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How to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Messenger and not get Caught

About one in every two persons in the world use Facebook as an essential part of their daily life. Statista has placed the current number of active users on the platform at 2.89 billion per month. This also makes Facebook messenger a very useful means of communication among people of all ages. So, while people use the app to achieve diverse goals, sometimes you just feel the urge to spy on someone’s Facebook messenger and not get caught and find out what exactly is going on there.

If you have been cheated on, threatened, or for other reasons best known to you, chosen to find out how to spy on someone’s Facebook messenger without them being notified, then read on to find out everything you need to make it possible – it is actually easier than you think!

You may be shocked right now that this act is actually possible with the tremendous security measures put in place by Facebook to protect users’ data. But this isn’t so much about a weakness in the Facebook user security measures, but about the activity of an unsuspecting user.

You may have had one or two friends who have lamented about their Facebook account being hacked. It happens almost every day. This shows that there is a porous situation you can take advantage of to intrude into someone else’s Facebook privacy.

So, how do you spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger and not get caught? Here are the popular ways to go about it:

Do Password Reset

This method is the easiest and commonest way to get into someone’s Facebook messenger or account without requesting for their permission. To begin, it is important that you find out about your victim’s email address or phone number used in registering their Facebook account. You may be lucky to locate this information in their contact info section.

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Another way to get it is to use bait such as promises of cash rewards or competitions that will require that they submit their phone numbers or email addresses.

After laying your hands on the targeted phone number or email address, input it on the Facebook login/sign up page and click on the ‘Forgotten password?’ link. When you do this, you might be required to provide the information.

Then, click on ‘Reset password’ and follow the instructions provided to reset the password. A reactivation code will be sent to the user’s phone number or email address. If you do not already have access to either of these, then you’ll need to find a way to contact the user with lines such as, “We have sent a promo code to you to claim your prize gift, send it back to us to redeem your gift.

Once they send this information to you, use it to reset their password and keep the account logged in with the new password that you have created. With this new password, you can access your friend’s Facebook messenger either through mobile or desktop, to see what is going on there.

If you are unable to log in, you may want to try selecting “No longer have access to these?” below the page to be directed to Facebook Help Centre for more options.

You’ll be asked how you want to be reached. Place your email address here and answer some restricted questions from Facebook. You should be able to provide the answer if the original owner is a family member or friend. But if the victim is a distant person, then you’ll have to test how good you are at guessing. Once rightly guessed, you’ll have access to the account after 24 hours.

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Now it is important that you be quick with your moves in the account as you might lose it again. This is because the original owner will be notified about the suspicious activity, and will be trying to reset their password again and also harness other measures to reclaim their account.

Use Phishing

Phishing is the oldest and most difficult approach to hack or spy on your friend’s Facebook messages. This method involves creating a fake login page, with the link sent to your target.

To make it look authentic, you should consider sending it via email. While this seems hard with so much technical expertise required, a lot of people easily fall for this approach, especially because it involves a login page that appears real and a web hosting account.

Once they input their login details to the page, you have access to their accounts on a platter of gold!

Try Brute Force Attack

Brute force attack requires a lot of physical and instinctive measures to access the Facebook account. You’ll have done a lot of guesses to finally arrive at the correct log in detail.

It can be really time-consuming, and even Facebook can block you out after failing five times on your attempts. So, you really want to think about this method before going that route.

Use Their Device

Most people do not log out of their Facebook account on their device after visiting. If your target is a family or friend, then you may want to borrow their phones or computer while they are busy somewhere else.

Pick up your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend’s phone and request to use their device’s calculator. Take the opportunity to jump into their Facebook app and Facebook messenger and see what is going on. Do not forget to screengrab juicy shreds of evidence that you can immediately forward to your own device.

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If you suspect that your spouse or boyfriend is cheating, then quickly check out their messenger on their mobile device or check their browsing history on their desktop, and open the one that indicates Facebook messenger. Find out what you’ve been looking for, but don’t forget to remove every trace of evidence of your activity.

Make Use Of A Keylogger

You do not require so much experience with harnessing a keylogger. They are simply software tools that help people discover keys pressed on a device. This method will be difficult for someone you aren’t really close to. But if your victim is a friend or family member, then install the app on their device.

You do not have any need to stress here as you can simply get a record of their clicks through your email account. Check it out in your spare time to see what has been taken by the keylogger you installed. This method works without the original account owner suspecting anything.

Try Out Spy Apps

There are several spy apps that can help you spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger and not get caught. Some popular spy apps to check out include XnSpy, Hoverwatch, Phonesheriff, Mobistealth, Truth Spy, Spyera, MobileSpy, GuestSpy, Highster Mobile, Flexispy, and Spy phone tap.

These apps allow you to monitor the activities of an employee or partner on their phone calls, WhatsApp chats, text messages, and so on. You’ll also have access to their private Facebook activities, messages, time of event, event date, and information of the person they have been with online all the while

You’ll also have access to voice notes, pictures, and videos that have been shared among parties. Flexispy for instance will save the records of the real-time update of the user’s Facebook activity in a cache. You’ll be able to do all these without the need to touch their phones or computer to spy on anything.

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