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Airtel Smart Value Tariff Plan – Migration Code, Benefits + Charges

Take chance with Airtel Smart Value and enjoy more value you can get without being subjected to daily access fee or first seconds charge.

Airtel Smart Value is another way Airtel Nigeria is providing affordable call rate made to all local networks in Nigeria. This electrifying prepaid plan is no doubt one of the best airtel tariff plans in Nigeria, especially when we have to consider the conditions that are always attached to most prepaid plans.

Not having to worry about access fee or taking extra charge for the first few seconds always excites me. For example, Airtel Smart Talk which offers a good call rate as well but not without the entry fee or Airtel SmartTrybe that charges you more for the first seconds, it does not matter if you are only spending just 40 seconds or will not be making calls for the rest of the day.

Airtel smart value is truly remarkable and could be said to be revolutionary, in the sense that it diverts from the usual trend that network providers follow. The best part you want to hear is that all new and existing prepaid subscribers are eligible to migrate into this product.

As a matter of fact, I have been able to mention some great benefits you can derive from being on Airtel Smart Value Tariff plan but it is highly important I have them pointed out for you.

Therefore, what are the advantages of being an Airtel SmartValue Subscriber which now take us to the next phase…

Benefits of Airtel Smart Value

  1. Enjoy cheap and affordable call rate with no restriction.
  2. Customers make calls on Airtel SmartValue without paying access fees.
  3. First migration to Airtel Smart Value within a month is free.
  4. Customers can migrate or leave the plan anytime.
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Charges on Airtel Smart Value

Customers on Airtel SmartValue will be able to make calls from the first second to all networks in Nigeria at the rate of 15k/second. Calls made to international call is charged at standard network rate.

Any SMS sent to a Network in Nigeria is charged at N4/SMS while SMS sent to an international number is charged standard network rate.

airtel smart value

International SMS rate

  • Zone 1 countries – N20/SMS
  • Zone 2 countries – N30/SMS
  • Zone 3 countries – N35/SMS
  • Zone 4 countries – N50/SMS

Calculation on call charges when on Airtel SmartValue

Like I have done on articles relating to tariff plan including Airtel Airtel Smartpremier, although smartpremier is for postpaid customers. Nevertheless, this space provides you with an orientation on call charges.

Getting more value has always been my goal whenever I select or choose a product. I own all networks in Nigeria and I can say, it has been a long time since I migrated to another plan, why? It is because I try to analyse every product and decide which is the best for me.

Others may think voice calls but I always favour data above any package. Let us get back to it.

To get how much value you will be getting from Airtel SmartValue.

If a customer purchases an N100 airtel recharge card. Call charge is 15k for every second spent, hence, let us first find out how much we will pay for 60 seconds.

0.15×60=9, which is pretty decent considering that we are not paying any daily access fee or extra charge on first seconds.

9x11mins=99, We will be using a whopping 11 minutes on call and still have extra N1 left. What are you waiting for?

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Join Airtel Smartvalue now if you are all about voice calls.

How to migrate or activate Airtel Smart Value

  1. To qualify for migration into Airtel SmartValue tariff plan, you must be a prepaid customer.
  2. Customers can use either SMS or USSD option to migrate to the prepaid plan.
  3. Kindly Text YES to 314 to migrate to Airtel SmartValue or dial *314#

How to leave/migrate out of Airtel Smart Value

Maybe Airtel Smart Value is not what you want or you feel it is time to move to other plans. Whatever the reason, it is pretty easy to opt-out of a plan.

All you need to do is to get the migration code for any of your preferred Airtel tariff plan. Airtel Nigeria has got a lot in their box which you might find very rewarding.

You are going to love Airtel Smartconnect 6.0 (dial *311# or send Smart as SMS to 311)Airtel SmartTrybe (*312#), Airtel SmartPremier (*470#) and SmartTrybe junior tariff plan (*317#).

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