Airtel SmartTrybe Junior tariff plan

Airtel Smart TRYBE Junior Tariff Plan – Charges, Migration Code + Benefits

Bringing up kids can be challenging, any parent who says contrarily is lying. Such challenges can be eased by learning and opportunities provided by Airtel SmartTrybe Junior tariff plan.

Smart Trybe Junior is a tariff plan with a special concentration for children in primary and secondary schools to make learning easier and interactive for them using 3D multimedia-based learning tools.

There is no proper time to start but now, your children need guidance. With the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education in conjunction with Airtel Nigeria doing all they can to ensure that all Nigerian children benefit from the scheme, why waiting any longer?

Airtel smart Trybe junior comes with some outstanding offers that let your children develop and also keep them connected to you. Although the product mainly focuses on child(ren) between the age of 7 years and 15 years, nonetheless, anyone can join Airtel smartTrybe junior.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Trybe Junior

  1. Airtel SmartTrybe prepaid customers can enjoy free SMS and calls to Dad and mum.
  2. When dad or mum recharges their lines, the 10% bonus airtime is transfer to the kid’s airtel line.
  3. Free 15MB on recharge of N200 and above to browse for 7 days.
  4. Calls and SMS rate is very cheap.
  5. There is a learning tab called SmartTRYBE Jr tab to help pick up the pace. It goes for N37,900 at any Airtel shop.
  6. No data charges when a customer uses the SmartTRYBE Junior App.
  7. Double data available for data purchase of 200mb and above to browse, access content and even do much more.
  8. Student materials presented in formats that make learning more exciting.
  9. The courses are endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Education, which means it follows an acceptable standard.
  10. Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior App comes with an app to help make navigation easy and also available on the Google Play Store.
  11. Enjoy access to education bundle by sending SMART to 2233.
  12. Have access to thousands of study materials on Airtel SmartTrybe Junior.
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Learning tools available on Smart TRYBE Junior App

  1. Further Reading has about 206 Textbooks and Lab Simulations which has over 250 Science Lab Experiments.
  2. It also comes with multimedia tutorials – Animated tutorials being compiled to cover 55,000 topics.
  3. Another exciting tool is Flash cards, it comes with over 50,000 Flash Cards.
  4. Children are going to find Exam Prep valuable – 36,000 Practice Test Questions & Answers and 22,000 Mock Exam Questions & Answers.
  5. Continuous Assessment is also among the learning tools on Airtel SmartTrybe Junior.

Charges on Airtel Smart Trybe junior tariff plan

Customers on Smart trybe junior tariff plan will be able to make calls at 11k per second to parents, family and friends after the first-minute calls which are charged at 40k/second.

For calls to all networks in Nigeria, a charge of 20k will be deducted every second.

They also get to send SMS to their loved ones, including family and friends at N2/SMS.

airtel smart trybe junior jnr

How to migrate/activate Airtel Smart Trybe Junior

  1. New customers can get an Airtel Smart Trybe Junior sim from any Airtel office.
  2. If you are already an exciting customer, dial *317# to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe Junior.
  3. First migration within 30 days is free. Subsequent ones within 30 days attract N100 charge for each migration.

What is Airtel smart Trybe Junior family bundle

To get the most from Airtel SmartTrybe junior, there is a special bundle available for subscribers, it is called family bundle. The family bundle allows Smart Trybe Junior subscribers to send SMS and call their registered family and friends for free every day.

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The family bundle goes for N200 per month and is valid for one month, 30 days precisely.

To subscribe or activate family bundle, dial *317*200#.

How to register parents, family and friend on Airtel Smart trybe junior

To enjoy great discount, customers should register their parents, family and friends on Smart Trybe.

To register your parents on Airtel smart trybe, dial *317*2*Number*1# OR Send PARENT 080number to 317.

For registration of friends and family, dial *317*2*Number# OR Send ADD 080number to 317.

Registering your parents means you will be able to enjoy 10% of their recharges and also call your registered parents for free.

How to change/remove registered Parent and FAF Numbers

To change a parent number, dial *317*3*1*Number#

To change a family and friend number, simply dial *317*3*Number#, and then dial *317*2*Number# to add another FAF.

Each change cost N20.

How to leave/migrate out of Airtel Smart Trybe Junior

You can migrate out of Airtel Smart Trybe Junior anytime for free provided you have not yet used one within 30 days. To migrate, you will need to get migration code for your preferred

These are some Airtel tariff plans migration codes – Smart connect 6.0 (dial *311# or send Smart as SMS to 311), SmartTrybe (*312#), SmartPremier (*470#) and Airtel Smartvalue (*314#)

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