Set up Google my business listing

How to set up Google My Business Listing to improve Sales

Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) is one of the ways to improve sales and generate more leads. Being an important part of Local SEO, you will be converting more if done rightly.

Google my business being a perfect program, you can use it to boost your sales and get more leads as it gives you all the necessary tools needed to attract prospects when they search online.

Business owners who have completed Google my business verification will be able to reply to reviews made by visitors. This could be disastrous or put your business in a good position as people may be influenced by the reviews.

You will also be able to market your products and also showcase offers. Additionally, you can embed your Business website to the page to make it easier for anyone to learn more about your products or services.

However, when linking your website, ensure your page contains vital information that could prompt customers to make a buying decision. This is the first thing you should take care of if you want to leverage your site to gain more leads.


Much of the reasons why you need to use Google my business, otherwise known as GMB, has already been pointed out on the introduction page of this article, but it is worth making more emphasis on other things that could influence your decision.

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Having a business profile and online presence further proves how credible a business is. Most customers are more likely to go for a business with a presence on Google Search and Maps.

Once your business is listed online, you are going to experience a surge provided you have optimized well. A well-optimized Google business listing or profile will contain working hours, business profile, addresses, website, info, and a lot more listed to make it easier for people to find you.

For instance, if you are a content writer when someone searches for a Content writer near me, you may appear on search if your local SEO has been well taken care of.

Also, time is paramount as anyone can get registered with your business name. If you think you should do it later, another may beat you to it, thereby making your business finding it very difficult to rank above others when searched for and searchers have been known to mostly favor the first 3 results.

This implies you might receive lesser clicks. Although Google determines ranking based on relevance, and distance, however, starting earlier would give you prominence in the eyes of google.

With a GMB Account, you could have more than a business listing, and the best part, it is free for all.


Here we go with step by step on how to make your business appear on Google search results:

1. Create a Google account

Start by creating a Gmail account on If you have already done so, then you are perfectly fine to skip the first step and move to the second. A Gmail account is needed to set up a Google My Business.

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2. Go to Google My Business Website

Now that your Google mail account is ready, you should go to and sign in using your Gmail login details.

3. Provide your business name

On the new page opened before you, click ‘Manage Now’ to add your business name. The name will become what people first see when they search for your business.

how to set up google my business

You will also need to provide the category that the business falls under. Meanwhile, this can be later changed if you feel it does not correspond with the products or services you provide.

set up google my business listing

Now click ‘Next’ to go to the next setup.

4. State your location to make it easier for prospects to find you.

If you have a physical place you use, you will need to select ‘Yes. By choosing this option, you will be converting more as prospective customers would naturally cling to businesses with physical locations.

set google business

Notwithstanding, some services can be offered without the need to provide a physical location, if yours happens to be among, positive reviews from successful leads would go a long way to help convince anyone.

Click ‘Next’ to continue. Now provide your business addresses which will include your Postal Code, Local Government Area, State, and more.

setting google my business listing

You may need to also mark the location on a map for Google.

5. Fill in other details about your business

set up google my business

There are also certain aspects of your business you will need to provide and among them are stating if you are providing deliveries or home and office visits, and areas you want to serve.

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google my business listing

Also, your phone number to make it easier for people to reach you. If it happens your business has a website, you will want to list it among the information on your Google My Business Profile.

signing up for Google my business

6. Choose your verification method

You will need to select a verification method like verify by mail common with local businesses.

setting my google business

Some businesses may not need that as they can be verified by phone, email, or search console. This kind of business is usually common with services or businesses that are to take place at the client/customer place or deliver directly.

Click ‘Finish’ and start managing your Google My Business Listing.

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