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RMIT Canvas: Guide to access RMIT eLearning login portal

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, otherwise called RMIT University, has its own content management known as RMIT Canvas. The main purpose of the LMS is to bring the classroom to the students through their screens along with other resources that will no doubt very useful to them.

If you have just been admitted or come across the RMIT canvas somewhere or online, you might be thinking what is it all about. The best explanation for RMIT canvas is to think of it as your digital classroom where you can log in to access assignments, classwork, submit assignments, check grades, engage in educational stuff, and receive feedback.

If you have found yourself in a physical classroom before, then understanding what it means should be like walking in the park. The LMS was not developed to make your class schedules more occupied, but to make it better and also make learning fun. This is why we are putting up this post so you can know more about the RMIT eLearning Portal.

What is RMIT Canvas?

Rmit Canvas is an online LMS that the prestigious citadel of learning, RMIT University makes use of to deliver content and ensure students have one-way access to services and resources including course content, announcement, and class notes.

On the RMIT’s online Learning Management System (LMS), you will also be able to listen to lectures instead of reading through, participate in online assessment tasks, and more. After you have received your offer letter, you should consider making the Canvas your personal online pal as it has almost everything to help you succeed at the school.

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And if you prefer not to make use of the website, you can always download RMIT Canvas app for an even better user experience.

How to login to RMIT Canvas

Below is how to access the RMIT Canvas login page:

rmit canvas

1. Go to Rmit Canvas login page to access your dashboard.

2. Provide your RMITID or email address.

3. Now, enter your login password in the second field.

4. Click Sign in.

Note: Registered students will also be able to login using their Google mail account, LinkedIn, or Facebook account. If you are a staff, understand that Social Media logins are unavailable.

If you come across any issue while using the service, you can call the Service & Support Centre on +613 9925 8888 for help.

How to reset Rmit Canvas Password

The decision to reset a password often comes from the inability to remember the password used on an online account. If you find your RMIT Canvas inaccessible due to inserting the wrong password, you can always reset your Rmit password.

It is very easy to reset your password and that can be done without the need to visit an IT personnel for help.

1. To reset your RMIT Canvas password, simply visit RMIT Canvas (myApps Portal) and click Forgot your password?

2. Provide your RMIT ID or Email Address and last name.

3. Complete the captcha and tap Search to reset your RMIT Canvas password.

Submitting an assignment on RMIT Canvas

1. Visit the RMIT canvas login page, and provide your login details.

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2. Go to the specific course from your dashboard.

3. From the course navigation menu, proceed to Assignments. The course navigation menu is at the left side of your screen.

4. Tap the relevant assignment and then click Submit Assignment.

5. Click Choose file, look for the file you wish to upload from your device, and double click or click Open to upload the file. You can also choose to click on + Add another file to add an additional file.

6. If you have any input or comments related to the assignment, you can enter them in the comments box.

7. Check the submission pledge box and click Submit to send your assignment to your instructor.

Note: Although it is largely important to take your time to do your assignment, it is also very important to check when your assignments are due for submission to avoid missing marks which may make part of your grades.

Students will be able to submit their assignments as many times as they want until the due day. However, if you submitted more than 3 times, there may be 24 hours delay before you will be able to resubmit. It is also crucial to note that your instructor or teacher may choose to limit the number of times you are able to submit your assignment before the due date.

RMIT canvas download

There is also an alternative way to access the RMIT canvas which is by downloading and installing the dedicated mobile app on your smartphone.

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The canvas app is available for Android and IOS devices. It makes more sense to make use of the app for the edge it has against the website. For example, rmit canvas allows for instant notifications on your smartphone.

One may not know how important an instant notification is until he or she misses out on important information or feedback. Teachers may communicate room changes to you through Canvas announcements.

Google play store: Download Rmit Canvas for Android.

App Store: Download Rmit Canvas App for iPhone and Ipad.

How to access your courses on RMIT Canvas

To see your course on your Canvas dashboard, follow the below steps:

1. Click Courses from the navigation panel.

2. Select All courses from the bottom of the page. If a missing course displays on the All courses list, click on the star symbol next to it to make it appear on the dashboard.

Note: if after looking through and you are still unable to see your course, it might be because it is not yet available and is still a work in progress. With time, you should see the course as your instructors are working on it.

If you have waited within a reasonable period and still have not been updated, you should contact your Course Coordinator or Instructor.

How to set up your notification settings

Canvas notifications are text messages or email alerts sent to you from your Canvas, notifying you of any update. This can help you to be aware of any important change surrounding your grade, due date, course, and more.

You can set up your notification so you will not miss any important updates.

1. Set up your RMIT canvas notification setting by first logging into your Canvas account.

2. In the left-hand navigation menu, tap Account.

3. Now proceed to Settings and then Notifications.

4. Adjust your notification preferences as you deem fit.

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