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StreamEast: Streameast is one of the best live sports streaming sites to watch matches such as NBA, Golf, Tennis, Wrestling, NHL, NFL, MotoGP, Snooker, NCAA, Cycling, Boxing, UFC, F1, CFB, and other sports for free.

Being a website with a wide following from all over the world, this has motivated the developers to improve the site and now stands as one of the most visited sites to watch live games.

It comes with a lot of packages to offer including games from the best leagues in the world. The English premier league (EPL), La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, and many more are among what users can enjoy. Also, if you are a fan of American football, it is a place to get all the excitement it offers.

Meanwhile, it is unfair of us to be particular about some elements of the sports offered by Streameast as it is more than that. Therefore, in this post, we are going to reveal all you need to know about the site.

What is StreamEast?

Streameast is a streaming site that allows users to stream and watch live games at no cost. By visiting the site, you can access all the live content with their various links smartly displayed on the homepage.

Users will also be able to make use of the menu to get all the sports content they are interested in. If watching the games at the comfort of home or any place you might find yourself is what you are looking for, a place to be is StreamEast which is quite yielding when it comes to delivering all the juices.

The site might be exactly what you are looking for, but you should know that it is an illegal site to use. The site is never authorized to share content and could have the links banned someday, but they always come up with different links which we always update you with when there are any changes.

Being an illegal site, you are not going to find much information about the developers aside from what the fact that the site is meant to do, which is the only thing that users care about.

Benefits of using StreamEast for live sports streaming

1. StreamEast web page is beautifully designed, thereby making it appealing to users to be on.

2. It is also fast with all the key links placed where it will be easy for anyone to locate.

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3. Ads are showing but can be avoided by switching to StreamEast Pro where you can use the site ads-free.

4. Another benefit you can get when you upgrade to a paid plan on StreamEast is you will be able to watch 4 live games simultaneously.

5. Streameast can be accessed on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

6. It is Free to use.

Features of StreamEast

1. Streameast displays ads to users as a means of taking care of the cost of running the site.

2. It has both free and paid packages that users can select from.

3. It also makes use of Cloudflare, known to make sites secure, fast, and reliable.

4. Users may need to register to use certain features of the site.

5. HD streaming 1080 & more

Sports Events you can watch on StreamEast

1. F1 – Formula 1

Car racing fans finally have a place to watch all the live actions for free via the links provided by StreamEast. Although F1 is yet to command the kind of attention that the likes of football get, it is gradually turning up due to the massive amount spent on advertisement. If you are already a fan, you now know where to be to get the action without dropping a penny.

2. Boxing

Boxing no longer needs an introduction as the pacesetter has done a very good job of publicizing the game. It is a brutal sport that also has a large number of fans from around the globe including the US and UK.

The game is brought to your screen every match day and you do not want to be left out. Make use of your device whether Android, IOS, PC, or MAC, and enjoy the actions right on the free streaming sports platform, otherwise known as StreamEast.

3. UFC

UFC is another event that has been able to gather not less than 30% of Sports fans. This could improve in few years to come now that it is becoming one of the most talked-about sports on the media lately.

I am a fan too, and I always want to watch games involving ferocious fighters such as Kamaru Usman, Israel Adesanya, Jon Jones, Alexander Volkanovski, Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, and many more. As a fan, you can get the live games on their day by visiting StreamEast.

4. NBA

NBA fans can now relax as the sport can now be streamed on StreamEast. It does not matter where you are or how busy it can get, you can get any of the supported devices to bring the game to you.

Basketball is popular in the US, but sports fans from other countries have started developing an interest in the game making it one sport that is always blazing on social media platforms on match days.

5. NFL

Americans love the game, although the way it is played is unlike what we are used to. Not the European way, but one can not deny that it has a vast number of fans who are always ready to throw their support on games day.

NFL stands for National Football League and can also be accessed via the StreamEast NFL links.

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6. NHL

NHL, otherwise known as the National Hockey League, has a strong presence in the USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, and a few other countries. It is yet to get the kind of vibes you would expect from sports but can only say it is just a matter of time.

If you are a hockey fan and need an online platform to watch the game for free, StreamEast is the place to be when the time calls.

7. CFB

College football (CFB) is also a game that is never short of attention by old and new students, residents, teachers, and several others.

If you are unable to meet up with the action, your internet-enabled device alongside your browser looks capable of giving you all the action you would have missed. All thanks to StreamEast for being the catalyst.

