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How To Renew Spectranet Data Plans With Quickteller / Bank App Payment

Do you know you can skip paying for your spectranet data in person by using an online payment system including quickteller and Palmpay or you could simply pay with your bank app. Sounds cool I guess!

Spectranet limited ensures there are several ways to make quick payments for all services. Before making payment, always use established apps. If you are not convinced, you could use spectranet’s website. I could go on by mentioning several apps that I have used for bill payments, this might mean we will have to divert from the main reason why we are here.

Quickteller, spectranet’s website and palmpay are reliable enough for you to re-subscribe or activate any spectranet plan. If you are having difficulties in using the website, you can also reach out to us or talk to a more qualified spectranet agent on their self care or other available channels.

This article will help you understand how you can pay for spectranet plans using any bank app in Nigeria, quickteller and palmpay.

How to pay for spectranet data plans with quickteller

  • Visit https://classic.quickteller.com/spectranet to pay for your spectranet
  • Select a payment option. You can decide to renew by clicking renew.
  • Always select an applicable one. As the package varies from state to state.
  • Enter your userID. It is the same ID that was given to you by spectranet.
  • Your email and phone number will also need to be filled.
  • Click next. Follow on-screen instructions to complete your payment.
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How to make payment using Nigerian bank account

  • Open your bank app. If you are using Access bank, use these methods to buy spectranet data plans.
  • Select airtime & bill payments.
  • Click on internet service
  • Select “biller”
  • Click on Spectranet
  • Choose your internet pack
  • Enter spectranet userid at ref. Number (reference number) section or choose beneficiary.
  • Enter your card pin and verify to confirm your spectranet payment.
  • Other banks apps also have almost the same procedures. Your payment gateway on the app may be through biller, internet, bill payment, etc.
  • Complete payment formalities for account to be renewed immediately or payment to be added to account.
  • Restart your Spectranet device for services to be set up for you.
  • Check your spectranet data balance to confirm subscription.

How to pay or renew spectranet plans via PalmPay app

  • To subscribe for spectranet plans, launch palmpay on your phone.
  • Click “internet”
  • Select “pay internet”
  • Scroll down and click on “spectranet limited”
  • Choose any product plan
  • If you select refill account, it means you want to add money for plan change.
  • Renew account means you want to repurchase existing subscription plan.
  • Follow on-screen instruction to complete your spectranet subscription.

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