Siteground reviews login, customer support and pricing

Siteground Reviews: Login, Coupon, Customer Service And Pricing

SiteGround was established in 2004. The company is based in Bulgaria and they own two offices there. Another office is situated in Madrid, Spain.

SiteGround is a prominent shared hosting provider with fast speed (673ms), admirable features, and brilliant performances. They offer a manifold of different hosting options to their users. The hosting plans offered by Sitegrounds include shared hosting, dedicated servers and cloud hosting.

The company has engaged the service of over 500 personnels and working from madrid, sofia, stara zagora and plovdiv. These personnels are professional and full of experience. You will find siteground customer supports very engaging and helpful.

Their customer support is exceptional and has reasonable plans and features such as email accounts, free Cloudfare, SSL, and CDNs certificates among others.

Hosting options offered by SiteGround include shared, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated servers. You can pay for a shared hosting account and put up a live test site. Then go ahead to track their effectiveness with a reliable third-party tool to help you with a clear and impartial review.

SiteGround is presently endorsed by WordPress. In fact, WordPress regards them as one of the biggest and brightest on the planet when it comes to hosting. They service about two million domains globally. They also have data centres in five countries, unmatched security, and over four hundred people working for them.

And aside from web hosting, they carefully and wonderfully handle their employees and customers. You will find that out when you communicate with them via their live chat. They constantly strive to keep an excellent atmosphere with their workers and customers. Their 24/7 fast and professional support among others is why they have amassed so much rave reviews on diverse platforms.

Siteground accept Visa, MasterCard and America express and Discover as payment options.

SiteGround’s Hosting Plans And How They Work

1. Shared Hosting

This hosting plan is the kind most people long for. Sites that are demanding or huge are the ones that often require dedicated hosting or cloud/VPS. Also, when it comes to shared hosting, it is the frontline ground where the best and preeminent hosts contend for attention. SiteGround has regularly set themselves uniquely apart from competitors with exceptional service in the shared hosting.

SiteGround proffers its users with three different hosting plans. These are StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

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Disk Space10 GB20 GB40 GB
Monthly Visits10,000100,000400,000
Price (Monthly)$3.95 $6.69 $10.69 

SiteGround harnesses CentOS Linux for their servers. And this is responsible for the use of cPanel control panel on shared hosting plans. The benefits are quite huge.

One is the widespread acceptance of it and future potentials. Second is that the use of the cPanel makes navigating around SiteGround stress-free.

SiteGround has a particular advantage for website owners. They have a Softaculous auto-installer which gives you the opportunity to install over four hundred web applications easily. These applications include; CMSs, Wikis, Blogs, Social Networking, E-Commerce, and Forums.

2. WordPress Hosting

WordPress users have some special form of benefits they receive on shared hosting with SiteGround. And a noticeable difference from the general features, visits, and disk space is that WordPress users have their site installed for free.

But SiteGround offers more than just free WordPress installation. They launched their own bot protection system in 2017. And this is driven by their in-house artificial intelligence algorithm. The bot protection system foils the large volume of force attacks targeted at the WordPress login screen. More so, the software detects hostile login attempts.

There is also a Captcha challenge available to ward off suspicious users. More importantly, is that this system continues to adapt when it comes to threats. And because SiteGround already has this protection system in place, this means that your site will never be vulnerable to malicious bots.

Hence, SiteGround helps to boost the speed of your site and also secures it from being vulnerable.

3. Cloud Hosting

If you have been blogging for a while or own a website, you would have come across Cloud Hosting. Despite that, it is often difficult to explain how it works because of the technicality.

Normally, a website should be hosted in a single server but with cloud hosting, resources are distributed into several servers and machines. User will then be able to access and manage their data through a virtual machine.

The major benefit is that when you are having problem with bandwigth, another server can provide a lifeline giving you additional resources. Therefore, it becomes inpossible for your website to break down since it is relying on several servers that work together.

If you really need good examples, then instagram, google, amazon and apple are good examples of companies that use Cloud Hosting. It will be difficult for them to face any downtime since they are operating on several servers which is made possible by cloud hosting.

