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About quickcheck

I can point out several reasons why people borrow money. One of the reasons why people seek loan is because of their immediate needs, which allows people with regular income to make smaller payments over a period of time, without having to think of how to save up a large fund with commercial banks or thrift collectors.

Another reason why people may need a loan is to start a business. Unfortunately, not advisable to use this kind of loan for start-ups. It should otherwise be used to improve already growing business to avoid defaulting payment.

There are good number of loan apps out there that aim to provide short term credit facility but not many of them would be willing to add other banking services.

Introducing Quickcheck, a Nigerian company which uses technology and sophisticated program to support and improve financial services.

The move by quickcheck was motivated by the need to provide proper banking services to everyone, hence the release of quickcheck loan app to help everyone access facility easily.

On quickcheck loan app, it does more than just stamping on loan request. Quickcheck loan app has more than 100,000 downloads and currently in fierce competition with branch loan and palmcredit app.

Why quickcheck loan app?Quickcheck loan contact number

  • Get cash up to NGN200,000 as you move the ladder.
  • It is easy and simple to set up.
  • Apply anytime and anywhere.
  • Get the cash immediately after approval.
  • Login with facebook profile for quick access.
  • No hidden charges. What you see is what is you get.
  • Highly secured with sophisticated technology.
  • Purchase airtime on the quickcheck app.
  • Account opening.
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How does quickcheck loan app work?Quickcheck apk

  • Go to play store, search for “QuickCheck” and install on your android phone.
  • Register quickly by logging with your Facebook account. This process quickly utilizes your email with quickcheck loan app.
  • Provide information such as personal info, address, employment status and bank account you will want the money to be sent to.
  • Scroll the slider to select how you much loan you want and the tenor. The higher the tenor, the higher interest you pay on the principal.
  • Apply for the loan and have the cash transferred into your bank account immediately after approval.

When on the app, your permission will be required to access your account. This app accesses your phone data including SMS history and financial notification.

Although you might be worry due to the app going through some sensitive information, this is to help build your credit score which will determine if you are qualified to receive a loan from quickcheck.
Whatever data shared on your phone will be treated with high confidentiality and will not be shared with third party.

Having a high score will increase your chance of getting a loan, more reason why you should use your mobile number connected with your bank account when registering quickcheck.

For the first time, you may not be able to take more than NGN10,000.
Repaying your loan earlier will improve your credit score. The advantage of an increase in good credit score is that you will be able to borrow large loan, lower interest and longer repayment period.

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How to pay back loan

Payment can be made back on the app using debit card or bank transfer. If you are using bank transfer, you will need to send evidence of payment to any of the quickcheck contact details. I suggest you send through an email.

Debit card

  • Click on loan payment on quickcheck loan app.
  • Click on any of the debit card connected to the app.
  • Enter entries and confirm to make payment.

Bank transfer/cash deposit

Another way to fulfill obligation is to pay the money into quickcheck’s bank account. This can be done using your bank app, ussd or walk into the bank.

  • Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
  • Account Name: Arve Ltd
  • Account number: 0266302303

Quickcheck loan Contact details

I have done a very extensive search on quickcheck contact number but I could not find any. Fortunately, you do not need quickcheck contact number as I will provide you various ways you can chat with the agent using your smartphone.

You can as well visit the office in Lagos, Nigeria.


Without doubt, quickcheck has done a marvelous job with the quickcheck app, with a promise to come out better in the coming weeks. We expect a big upgrade that could be the beginning of mild banking services and a debit card to make it more convenient.

Anchored with a team with strong personality and talent to deal with the financial technology market. The downside is that the tenor for new members can be unfavourable but all can be worked out as soon are you gained a high credit score.

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