8. Football/Soccer

The game we all love and enjoy is available for streaming on StreamEast. No other sport received as many clicks as Football live TV, evidence that it is the most-watched sport in the world.

Thousands of Football fans could get the match feeling by visiting the site on any match day. The videos are in HD, so you can always expect them delivered to you in top-notch quality.

9. Other popular sports

Streameast has more sports events than you think. Among them are Tennis, Cricket, Snooker, Golf, Wrestling, Nascar, NCAA, and Cycling. If you have looked at other alternatives to Streameast and can’t get exactly what you are looking for, you should switch to them.

Working links of StreamEast has been banned and no longer works. However, we have been able to confirm the working links which you can use to see all live games on StreamEast. Below are the links:


Alternatives to streamEast

Maybe, you want some ideas on similar sites like streamEast that you could make use of from time to time. This can come very helpful when things get sour at times. Below are the best out there:

1. BuffStreams

Buffstream is home to thousands of sports fans who make use of the site to view the game of the day at no cost. If you are yet to jump on the bandwagon, it is time to do so as the site offers a lot of games.

Popular sports like Football, NFL, NBA MLB Baseball, Soccer, UFC, WWE, and many more are always a thing of delight for fans.


2. NFLbite

Another best free live sports streaming site that has been able to garner attention from fans from around the world is NFLbite. It has a good interface plus users will also be able to access news, livescores, and information about the matches.

All NFLbite streams are from Reddit and you probably are not going to find any better free sports streaming site than NFLbite. It is not a surprise why its users keep growing daily.


3. 720pstream

720pstream provides constant live games for free at no cost to anyone who is looking to save some money on a subscription. This is also a good alternative to StreamEast and deserves to be among the top 20 live sports streaming sites.

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On the game day, you can go to the section and look for the link to start delivering the content on your big screen. This is delivered in HD.


4. Vipleague

VipLeague has proven to be always there for anyone who is looking to get live-action they would have paid for at no cost.

Despite the arrays of matches available to stream on the site, the downside is the annoying ads that tend to disrupt users’ experience.


5. Crackstreams

Crackstreams does really well as a hub for watching sports without making payment. As a fan of the sports we all love, you can get all the popular sports to stream on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop during events.


6. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch is a nice addition to the alternatives to StreamEast. Watch live stream sports online such as basketball, football, baseball, tennis, etc.

With Stream2Watch, you can get on-demand sports live streaming from your home or wherever you are. You will also have the option to select from the abundance of official languages.



Is Streameast illegal?

Yes, Streameast Is an illegal site that is always frowned upon by the government, regulatory bodies, and some ISPs depending on your country. Notwithstanding, users rarely get punished for using the site unless they are sharing the content or showing it in Public.

If you are concerned about the illegality, the best way out is to avoid showing it for public view and get a good VPN that will shield your internet activities.

Is StreamEast safe to use?

I have navigated around the StreamEast web platform enough to conclude that it is very safe to use. Although, it shows ads, not the intrusive ones common with most free live sports streaming sites.

No popup or popunder ads, just a mild one that would not give you a bad experience. Another thing not to worry about is fear of being infected by Viruses or Malware. However, you have an option to upgrade to the premium plan if you want no ads at all.

Can I use StreamEast for Free?

Streameast is basically a free live sports streaming site that you don’t need a premium plan to access.

All you just need to do is sign up on the page and start watching your favorite games at no cost. The decision to upgrade to a paid plan may be influenced by the need to see multiple games at the same interval.

Does StreamEast have an app I could use to watch live games?

StreamEast has no official app for Android or IOS Users. Everything is done right on the website. If you come across any app that claims to be from the site, you should avoid them until we verify it for you.

Using an app on search engines might pose security that you do not want to happen. Always verify stuff before using it especially if it comes from untrusted platforms.

Is still live?

Streameast live com: The site is not currently live, instead it has been replaced with which is currently live and working well. There are also other links similar to what used to offer.

What are the Live Events to watch on StreamEast

  • NBA Seasons, NBA Championship
  • NHL Entry Draft, Seasons, Stanley Cup
  • NFL regular seasons, NFL Super Bowl
  • The Ultimate Fighter, UFC Fight Night
  • MLB Seasons, & much more.

What are the supported devices on StreamEast?

On StreamEast, you can watch all sports events on supported devices such as PC, Mac, SmartTV, Tablet, SmartPhone. Users will also be able to record them if they want to see the action again.

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