SiteGround provides four different cloud hosting plans to websites with high-demands. These include Entry, Business, Business Plus, and Super Power. And they offer up to 5 Terabytes of data transfers every month. Even the Entry alone is very powerful.

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PlanEntryBusinessBusiness PlusSuper Power
CPU Cores481216
Disk40 GB80 GB120 GB160GB
Data Transfer5TB5TB5TB5TB
Price (monthly)$100.00 $200.00 $300.00 $400.00 

4. Reseller Hosting

SiteGround provides potential businesses to create an extra stream of income by rendering web hosting services. As a business-oriented individual, you have the leverage on the SiteGround hosting opportunity by harnessing the reseller plans. You will be allowed to white label the whole thing so that your users don’t sight the SiteGround brand.

As an enterpreneur, you will be opening up a stream of income, now that web design and development are becoming the talk of the town as most of people see it as a quick way to get rich which is often not the case. A lot of work will need to be done before it can work.

Knowing that information, you can start your own hosting company. It is very easy to set and and the capital is not that much.
You will receive a disk space in your basic bundle of 10GB with the ability to host as many customers as you get. The price, however, is a little unconventional.

What You Should Know About The Seller Credit System;

  1. Every reseller receives discounts on domain registrations and disk space. As you make more credit purchase in a single transaction, you will be privileged for bigger discounts.
  2. Resellers must buy a minimum of five credits to be able to begin.
  3. Extra services such as domains require payments via credit card.
  4. A credit is equivalent to one full year hosting for your clients. In essence, if you are starting with 5 clients, you would also need 10 credits to get each site active for a year.
  5. Resellers do not receive access to WHM. You get everything set up through the SiteGround user area.

5. Dedicated Servers

The program proffers two hosting kinds for every website owner requiring high-end hosting. This includes; dedicated and custom-built servers. Website owners who demand maximum stability and power can receive the service on SiteGround.

Dedicated servers have three plans; Entry, Power, and Super Power. Every one of them is developed on Xeon processors. They also receive a massive 10 Terabyte of bandwidth every month. Their RAM, CPU, and disk space cores vary.

They develop custom servers for enterprise hosting and also manage them. For you to access this, you will need to reach out to them.

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How To Access Your cPanel on SiteGround

For you to access your cPanel as a User on siteground, first log in to the User Area and go to My Accounts tab and then go to the cPanel button. You will be logged in automatically in the cPanel of your account by using a connection that is encrypted.

Perhaps you need to contact cPanel through the non-secure port, then you will need to uncheck the option in the User Area that indicates Access cPanel Securely. Go to My Accounts tab and to Information and settings, then to cPanel.

Another option to consider is to use the URL given to access cPanel:

If you need to access cPanel securely, you can use to access cPanel and to cut off using encryption.

How To Login To Your SiteGround Account By Means Of Two-Factor Authentication

First, log in using your registered username and password into your User Area.

You will need to input a code from the authenticator app. And if you are logging in through a trusted device, such as your personal or office computer, you should check the box that indicates Remember This Browser as Trusted. This will save you more time next time you are login in.

You will find the code already generated for use in your account when you open the authenticator app using your phone.

Put in the required code in the provided field and click on Login. You should be aware that the code may appear in varying forms on different applications and devices. They may be generated with spaces in-between digits. But you will need to put in the code without including the spaces when you are login in as a User into the User Area.

Siteground’s Customer Support

Customers are being attended to in Spanish and English languages. Customers can interact with their Customer supports via ticketing, live chat and phone support.

SiteGround is additionally different from other web hosts with 24/7 customer support. You do not have to wait for offices to open to receive support, as many other web hosts do.

To speak to a customer care agent, you will need to make a choice and select your desire channel from the available channels. However, I always prefer the LiveChat as it helps to get instant and quick solution when compared to sending mail or reaching out via social media.

You can also reach out to Siteground customer support by calling their helpline.

SiteGround Coupon

Siteground coupon is mostly for new users, it is just like a way to give them a tip of what they stand to enjoy if they stay with Siteground. Within the year, you should be able to know their work pattern, pros and cons and if you are satisfied, you could pay the normal price.

SiteGround gives its customers up to 70% discount on their web-hosting cost. And you can also get hosted for a reduced monthly fee of $3.95 for every first year.

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