My usf portal

MyUsf: useful guide to access the My Usf Login Portal

MyUsf: useful guide to access the My Usf Login Portal

Are you a student of the prestigious center of learning, University of South Florida (USF), and in dire need of the URL of My Usf Login Portal?

This post will guide you through using the MyUsf portal and also help you with some useful information that would no doubt be of help especially if you are still fresh at the school.

It is worth noting that the University of South Florida (USF) login account is not entirely only for Students of the school as staff and faculty can also access it. However, our concentration will be solely focused on the Students because it is rare for any staff member to have issues with their My USF Portal. Besides, they have got strong core support.

Faculty, staff and students can login into the portal for access to Canvas, FAST, GEMS, and OASIS. All in one place, thereby providing the convenience that the introduction of the Internet has brought.

We will also be providing the login details of the University of San Francisco, as the school also uses the same abbreviation as the University of South Florida. This is to avoid confusion and help you if by chance you only need the San Francisco-based school, the University of San Francisco (USF) login portal.

How to log into my USF

my usf portal

All faculties, students, and staff of the USF need a NetID to sign into their myUSF account. NetID is your user identification to access services offered by the University of South Florida. Below is the guide on how to login to my USF:

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1. Visit from your web browser.

2. Provide your My USF NetID and click Next

3. Next is your Login password.

4. Proceed with the login button to sign in to your MyUsf account.

If you have issues with the myUSF Login, you can always contact the support team at Another way is calling their helpline @ (813) 974-HELP (4357). There are teams available and ready to help you whether you are a student or an employee at the School.

Activating your NetID on MyUSF

Your NetID is your passport to access services such as Canvas, OASIS account, email, and more. Meanwhile, it should not be confused with USFID as they are a separate entity. The USFID is your unique identification number as a Student of the University of South Florida. The USFID number is given when you receive your acceptance letter via email. It normally starts with U and looks like this, U12345678.

Back to NetID and we have provided the guide below on how to get or activate your NetID on My USF:

1. Simply visit to activate your NetID.

2. Tap Activate NetID and Email.

3. Provide your USFID. Your USFID is your personal student ID number and can be found on your USFID card.

4. Enter your date of birth.

5. Complete the captcha and click Submit to activate your NetID.

6. Alternatively, you can also use your email address to start the process. The email method could follow after clicking Activate NetID and Email.

Note: the email address must be the one you have been using during your application period, admission and even after. It must be linked to the school for you to be able to use it to activate your NetID at USF.

How to change your NetID password

Faculties, students, and staff can easily change their MYUSF login passwords on the portal. If you need to reset or change the password, simply follow the guide below:

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1. To change or reset your password, simply go to

2. Click Change your NetID password

3. Follow the online instructions to have your MyUSF’s NetID password changed.

4. Another way is visiting and click “Reset Your NetID Password.

MyUSF Canvas on My USF

The decision to switch from Blackboard to Canvas as its Learning Management System seems to be the right one as one can easily point out some of the benefits of using an LMS. For freshmen, this may look too foreign, but the fact is you need no technical knowledge to make use of the USF’s LMS.

Almost every school is adopting the Learning Management System (LMS) and USF is also one. It is an online space where you can learn more about your schedules as well as assignments, view your coursework, classes, grades, and make contact with their instructors. The Canvas can be accessed by signing into MyUSF. However, we have a guide for you.

How to access My usf canvas via the MyUSF login portal

1. To access the My usf canvas, you will need to log into the MyUSF portal. The web address is

2. Provide your NetID and Password to access your student account.

3. Head over to Learning & Teaching Tool and from there, select Canvas.

Note: There are lots you can explore on the canvas page. You will be able to access all information about your class. Find a course to explore or select assignments given by your instructor. The navigation bar at the left-hand side can be used to view or access course-specific content like the Grades or Syllabus.

What is University of South Florida student portal?

my usf login

The University of South Florida student portal is otherwise known as My USF Student login portal. It is your entry page to access all information and services pertaining to your Studentship.

My USF Portal can be accessed by visiting from your Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet’s browser.

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University of South Florida and University of San Francisco – login portals.

It is not only the University of South Florida that has its name abbreviated as USF, so it is very easy to get confused as to what login portal you should use. To avoid making mistakes, this is why we will be dedicating a section towards providing their respective login details.

The other school in contention is the University of San Francisco. Also among the top schools not only in the USA but in the world.

Below are the schools that use MyUSF and their login portal:

  • University of South Florida:
  • University of San Francisco: visit and click login.

How to access MyUSF account as a usfca student

As a student at the University of San Francisco, one of the things you should get familiar with is the login portal to access all your school information like schedules, assignments, and more.

Below is the step on how to log into MyUSF:

myusf login portal

1. As a usfca student, you can sign in to the University of San Francisco portal by visiting

2. Provide your MyUSF username and password.

3. Click Sign in to log in to your University of San Francisco student account.

How to create myUSF account on University of San Francisco Portal

myusf portal

Creating a MyUSF account is very important. With your myUSF account, you can use it to register for classes, housing application, access your USF network and email, and more.

Below is the step by step to set up your myUSF account:

1. Go to and provide the username on your Dons Status Page. If you are unable to find it, send a mail to for help.

2. Leave the USF password field blank (do note that your USF ID number is NOT your password).

3. Next, tap “Problems signing in?” and then click “Reset Password.”

4. Provide your username in the field and click Continue.

5. You will receive a code from Go to your email inbox and if it is not there, check the spam box too.

6. Once found, copy the code and enter it on the page. Click Continue.

7. Thereafter, you will get online instructions to create your personal MyUsf password for login on to the portal.

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