ntel Nigeria truly offers unlimited browsing on their 4G/LTE network.

I do not consider myself a lite user. For someone whose 4gb data plan barely lasts 2 weeks can not be described as such. With selected data plans that offer unlimited browsing on Ntel Nigeria, you can throw all caution to the wind and browse the way you love to.

Download like no one cares, stream your favourite football match and do what you love doing on the web. No one is stopping you unless you have other things to attend to. Even if you have, you know there is no reason to stop your internet activities since there is no data cap set on your Ntel network, that is if you choose the no capped data plan.

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Why am I being all about the unlimited data plan? Other plans are also available but if you want the best value, go unlimited with ntel.

Who is NTel Nigeria

Much of its success story began with the acquisition of assets of MTEL/Nitel by NatCom Development & Investment Ltd(NatCom) with the liquidation process completed in may 2015. The name nTel was later acquired as the brand name under which natcom operates.

As at the time this article was published, ntel coverage and trades are currently in 3 major states in Nigeria which are Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt but NatCom claimed plans are already in motion to bring nTel to more cities.

In january 18, 2016, nTel took another step in conquering the Nigerian market by making its first on-net test data call in Lagos. This was later followed by a first Voice over LTE (VoLTE) call in Lagos on February 25, 2016, the first of its kind which later confirmed the company’s fervor in ensuring that Nigerians have access to technologies that have been around for some time in european and asian countries.

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Ntel offers LTE Advanced mobile services including high-speed internet access, VoLTE, messaging and video services. Ntel services can be used on devices that support LTE or VoLTE.
NTE router and mifi are also available for use at homes and for business purposes.

Ntel data plans, subscription and prices

1. Ntel capped data plan

Ntel capped data is an imposed limit by Ntel Nigeria on the amount of data that may be used by Ntel subscriber over a given period of time.

N4,000 ntel data plan

Data cap: 10gb
Price: N4,000
Validity: 30 days

N8,000 ntel data plan

Data cap: 24gb
Price: N8,000
Validity: 30 days

N500 ntel data plan

Data cap: 1gb
Price: N500
Validity: 30 days

N1,000 ntel data plan

Data cap: 2gb
Price: N1,000
Validity: 30 days

N2,000 ntel data plan

Data cap: 4.5gb
Price: N2,000
Validity: 30 days

2. Ntel unlimited data plans

You must have heard some noises about unlimited data only for the data to be capped. With ntel Nigeria, unlimited data means unlimited!

Ntel Unlimited Daily @ N1,500

Data cap: unlimited
Price: N1,500
Validity: 2 days

Ntel Unlimited Weekly @ N5,200

Data cap: unlimited
Price: N1,500
Validity: 7 days

Ntel Unlimited Family @ N18,500

Data cap: unlimited
Price: N18,500
Validity: 30 days

Ntel Unlimited Night @ N10,250

Data cap: unlimited
Price: N10,250
Validity: 30 days (12 am to 7 am)

Ntel Unlimited 180 @ N100,000

Data cap: unlimited
Price: N100,000
Validity: 180 days

Ntel Unlimited 365 @ N195,000

Data cap: unlimited
Price: N195,000
Validity: 365 days (1 year plan)

3. Ntel device data bundles

You can even do more with ntel mifi or ntel router for better and easier connection. Connect multiple devices and enjoy top class internet services on the ntel device data bundles. This is a one-off offer but you can re-subscribe by purchasing any ntel data plan.

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Huawei Mifi 26k

Data cap: 10gb
Price: N26,000
Validity: 30 days

Huawei Mifi 28k

Data cap: 10gb
Price: N24,000
Validity: 30 days

Huawei Mifi 31k

Data cap: Unlimited
Price: N31,000
Validity: 30 days

Notion Mifi 24k

Data cap: Unlimited
Price: N24,000
Validity: 30 days

Ntel Tc X5 Router 43k

Data cap: Unlimited
Price: N43,000
Validity: 30 days

Ntel Hl 560 Router 43k

Data cap: Unlimited
Price: N43,000
Validity: 30 days

4. Ntel handset bundles

If you are using a LTE/4G smartphone that plays well with ntel, then this is for you. Before going for ntel service, do well to contact Ntel customer care or visit any ntel offices or stores around you for proper evaluation.

You do not need to go all the way to get ntel mifi, connect easily with your handset if your smartphone has what it takes.

Ntel Mini Bundle 1gb

Data cap: 1gb
Bonus: 25 Off-Net Minutes, 10 SMS & 100 On-Net Minutes
Price: N1,000
Validity: 30 days

Ntel Classic Bundle 4gb

Data cap: 4gb
Bonus: 100 Off-Net Minutes, 25 SMS & 400 On-Net Minutes
Price: N4,000
Validity: 30 days

Ntel Max Bundle 16gb

Data cap: 16gb
Bonus: 200 Off-Net Minutes, 50 SMS & 500 On-Net Minutes
Price: N10,000
Validity: 30 days

How to subscribe to Ntel data plan

  • To subscribe for ntel data plans via quickteller, Visit on your browser.
  • Select your ntel data plan and pay.
  • You will be redirected to a new page, asking you to enter your phone number and email address.
  • Use your card to pay by using the card number, cvv and expiry date.
  • A success message will be sent provided your card was successfully  proccessed.
  • Do note that ntel does not use USSD codes for subscriptions, but you can also subscribe by using ntel Mini-Care.

How to check data balance on Ntel Nigeria

  • To check data balance on Ntel Nigeria, you can log in to through your browser.
  • Alternatively, you can download myntel app from google play store to manage your ntel subscriptions and services.

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