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Schoology LAUSD: How to log in and access | Sign up ~ Lausd Zoom

Schoology LAUSD: How to log in and access | Sign up ~ Lausd Zoom

Today’s post will be based on the Schoology LAUSD login page for Students, Parents, and Employees, how to sign up, Lausd Zoom, and other important information.

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is a Public school district domiciled in LA, California, United States of America. The school has a great number of students and is the 2nd largest public school district with more students in the US. One could understand why it is even more important to introduce a district-wide learning management system (LMS).

With an LMS, Students can benefit from personalized learning as well as other advantages such as collaborating with their colleagues, engaging in interactive discussions, submission of assignments, view schedules, etc.

Parents and Employees are also not left behind. The teaching staff will find the online platform more than enough to aid them in the discharge of their duties. Some of the benefits include having access to enormous work, creating lessons, setting assignments, engaging students one on one, grading them, sharing resources, and many more.

The parents will also be able to check out schedules and how their children or wards have been fairing while in the citadel of learning. These are just a few of the benefits, but you deserve to know more. This is why we will be helping out with some of the benefits one can derive from using the Schoology LAUSD Portal. But first, what is Schoology LAUSD?

About Schoology LAUSD

Schoology LAUSD is the official portal of the Los Angeles Unified School District for Students, Parents, Employees, or Tutors. It is a hub specifically designed for continuous learning for students, a working space for teachers, and a monitoring agent for the parents.

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The web-based networking and communication tool offers several support, especially in this era. Schools are now adopting LMS as a way of bridging the gap between the Parent, Students, and Teachers.

Major benefits of Schoology LAUSD LMS

1. It is a platform that allows the efficient distribution of materials or resources for students.

2. It makes the jobs of the Teacher less stressful than they should be as they will be able to work online using the management system.

3. Allows networking and communication between Teachers and Students that could eventually improve learning.

4. It increases productivity as the employee is not bound by time, instead they can choose to produce what will work at a less stressful time.

5. It provides access to parents to learn about the various activities and schedules of their children or wards.

6. LMS allows Employees or Teachers to share and access resources in a bid to find a better way of disseminating knowledge.

7. It makes it easy for employees and students to network easily.

8. Schoology is a web-based tool that allows students, teachers, and district staff to network efficiently.

9. Students can learn at their own pace without being pressured. They can check their schedules, assignments, grades, and more from anywhere. However, there must be a sense of duty to stay atop their education by knowing when to act and never to leave things for long.

Schoology LAUSD App Download for Free

It is also possible to make use of an app to get the better of the online platform. The app is available on Android and IOS devices at no cost.

The app is a better alternative when you consider the options it gives you over using a desktop platform. It gives you an easy way to access and enjoy rich engagement anytime and from anywhere.

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To download and install the Schoology LAUSD App on your smartphone, simply search for Schoology on the store or make use of the links below for quick access:

How to Log into the Schoology App from a Phone

Schoology lausd login

1. Launch the Schoology App from your Phone to begin the LAUSD login process:

2. Click Username Login

3. Tap on Select School and choose “Los
Angeles Unified School District”. Ensure you select the school listing with the green

4. Enter your Schoology LAUSD login details and tap Sign in.

Schoology Sign up: How to create an account

How to sign up as a Student

Before proceeding with the registration, go to your administrator to receive the access code needed for the registration. Now follow the guides below to sign up:

1. Go to and tap Sign up.

2. Choose student and then provide your 10 digit access code

3. Complete the fields and tap Register to complete your registration.

Signing up as Parent

Parents are to contact the instructor for the access code before going along with the registration. Once done, follow the below steps:

1. Simply visit the Schoology website by entering on your browser.

2. Go to Sign up at the top of the page and click on it.

3. Next, Choose Parent and enter the 12 digit parent access code for validation purposes.

4. Complete the form and click Register. To add additional or more children, simply tap Add Child option.

How to sign up as an employee, administrator, or instructor

1. To sign up as an instructor or employee, simply visit and click Signup.

2. Then choose Instructor and fill out each of the fields on the page.

3. Complete the captcha and follow the online instructions to confirm your identity.

4. Click Register.

5. Provide details of your school such as the school name, zip/postal code. Once done, tap the search icon.

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6. Click on your school from the results. If your school has not been added, you can make a request.

How to log in to Schoology LAUSD

Below are the guides to sign in to Schoology LAUSD:

1. To sign in to Schoology Lausd from your web browser, visit

2. Select the option applicable to you – Parents, Students, Employees. You can also select Student QR Code if you prefer this quick way of logging into your account.

3. If you select Students, provide your email, phone number, or Skype. After, click Next

4. Now, enter your login password.

5. Click log in to access your Schoology Lausd dashboard.

Activating Schoology Lausd Student MyMail email account

Do note that your Schoology Lausd email must have been activated before you can use it. There are 3 ways to activate your Schoology Lausd login email, they are:

  • Providing email address and date of birth.
  • Student ID, Student PIN, and Date of Birth.
  • Student’s MyMail email address, DOB, LAUSD ID, or Student PIN.

Proceed to and select Student. Then activate your account using any of the options. Follow the online instructions. Once successful, go to to sign in to your account.

How to reset your Schoology Lausd Password

If you have forgotten your Schoology Password, you can request for change or reset on the website:

1. How to reset password guides for Employees or Students

To reset your password as an employee or student, go to and click “Forgot your password for Students or Employees CLICK HERE.

Then follow the online prompts to have your password changed or reset.

2. Resetting password as Parents

Parents who wish to reset their password can also visit the Schoology Lausd login page and tap Forgot your password for Parents CLICK HERE. And then follow the prompts.

3. Contact System Administrator

Another way to reset your password is to contact the System Administrator of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

About Lausd Zoom

Students of LAUSD can also make use of the Lausd Zoom to receive online lessons as well as for instructions from their Tutors. The Zoom allows users to start or join a meeting which could take up to 300 people.

Lausd zoom

Once the employees have set up a meeting on Zoom, zoom meeting links can be sent to the Students Outlook LAUSD email accounts. Once accessed, you have the option to accept or decline. The Lausd zoom can be accessed using your LAUSD single sign-on username and password.

How to join a meeting on Zoom as LAUSD Student

1. Open your internet-enabled web browser and enter

2. Tap ‘Join’

3. Provide the Meeting ID or Personal Link Name and click ‘Join’

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